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List of EU’s requested Geographical Indications

Level of GI protection requested by the EU

The EU in its original request to Australia asked that EU GI names be protected against:

  1. any direct or indirect commercial use of a GI name:
    1. for comparable products, or
    2. in so far as such use exploits the reputation of the GI, including when that product is used as an ingredient;
  2. any misuse, imitation or evocation, even if the true origin of the product is indicated or if the protected name is translated, transcribed, transliterated or accompanied by an expression such as "style", "type", "method", "as produced in", "imitation", "flavour", "like" or similar, including when those products are used as an ingredient;
  3. any other false or misleading indication as to the origin, nature or essential qualities of the product, on the inner or outer packaging, advertising material or documents relating to the product concerned, and the packing of the product in a container liable to convey a false impression as to its origin, including when those products are used as an ingredient;
  4. any other practice liable to mislead the consumer as to the true origin of the product.

If you would like more information on what the EU requested from Australia on GIs, you can find the full EU proposal on intellectual property issues on the European Commission website.  We note that through the negotiations some of these issues have evolved since the EU’s initial request.

List of EU GIs: Foodstuffs

Download Word document version: List of EU GIs: Foodstuffs [DOCX 55 KB]

The list of foodstuff names the EU has asked Australia to protect as GIs is set out below.

For greater clarity, the EU has confirmed examples of where the protection it is seeking would not extend to the use of parts of EU GI names. This is identified in the list below by text that has been underlined. For example, for the EU GI "Camembert de Normandie", protection is not sought for the name "camembert" when used by itself. In the EU, use of underlined names is permitted, as long as they are not used in a way that may deceive or mislead consumers as to the true origin or quality of the product.

The attachments next to each EU GI were provided by the EU and explain more about each GI. You can also search EU GI databases for the most up-to-date information.

No. EU GI Name Product Country
1 Steirisches Kürbiskernöl Pumpkin seed oil Austria
2 Tiroler Speck Bacon Austria
3 Vorarlberger Bergkäse Cheese Austria
4 Българско розово масло (transcription into Latin alphabet: Bulgarsko rozovo maslo) Essential oils Bulgaria
5 Γλυκό Τριαντάφυλλο Αγρού (transcription into Latin alphabet: Glyko Triantafyllo Agrou) Confectionery Cyprus
6 Λουκούμι Γεροσκήπου (transcription into Latin alphabet: Loukoumi Geroskipou) Confectionery Cyprus
7 Budějovické pivo Beer Czechia
8 Budějovický měšťanský var Beer Czechia
9 České pivo Beer Czechia
10 Českobudějovické pivo Beer Czechia
11 Žatecký chmel Hops Czechia
12 Bayerisches Bier Beer Germany
13 Lübecker Marzipan Marzipan Germany
14 Münchener Bier Beer Germany
15 Nürnberger Bratwürste / Nürnberger Rostbratwürste Sausage Germany
16 Schwarzwälder Schinken Ham Germany
17 Danablu Cheese Denmark
18 Ajo morado de las Pedroñeras Garlic Spain
19 Azafrán de la Mancha Saffron Spain
20 Baena Olive oil Spain
21 Calasparra Rice Spain
22 Jabugo Ham Spain
23 Jamón de Teruel / Paleta de Teruel Ham Spain
24 Jijona Nougat Spain
25 Mahón-Menorca Cheese Spain
26 Pimentón de la Vera Paprika Spain
27 Priego de Córdoba Olive oil Spain
28 Queso de Murcia al vino Cheese Spain
29 Queso Manchego Cheese Spain
30 Sierra Mágina Olive oil Spain
31 Siurana Olive oil Spain
32 Turrón de Alicante Nougat Spain
33 Vinagre de Jerez Vinegar Spain
34 Abondance Cheese France
35 Beaufort Cheese France
36 Bergamotes de Nancy / Bergamote de Nancy Confectionery France
37 Beurre Charentes-Poitou / Beurre des Charentes / Beurre des Deux-Sèvres Butter France
38 Beurre d'Isigny Butter France
39 Bleu d'Auvergne Cheese France
40 Bœuf charolais du Bourbonnais Meat France
41 Brie de Meaux Cheese France
42 Camembert de Normandie Cheese France
43 Canard à foie gras du Sud-Ouest (Chalosse, Gascogne, Gers, Landes, Périgord, Quercy) Processed meat product of duck France
44 Cantal Cheese France
45 Chabichou du Poitou Cheese France
46 Chaource Cheese France
47 Comté Cheese France
48 Crème d'Isigny Cream France
49 Emmental de Savoie Cheese France
50 Époisses Cheese France
51 Fourme d'Ambert Cheese France
52 Gruyère1 Cheese France
53 Huile essentielle de lavande de Haute-Provence / Essence de lavande de Haute-Provence Essential oils France
54 Jambon de Bayonne Ham France
55 Laguiole Cheese France
56 Langres Cheese France
57 Lentille verte du Puy Lentils France
58 Livarot Cheese France
59 Morbier Cheese France
60 Moutarde de Bourgogne Mustard France
61 Munster Cheese France
62 Neufchâtel Cheese France
63 Ossau-Iraty Cheese France
64 Piment d'Espelette / Piment d'Espelette - Ezpeletako Biperra Spices France
65 Pomme du Limousin Apples France
66 Pommes et Poires de Savoie / Pommes de Savoie / Poires de Savoie Apples and Pears France
67 Pont-l' Évêque Cheese France
68 Pruneaux d'Agen / Pruneaux d'Agen mi-cuits Prunes France
69 Reblochon / Reblochon de Savoie Cheese France
70 Roquefort Cheese France
71 Saint-Nectaire Cheese France
72 Thym de Provence Herb France
73 Vacherin du Haut-Doubs / Mont d'Or Cheese France
74 Κολυμβάρι Χανίων Κρήτης (transcription into Latin alphabet:  Kolymvari Chanion Kritis) Olive oil Greece
75 Ελιά Καλαμάτας (transcription into Latin alphabet: Elia Kalamatas) Table olive Greece
76 Θρούμπα Θάσου (transcription into Latin alphabet:  Throumpa Thassou) Table olive Greece
77 Καλαθάκι Λήμνου (transcription into Latin alphabet:  Kalathaki Limnou) Cheese Greece
78 Καλαμάτα (transcription into Latin alphabet:  Kalamata) Olive oil Greece
79 Κασέρι (transcription into Latin alphabet: Kasseri) Cheese Greece
80 Κεφαλογραβιέρα (transcription into Latin alphabet: Kefalograviera) Cheese Greece
81 Κορινθιακή Σταφίδα Βοστίτσα (transcription into Latin alphabetKorinthiaki Stafida Vostitsa) Fruit, vegetables and cereals fresh or processed Greece
82 Κρητικό Παξιμάδι (transcription into Latin alphabet:  Kritiko Paximadi) Bread, pastry, cakes, confectionery, biscuits and other baker's wares Greece
83 Κρόκος Κοζάνης (transcription into Latin alphabet: Krokos Kozanis) Spice Greece
84 Λακωνία (transcription into Latin alphabet: Lakonia) Olive oil Greece
85 Μαστίχα Χίου (transcription into Latin alphabet: Masticha Chiou) Natural gums and resins Greece
86 Μαστιχέλαιο Χίου (transcription into Latin alphabet: Mastichelaio Chiou) Essential oils Greece
87 Πεζά Ηρακλείου Κρήτης (transcription into Latin alphabet: Peza Irakliou Kritis) Olive oil Greece
88 Σητεία Λασιθίου Κρήτης (transcription into Latin alphabet: Sitia Lasithiou Kritis) Olive oil Greece
89 Τσίκλα Χίου (transcription into Latin alphabet: Tsikla Chiou) Natural gums and resins Greece
90 Φέτα (transcription into Latin alphabet:  Feta ) Cheese Greece
91 Χανιά Κρήτης (transcription into Latin alphabet: Chania Kritis) Olive oil Greece
92 Baranjski kulen Sausage Croatia
93 Dalmatinski pršut Dry-cured meat Croatia
94 Drniški pršut Dry-cured meat Croatia
95 Ekstra djevičansko maslinovo ulje Cres Extra Virgin Olive oil Croatia
96 Istarski pršut / Istrski pršut Dry-cured meat Croatia
97 Korčulansko maslinovo ulje Extra Virgin Olive oil Croatia
98 Krčki pršut Dry-cured meat Croatia
99 Krčko maslinovo ulje Extra Virgin Olive oil Croatia
100 Lički krumpir Potato Croatia
101 Međimursko meso 'z tiblice Dry-cured meat Croatia
102 Neretvanska mandarina Mandarin Croatia
103 Ogulinski kiseli kupus / Ogulinsko kiselo zelje Sour Cabbage Croatia
104 Paška janjetina Lamb Croatia
105 Poljički soparnik / Poljički zeljanik / Poljički uljenjak Other baker's wares Croatia
106 Slavonski kulen / Slavonski kulin Sausage Croatia
107 Slavonski med Honey Croatia
108 Šoltansko maslinovo ulje Extra Virgin Olive oil Croatia
109 Varaždinsko zelje Cabbage Croatia
110 Zagorski puran Turkey meat Croatia
111 Csabai kolbász / Csabai vastagkolbász Salami Hungary
112 Gyulai kolbász / Gyulai pároskolbász Salami Hungary
113 Kalocsai fűszerpaprika-őrlemény Paprika Hungary
114 Szegedi fűszerpaprika-őrlemény / Szegedi paprika Paprika Hungary
115 Szegedi szalámi / Szegedi téliszalámi Salami Hungary
116 Aceto Balsamico di Modena Vinegar Italy
117 Asiago Cheese Italy
118 Bresaola della Valtellina Dried salted beef Italy
119 Castelmagno Cheese Italy
120 Finocchiona Processed meat Italy
121 Fontina Cheese Italy
122 Gorgonzola Cheese Italy
123 Grana Padano Cheese Italy
124 Kiwi Latina Kiwi Italy
125 Mela Alto Adige / Südtiroler Apfel Apple Italy
126 Montasio Cheese Italy
127 Monti Iblei Oil Italy
128 Mortadella Bologna Mortadella Italy
129 Mozzarella di Bufala Campana Cheese Italy
130 Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese Italy
131 Pecorino Romano Cheese Italy
132 Pecorino Toscano Cheese Italy
133 Piave Cheese Italy
134 Prosciutto di Parma Ham Italy
135 Prosciutto di San Daniele Ham Italy
136 Prosciutto Toscano Ham Italy
137 Provolone Valpadana Cheese Italy
138 Salamini italiani alla cacciatora Processed meat Italy
139 Taleggio Cheese Italy
140 Edam Holland Cheese Netherlands
141 Gouda Holland Cheese Netherlands
142 Hollandse Geitenkaas Cheese Netherlands
143 Ameixa d'Elvas Plum Portugal
144 Azeite de Moura Olive oil Portugal
145 Azeite do Alentejo Interior Olive oil Portugal
146 Azeites da Beira Interior / Azeite da Beira Alta / Azeite da Beira Baixa Olive oil Portugal
147 Azeite de Trás-os-Montes Olive oil Portugal
148 Azeites do Norte Alentejano Olive oil Portugal
149 Azeites do Ribatejo Olive oil Portugal
150 Chouriça de Carne de Vinhais / Linguiça de Vinhais Processed meat Portugal
151 Chouriço Mouro de Portalegre Processed meat Portugal
152 Maçã de Alcobaça Apple Portugal
153 Mel dos Açores Honey Portugal
154 Pêra Rocha do Oeste Pear Portugal
155 Presunto de Barrancos Processed meat Portugal
156 Queijo S. Jorge Cheese Portugal
157 Queijo Serra da Estrela Cheese Portugal
158 Queijos da Beira Baixa (Queijo de Castelo Branco, Queijo Amarelo da Beira Baixa, Queijo Picante da Beira Baixa) Cheese Portugal
159 Salpicão de Vinhais Processed meat Portugal
160 Magiun de prune Topoloveni Prune Romania
161 Novac afumat din Ţara Bârsei Processed meat Romania
162 Salam de Sibiu Processed meat Romania
163 Telemea de Ibănești Cheese Romania
164 Kranjska klobasa Ham Slovenia
165 Kraški pršut Sausage Slovenia
166 Štajersko prekmursko bučno olje Oil Slovenia

1 Footnote as provided by the EU " The designation "Gruyère" refers, within the EU territory, to two homonymous geographical indications, respectively in respect of a Swiss and a French cheese. The EU will not oppose a possible application aiming at the protection of the said Swiss homonymous geographical indication in Australia."

List of EU GIs: Spirits

Download Word document version: List of EU GIs: Spirits [DOCX 65 KB]

The list of spirit GI names the EU wants Australia to protect as GIs is set out below.

For greater clarity, the EU has confirmed examples of where the protection it is seeking would not extend to the use of parts of EU GI names. These are:

  • rum
  • whisky or whiskey
  • wine spirit
  • spirit (preceded by the name of a fruit) obtained by maceration or distillation
  • geist (with the name of the fruit or the raw material used)
  • aniseed
  • bitter
  • crème de cassis
  • marrasquino, maraschino or maraskino
  • brandy or weinbrand
  • grape marc
  • fruit marc spirit
  • fruit spirit
  • mirabelle; plum; quetsch; golden delicious; williams
  • caraway
  • pastis
  • liqueur
  • punch au rhum
  • nocino
  • vodka
  • cider or perry
  • gin and distilled gin
  • gentian
  • crème de (followed by the name of the fruit or raw material used)
  • akvavit or aquavit
  • anis
  • juniper
  • advocaat, avocet or advokat

In the EU, use of these spirit drink categories is permitted as long as they are not used in a way that may deceive or mislead consumers as to the true origin or quality of the product.

The attachments next to each EU GI were provided by the EU and explain more about each GI. You can also search EU GI databases for the most up-to-date information.

No. EU GI Name Product Country
1 Inländerrum spirit Austria
2 Jägertee/ Jagertee/ Jagatee spirit Austria
3 Mariazeller Magenlikör spirit Austria
4 Steinfelder Magenbitter spirit Austria
5 Wachauer Marillenbrand spirit Austria
6 Wachauer Marillenlikör spirit Austria
7 Wachauer Weinbrand spirit Austria
8 Balegemse jenever spirit Belgium
9 Hasseltse jenever / Hasselt spirit Belgium
10 O' de Flander-Oost-Vlaamse Graanjenever spirit Belgium
11 Peket-Pekêt/ Pèket-Pèkèt de Wallonie spirit Belgium
12 Бургаска Мускатова ракия (transcription into Latin alphabet: Bourgaska Muscatova  rakya)/Мускатова ракия от Бургас (transcription into Latin alphabet Muscatova rakya ot Bourgas)/Bourgaska Muscatova rakya/Muscatova rakya from Bourgas spirit Bulgaria
13 Карловска гроздова ракия (transcription into Latin alphabet: Karlovska grozdova rakya) / Гроздова Ракия от Карлово (transcription into Latin alphabet: Grozdova rakya ot Karlovo) /Karlovska grozdova rakya / Grozdova Rakya from Karlovo spirit Bulgaria
14 Ловешка сливова ракия (transcription into Latin alphabet: Loveshka slivova rakya) /Сливова ракия от Ловеч (transcription into Latin alphabet: Slivova rakya ot Lovech) /Loveshka slivova rakya/Slivova rakya from Lovech spirit Bulgaria
15 Поморийска гроздова ракия (transcription into Latin alphabet: Pomoriyska grozdova rakya) /Гроздова ракия от Поморие (transcription into Latin alphabet: Grozdova rakya ot Pomorie) /Pomoriyska grozdova rakya/Grozdova rakya from Pomorie spirit Bulgaria
16 Сливенска перла (transcription into Latin alphabet: Slivenska perla) / Сливенска гроздова ракия (transcription into Latin alphabet: Slivenska grozdova rakya) / Гроздова ракия от Сливен (transcription into Latin alphabet: Grozdova rakya ot Sliven) / Slivenska grozdova rakya / Grozdova rakya from Sliven spirit Bulgaria
17 Стралджанска Мускатова ракия (transcription into Latin alphabet: Straldjanska Muscatova rakya) /Мускатова ракия от Стралджа (transcription into Latin alphabet: Muscatova rakya ot Straldja) /Straldjanska Muscatova rakya/Muscatova rakya from Straldja spirit Bulgaria
18 Сунгурларска гроздова ракия (transcription into Latin alphabet: Sungurlarska grozdova rakya) /Гроздова ракия от Сунгурларе (transcription into Latin alphabet: Grozdova rakya ot Sungurlare) /Sungurlarska grozdova rakya/Grozdova rakya from Sungurlare spirit Bulgaria
19 Сухиндолска гроздова ракия (transcription into Latin alphabet: Suhindolska grozdova rakya)/Гроздова ракия от Сухиндол (transcription into Latin alphabet: Grozdova rakya ot Suhindol) /Suhindolska grozdova rakya/Grozdova rakya from Suhindol spirit Bulgaria
20 Троянска сливова ракия (transcription into Latin alphabet: Troyanska slivova rakya)/Сливова ракия от Троян (transcription into Latin alphabet: Slivova rakya ot Troyan) /Troyanska slivova rakya/Slivova rakya from Troyan spirit Bulgaria
21 Hrvatska loza spirit Croatia
22 Hrvatska stara šljivovica spirit Croatia
23 Hrvatska travarica spirit Croatia
24 Hrvatski pelinkovac spirit Croatia
25 Slavonska šljivovica spirit Croatia
26 Zadarski maraschino spirit Croatia
27 Ζιβανία (transcription into Latin alphabet: Zivania) / Τζιβανία (transcription into Latin alphabet: Tzivania) / Ζιβάνα (transcription into Latin alphabet: Zivana) / Zivania spirit Cyprus
28 Estonian vodka spirit Estonia
29 Suomalainen Marjalikööri / Suomalainen Hedelmälikööri / Finsk Bärlikör / Finsk Fruktlikör/ Finnish berry liqueur / Finnish fruit liqueur spirit Finland
30 Suomalainen Vodka / Finsk Vodka / Vodka of Finland spirit Finland
31 Armagnac (The denomination 'Armagnac' may be supplemented by the following terms: — Bas-Armagnac , — Haut-Armagnac, — Armagnac-Ténarèze ,— Blanche Armagnac) spirit France
32 Calvados spirit France
33 Calvados Domfrontais spirit France
34 Calvados Pays d'Auge spirit France
35 Cassis de Bourgogne spirit France
36 Cassis de Dijon spirit France
37 Cassis de Saintonge spirit France
38 Cognac (The denomination 'Cognac' may be supplemented by the following terms: — Fine, — Grande Fine Champagne, — Grande Champagne, — Petite Fine Champagne, — Petite Champagne, — Fine Champagne, — Borderies, — Fins Bois, — Bons Bois) spirit France
39 Eau-de-vie de cidre de Bretagne spirit France
40 Eau-de-vie de cidre de Normandie spirit France
41 Eau-de-vie de cidre du Maine spirit France
42 Eau-de-vie de Cognac spirit France
43 Eau-de-vie de Faugères/ Faugères spirit France
44 Eau-de-vie de poiré de Normandie spirit France
45 Eau-de-vie de vin de la Marne spirit France
46 Eau-de-vie de vin des Côtes-du-Rhône spirit France
47 Eau-de-vie de vin originaire du Bugey spirit France
48 Eau-de-vie de vin originaire du Languedoc spirit France
49 Eau-de-vie des Charentes spirit France
50 Fine Bordeaux spirit France
51 Fine de Bourgogne spirit France
52 Framboise d'Alsace spirit France
53 Genièvre Flandres Artois spirit France
54 Kirsch d'Alsace spirit France
55 Kirsch de Fougerolles spirit France
56 Marc d'Alsace Gewürztraminer spirit France
57 Marc d'Auvergne spirit France
58 Marc de Bourgogne/ Eau-de-vie de marc de Bourgogne spirit France
59 Marc de Champagne/ Eau-de-vie de marc de Champagne spirit France
60 Marc de Provence/ Eau-de-vie de marc originaire de Provence spirit France
61 Marc de Savoie/ Eau-de-vie de marc originaire de Savoie spirit France
62 Marc des Côtes-du-Rhône/ Eau-de-vie de marc des Côtes du Rhône spirit France
63 Marc du Bugey/ Eau-de-vie de marc originaire de Bugey spirit France
64 Marc du Jura spirit France
65 Marc du Languedoc/ Eau-de-vie de marc originaire du Languedoc spirit France
66 Mirabelle d'Alsace spirit France
67 Mirabelle de Lorraine spirit France
68 Pommeau de Bretagne spirit France
69 Pommeau de Normandie spirit France
70 Pommeau du Maine spirit France
71 Quetsch d'Alsace spirit France
72 Ratafia de Champagne spirit France
73 Rhum de la Guadeloupe spirit France
74 Rhum de la Guyane spirit France
75 Rhum de la Martinique spirit France
76 Rhum de la Réunion spirit France
77 Rhum de sucrerie de la Baie du Galion spirit France
78 Rhum des Antilles françaises spirit France
79 Rhum des départements français d'outre-mer spirit France
80 Whisky alsacien/ Whisky d'Alsace spirit France
81 Whisky breton/ Whisky de Bretagne spirit France
82 Bärwurz spirit Germany
83 Bayerischer Gebirgsenzian spirit Germany
84 Bayerischer Kräuterlikör spirit Germany
85 Benediktbeurer Klosterlikör spirit Germany
86 Berliner Kümmel spirit Germany
87 Blutwurz spirit Germany
88 Chiemseer Klosterlikör spirit Germany
89 Deutscher Weinbrand spirit Germany
90 Emsländer Korn / Kornbrand spirit Germany
91 Ettaler Klosterlikör spirit Germany
92 Fränkischer Obstler spirit Germany
93 Fränkisches Kirschwasser spirit Germany
94 Fränkisches Zwetschgenwasser spirit Germany
95 Hamburger Kümmel spirit Germany
96 Haselünner Korn / Kornbrand spirit Germany
97 Hasetaler Korn / Kornbrand spirit Germany
98 Hüttentee spirit Germany
99 Münchener Kümmel spirit Germany
100 Münsterländer Korn / Kornbrand spirit Germany
101 Ostfriesischer Korngenever spirit Germany
102 Ostpreußischer Bärenfang spirit Germany
103 Pfälzer Weinbrand spirit Germany
104 Rheinberger Kräuter spirit Germany
105 Schwarzwälder Himbeergeist spirit Germany
106 Schwarzwälder Kirschwasser spirit Germany
107 Schwarzwälder Mirabellenwasser spirit Germany
108 Schwarzwälder Williamsbirne spirit Germany
109 Schwarzwälder Zwetschgenwasser spirit Germany
110 Sendenhorster Korn / Kornbrand spirit Germany
111 Steinhäger spirit Germany
112 Κίτρο Νάξου (transcription into Latin alphabet: Kitro Naxou) spirit Greece
113 Κουμκουάτ Κέρκυρας transcription into Latin alphabet: (KoumKouat Kerkyras) spirit Greece
114 Μαστίχα Χίου (transcription into Latin alphabet: Masticha Chiou) spirit Greece
115 Ούζο Θράκης transcription into Latin alphabet: (Ouzo Thrakis) spirit Greece
116 Ούζο Καλαμάτας (transcription into Latin alphabet: Ouzo Kalamatas) spirit Greece
117 Ούζο Μακεδονίας (transcription into Latin alphabet: Ouzo Macedonias) spirit Greece
118 Ούζο Μυτιλήνης (transcription into Latin alphabet: Ouzo Mitilinis) spirit Greece
119 Ούζο Πλωμαρίου (transcription into Latin alphabet: Ouzo Plomariou) spirit Greece
120 Τεντούρα (transcription into Latin alphabet: Tentoura) spirit Greece
121 Τσικουδιά (transcription into Latin alphabet: Tsikoudia) spirit Greece
122 Τσικουδιά Κρήτης (transcription into Latin alphabet: Tsikoudia Kritis) spirit Greece
123 Τσίπουρο (transcription into Latin alphabet: Tsipouro) spirit Greece
124 Τσίπουρο Θεσσαλίας (transcription into Latin alphabet: Tsipouro Thessalias) spirit Greece
125 Τσίπουρο Μακεδονίας (transcription into Latin alphabet: Tsipouro Makedonias) spirit Greece
126 Τσίπουρο Τυρνάβου (transcription into Latin alphabet: Tsipouro Tyrnavou) spirit Greece
127 Békési Szilvapálinka spirit Hungary
128 Gönci Barackpálinka spirit Hungary
129 Kecskeméti Barackpálinka spirit Hungary
130 Szabolcsi Almapálinka spirit Hungary
131 Szatmári Szilvapálinka spirit Hungary
132 Törkölypálinka spirit Hungary
133 Újfehértói meggypálinka spirit Hungary
134 Irish Cream spirit Ireland
135 Irish Poteen / Irish Poitín spirit Ireland
136 Irish Whiskey / Uisce Beatha Eireannach / Irish Whisky spirit Ireland
137 Aprikot trentino / Aprikot del Trentino spirit Italy
138 Brandy italiano spirit Italy
139 Distillato di mele trentino / Distillato di mele del Trentino spirit Italy
140 Genepì del Piemonte spirit Italy
141 Genepì della Valle d'Aosta spirit Italy
142 Genziana trentina / Genziana del Trentino spirit Italy
143 Grappa spirit Italy
144 Grappa di Barolo spirit Italy
145 Grappa friulana / Grappa del Friuli spirit Italy
146 Grappa lombarda / Grappa di Lombardia spirit Italy
147 Grappa piemontese / Grappa del Piemonte spirit Italy
148 Grappa siciliana / Grappa di Sicilia spirit Italy
149 Grappa trentina / Grappa del Trentino spirit Italy
150 Grappa veneta / Grappa del Veneto spirit Italy
151 Kirsch Friulano / Kirschwasser Friulano spirit Italy
152 Kirsch Trentino / Kirschwasser Trentino spirit Italy
153 Liquore di limone della Costa d'Amalfi spirit Italy
154 Liquore di limone di Sorrento spirit Italy
155 Mirto di Sardegna spirit Italy
156 Nocino di Modena spirit Italy
157 Sliwovitz del Friuli-Venezia Giulia spirit Italy
158 Sliwovitz trentino / Sliwovitz del Trentino spirit Italy
159 Südtiroler Enzian / Genziana dell'Alto Adige spirit Italy
160 Südtiroler Golden Delicious / Golden Delicious dell'Alto Adige spirit Italy
161 Südtiroler Grappa / Grappa dell'Alto Adige spirit Italy
162 Südtiroler Gravensteiner / Gravensteiner dell'Alto Adige spirit Italy
163 Südtiroler Kirsch / Kirsch dell'Alto Adige spirit Italy
164 Südtiroler Marille / Marille dell'Alto Adige spirit Italy
165 Südtiroler Obstler / Obstler dell'Alto Adige spirit Italy
166 Südtiroler Williams / Williams dell'Alto Adige spirit Italy
167 Südtiroler Zwetschgeler / Zwetschgeler dell'Alto Adige spirit Italy
168 Williams friulano / Williams del Friuli spirit Italy
169 Williams trentino / Williams del Trentino spirit Italy
170 Originali lietuviška degtinė / Original Lithuanian vodka spirit Lithuania
171 Samanė spirit Lithuania
172 Trauktinė spirit Lithuania
173 Trauktinė Dainava spirit Lithuania
174 Trauktinė Palanga spirit Lithuania
175 Trejos devynerios spirit Lithuania
176 Vilniaus Džinas / Vilnius Gin spirit Lithuania
177 Génépi des Alpes/ Genepì degli Alpi spirit (Multi) France, Italy
178 Genièvre aux fruits / Vruchtenjenever / Jenever met vruchten / Fruchtgenever  spirit (Multi) Belgium, Germany, Netherlands
179 Genièvre de grains / Graanjenever / Graangenever  spirit (Multi) Belgium, France, Netherlands
180 Genièvre / Jenever / Genever spirit (Multi) Belgium, Germany, France, Netherlands
181 Jonge jenever / jonge genever spirit (Multi) Belgium, Netherlands
182 Korn / Kornbrand spirit (Multi) Austria, Belgium, Germany
183 Oude jenever / oude genever spirit (Multi) Belgium, Netherlands
184 Ouzo/Oύζο (transcription into Latin alphabet: Ouzo) spirit (Multi) Cyprus, Greece
185 Pálinka spirit (Multi) Hungary, Austria
186 Herbal vodka from the North Podlasie Lowland aromatised with an extract of bison grass / Wódka ziołowa z Niziny Północnopodlaskiej aromatyzowana ekstraktem z trawy żubrowej spirit Poland
187 Polska Wódka/ Polish Vodka spirit Poland
188 Aguardente Bagaceira Alentejo spirit Portugal
189 Aguardente Bagaceira Bairrada spirit Portugal
190 Aguardente Bagaceira da Região dos Vinhos Verdes spirit Portugal
191 Aguardente de Vinho Alentejo spirit Portugal
192 Aguardente de Vinho da Região dos Vinhos Verdes spirit Portugal
193 Aguardente de Vinho Douro spirit Portugal
194 Aguardente de Vinho Lourinhã spirit Portugal
195 Aguardente de Vinho Ribatejo spirit Portugal
196 Medronho do Algarve spirit Portugal
197 Poncha da Madeira spirit Portugal
198 Rum da Madeira spirit Portugal
199 Horincă de Cămârzana spirit Romania
200 Pălincă spirit Romania
201 Țuică de Argeș spirit Romania
202 Țuică Zetea de Medieșu Aurit spirit Romania
203 Vinars Murfatlar spirit Romania
204 Vinars Segarcea spirit Romania
205 Vinars Târnave spirit Romania
206 Vinars Vaslui spirit Romania
207 Vinars Vrancea spirit Romania
208 Spišská borovička spirit Slovakia
209 Brinjevec spirit Slovenia
210 Dolenjski sadjevec spirit Slovenia
211 Domači rum spirit Slovenia
212 Pelinkovec spirit Slovenia
213 Aguardiente de hierbas de Galicia spirit Spain
214 Aguardiente de sidra de Asturias spirit Spain
215 Anís Paloma Monforte del Cid spirit Spain
216 Aperitivo Café de Alcoy spirit Spain
217 Brandy de Jerez spirit Spain
218 Brandy del Penedés spirit Spain
219 Cantueso Alicantino spirit Spain
220 Chinchón spirit Spain
221 Gin de Mahón spirit Spain
222 Herbero de la Sierra de Mariola spirit Spain
223 Hierbas de Mallorca spirit Spain
224 Hierbas Ibicencas spirit Spain
225 Licor café de Galicia spirit Spain
226 Licor de hierbas de Galicia spirit Spain
227 Orujo de Galicia spirit Spain
228 Pacharán navarro spirit Spain
229 Palo de Mallorca spirit Spain
230 Ratafia catalana spirit Spain
231 Ronmiel de Canarias spirit Spain
232 Svensk Aquavit/ Svensk Akvavit/ Swedish Aquavit spirit Sweden
233 Svensk Punsch/ Swedish Punch spirit Sweden
234 Svensk Vodka / Swedish Vodka spirit Sweden
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