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Australia’s Trade through Time

The Trade through Time website documents milestones in Australia's trading history. Snapshot historical information is provided on trade prior to Federation in 1901 and then on a decade-by-decade basis from 1900 to the present.

The interactive timeline allows students, researchers and members of the general public to access tailored information about Australia's trade history in a dynamic and engaging way.

We encourage users to explore this fascinating space and discover how Australia always has, and always will be, a nation built on trade.

Explore Australia's Trade through Time

Trade Through Time High School Curriculum Guide

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is pleased to launch our new Trade Through Time school curriculum guide to support Humanities and Social Sciences, Mathematics and Literacy learning in years 7-10.

The curriculum guide provides opportunities for teachers and students to explore DFAT's interactive Trade Through Time website to expand their knowledge of Australia's trade and investment relationships with Asia and other countries and regions.

Trade Through Time Teacher Resource [PDF 22 KB]

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