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Disability Equity and Rights

The Australian Government is developing a new International Disability Equity and Rights Strategy.

Disability equity and rights is a cross-cutting priority across Australia's international engagement on foreign policy, development and humanitarian action.

The International Development Policy commits Australia to advancing the rights of persons with disabilities and prioritising disability equity as core issue for action in the international development program.

We will support all people to fulfil their potential, including through the new International Disability Equity and Rights Strategy (the Strategy). We will continue to support an active and leading role for people with disabilities at all stages across the development program and in multilateral forums.

The Strategy will ensure Australia remains a strong and consistent leader in advancing equity and rights for persons with disabilities globally.


The Strategy is being informed by an inclusive and comprehensive consultation process. During consultations, we ensured persons with disabilities meaningfully engage and voice their opinion on an equal basis with others. We tailored approaches to reach under-represented groups of persons with disabilities as needed.

External Reference Group

An External Reference Group (ERG) was established to guide the development of the new Strategy.

The ERG, comprising leaders and experts across the disability movement, provided advice through the consultation process and will continue to be consulted as the Strategy is drafted and finalised.

Call for Submissions

The public consultation written submission process formally concluded on 15 December 2023.

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