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Australia now

Australia now

  • Walking Through a Songline - DFAT travelling exhibition

    Audiences immersed themselves in Australia’s Indigenous dreaming when they experienced the digital Walking Through a Songline exhibition

  • Gender Equality Symposium

    On Friday 28 July 2023, the Gender Equality Symposium ran alongside the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 in Brisbane.

  • Piinpi: Contemporary Australian Indigenous Fashion

    The exhibition Piinpi: Contemporary Australian Indigenous Fashion shone a light on Australia’s leading First Nations creatives.

  • Walking Through a Songline - DFAT travelling exhibition

  • Gender Equality Symposium

  • Piinpi: Contemporary Australian Indigenous Fashion

Australia now is a celebration of Australia delivered annually in a country or region of significance.

The program aims to strengthen bilateral ties and promote an image of modern Australia. Most of all Australia now is about building relationships for the future.

Australia now programs provide a platform:

  • to showcase our capabilities, open markets and promote  modern Australia
  • to deepen people-to-people links, strengthen networks and foster exchange, collaboration and partnership
  • to reflect on the cultural richness of Australia: demonstrating how Australia draws on its strong Indigenous culture and multicultural heritage, and
  • to promote Australia as a key destination for business, investment, tourism and study.

Australia now program was delivered in France in 2021-22 and Malaysia in 2021-22. Australia now Malaysia 2020 was delayed due to COVID-19 restrictions, with both programs extended into 2022 due to ongoing covid restrictions and to maximise the opportunity for in-person engagement. For further details about the programs, visit the Australia now website.

Australia now France 2021-2022

Australia now France was a celebration of events bringing France and Australia together — in business, research, technology, education, tourism, sport and the arts. This program provided unique opportunities for international market development and promoted Australia’s creative excellence, cultural diversity, and open economy. Our partnerships with France’s pre-eminent cultural venues set the stage for many headline events in Paris complemented by projects and collaborations in key locations across France.
Program highlights included:

  • Food Temple Australia, a three-day gastronomy festival at the Carreau du Temple in the heart of Paris, which showcased Australian produce and products to over 5000 visitors, including workshops, master classes and a sold-out brunch
  • The launch of the science and innovation stream of Australia now and the opening of an exhibition on Antarctica highlighted our joint collaboration in addressing global challenges, such as climate change
  • A collaboration between the National Film and Sound Archive and the Cinémathèque Française featuring the life work of Australian director Phillip Noyce, who attended the launch and presented a masterclass
  • A month long Australian 'Takeover' of the major BHV department store (one of the largest and most iconic department stores in Paris), in collaboration with Tourism Australia and showcase part of the 'Piinpi’ exhibition of Indigenous fashion and design from Bendigo Gallery, in parallel to the full ‘Piinpi’ exhibition at the Australian Embassy in Paris, with support from Creative Victoria.
  • A series of Australian art exhibitions at the Palais de Tokyo including Jonathan Jones, Megan Cope, D Harding, Karrabing Film Collective, Yhonnie Scarce and Judy Watson.

Australia now Malaysia 2021-2022

Celebrating partnerships — past, present and future through creativity and cultural exchange, engaging people and potential and exploring tastes and technology

Our countries enjoy a strong and dynamic relationship founded on common interests and mutual respect. Our partnership is long standing and broad — from cooperation in WWII to our modern-day trade and tourism links. Recognising the strong ties and deep connections between Malaysia and Australia, the Australia now program of events promoted Australia’s creative excellence and innovation and strengthened networks and collaboration. Australia now Malaysia was a celebration of diversity, cooperation and cultural exchange with Malaysia. The program was reshaped in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, with a strong focus on digital content reinforcing key components of the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership between Australia and Malaysia. The program was designed to support and promote economic recovery around three themes; creativity and cultural exchange, engaging people and potential and exploring tastes and technology.

Program highlights included:

  • Indigenous art and culture including the National Museum of Australia’s digital ‘Walking through a Songline’ exhibition experience and ‘Lights Up’, a ‘vivid-style’ light installation on the Australian High Commission exterior showcasing Indigenous artwork, iconic Australian images and work by young Australian and Malaysian artists
  • Young Entrepreneurs and Youth Speakers series promoting business connections and education sector leaders focussed on issues of mutual significance; start-ups for change, gender equity and mental health
  • Digital food content, including the APMIA series by Malaysian-Australian cooks Adam Liaw and Poh Ling Yeow, promoting Australia’s premium produce, regional tourism locations and vibrant multi-cultural society and the ABC’s Chopsticks or Fork? featuring Jennifer Wong
  • Australian Film Festival and screen industry events, promoting co-production opportunities and Australian film excellence
  • Journalism Fellowship and exchange in partnership with the Judith Neilson Institute and the Australia ASEAN Council

Previous years

Australia now ASEAN 2019

Australia now ASEAN 2019 built on the deep and long-standing ties between Australia and ASEAN member countries. The program focused on engaging and celebrating the vitality, diversity and capability of youth across Southeast Asia.

To find out more about the program, visit Home - Australia Now 2019.

Read the Australia now ASEAN brochure [PDF 1.21 MB]

Australia now Japan 2018

Australia now Japan celebrated Australian innovation, creativity and lifestyle in Japan from April to November 2018. Recognising our strong ties and people-to-people links, Australia now Japan promoted Australia's creative excellence, diversity and innovation while collaborating and strengthening our networks. The program promoted cultural exchange and cooperation across a variety of field: Innovation, science, technology and research, creativity and design, and Australian lifestyle, sport, tourism and culinary excellence.

Visit Australia now Japan 2018.

You can also view the Partnership Invitation:

Australia now Germany 2017

Promoting the themes of creativity, innovation and dialogue, Australia now featured the best of Australia's creative and innovation industries throughout 2017 in Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt and Hamburg, along with smaller scale partnership projects in key locations across Germany. The program delivered headline performances, cultural and sporting events, specially curated programs and opportunities to exchange dialogue and symbiotic projects, deepening the strategic partnership between the two countries.

For more information visit Australia now Germany 2017

Partnership Invitation [PDF 5.5 MB] | [DOCX 2.4 MB]

Australia now Brazil 2016

Australia now 2016 was the most important cultural initiative Australia has held in South America. Strategically staged from April to June 2016, in the lead up to the Rio de Janeiro Olympics and Paralympics, Australia now was a major cultural festival with multiple events across 11 cities. In all, 120 Australian artists participated in Brazil. Over 300,000 Brazilians experienced more than 100 events.

For more information visit Australia now Brazil 2016.

Australia now Türkiye 2015

Australia now 2015 took place during the ANZAC centenary year and provided a strong counterpoint to the centenary's historical focus. The program featured a range of art forms with strong popular appeal and a contemporary edge to reach target audiences and cut through the crowded cultural and media environment.  Interest levels amongst Turkish audiences were significant. The festival provided an opportunity to build links between Australian and Turkish cultural institutions, galleries, universities, music venues and performing artists.

Earlier programs

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