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Australia-United Kingdom Free Trade Agreement

Australia-United Kingdom Free Trade Agreement

The A-UKFTA was signed on 17 December 2021 and entered into force on 31 May 2023. See media releases from Prime Minister Anthony Albanese MP and Senator the Hon Don Farrell, Minister for Trade and Tourism:

A-UKFTA contains commercially significant commitments that creates new export opportunities and reduce input costs for business, strengthen trade diversification and help ease cost-of-living pressures for consumers. The agreement has eliminated tariffs on over 99 per cent of Australian goods exports to the UK.

Australia’s services companies and professionals have benefitted from new commitments that have made it easier to operate in the UK market, supporting the mutual recognition of professional qualifications and greater certainty for skilled professionals entering the UK labour market. Reflecting our deep people-to-people links, both countries have offered enhanced opportunities to live and work temporarily in each other’s country.

Making the most of A-UKFTA

For guidance on how to import and export goods under A-UKFTA, refer to the A-UKFTA Business Guide.

This guide includes step by step instructions on how to utilise the FTA, including how exporters or producers can prepare a Declaration of Origin (DOO) or obtain one from an authorised representative. It also includes a sample DOO.

For further information on the A-UKFTA, refer to the AUKFTA official text, side letters, sample DOO and A-UKFTA outcomes documents. For A-UKFTA tariff outcomes, refer to the FTA Portal.

The Innovation and Early Careers Skills Exchange Pilot (IECSEP) is an outcome of the FTA and builds on the strong cultural ties between Australia and the UK. The IECSEP provides a new opportunity for UK citizens who are early in their career, or who have made contributions to innovation, to live and work in Australia. The first round of applications will open on 9am (BST) 25 September 2023.

Contacts for further information

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

For general questions concerning A-UKFTA:

Phone: 02 6261 1111



For questions concerning Declarations of Origin (DOOs):


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