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MIKTA – Mexico, Indonesia, the Republic of Korea, Türkiye, Australia

MIKTA – Mexico, Indonesia, the Republic of Korea, Türkiye and Australia

MIKTA is a diverse and cross-regional grouping of powers that brings together Mexico, Indonesia, the Republic of Korea (ROK), Türkiye and Australia. MIKTA aims to bridge divides in the multilateral system and build consensus on complex and challenging issues, drawing on the diverse perspectives of its members and their shared interest in an effective, rules-based global order.


Working together, MIKTA countries play a constructive role in international responses to global issues. We share a commitment to open economies, human rights and democracy. And believe maintaining a multilateral system that is fit-for-purpose, effective, open and transparent and accountable to member states can best address the challenges we face. At the same time, each partner is a significant economic power with strategic influence in their region.

MIKTA members’ regional standing means we can draw on a range of perspectives to better understand how diverse countries view global issues. MIKTA’s inclusive approach, shared values and priorities strengthens our ability to build consensus and advance the common interests of the international community.

Official MIKTA website

The official MIKTA website contains further information on MIKTA’s history, events, joint initiatives, joint statements and joint communiques.

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