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Australian Cultural Diplomacy Grants Program

Supporting creative excellence

The Australian Cultural Diplomacy Grants Program (ACDGP) provides support for Australia's creative industries to embrace, engage and build people-to-people links in the Indo-Pacific and beyond.

The promotion of Australia's cultural and creative industries internationally acknowledges the economic importance of the creative economy to Australia.

The ACDGP supports the economic and social recovery efforts of Australia’s creative industries to rebound internationally by providing funding for projects that:

  • create a positive and contemporary image of Australia
  • build people-to-people links
  • strengthen engagement in the Indo-Pacific and beyond
  • enhance markets and develop creative export opportunities internationally.

Details of the 2023 round of the ACDGP, including when the round opens and how to apply, will be posted on the DFAT website.

Multi-year funding of between $10,000 and $60,000 for up to three years is available for projects that promote Australia's cultural and creative industries overseas; establish networks; and support ongoing collaborations and exchange.

Cultural diplomacy plays a vital role in international relations, offering unique opportunities to foster mutual understanding and build relationships. Through cultural diplomacy initiatives, DFAT strengthens Australia's influence, reputation, reach and relationships overseas.

Cultural diplomacy shows our core values and promotes Australia as an innovative, creative, diverse and tolerant nation; and as an attractive place to live, work, study, and invest.

Australian Cultural Diplomacy Grants Program outcomes

Cultural diplomacy is an important tool for governments to advance Australia's interests, soft power and influence. The ACDGP will advance Australia’s soft power and partnerships objectives by:

  • Supporting cultural collaboration and partnerships that build influence internationally
  • Promoting our economic, artistic and cultural assets to an international audience
  • Expanding audiences and markets
  • Building people-to-people links internationally
  • Leveraging existing partnerships and fostering engagement with key stakeholders
  • Supporting other DFAT programs
  • Influencing perceptions of Australia at home and abroad.
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