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Council for Australian-Arab Relations (CAAR)

CAAR 2022-23 Grant Round
From 2 June to 11 July 2022

The aim of the Council for Australian-Arab Relations (CAAR) is to broaden and strengthen Australian-Arab relations by advancing areas of shared political, economic and social interest and building a greater appreciation of each other's cultures and values. A key element is the annual CAAR Grant Round which also is a significant public regional diplomacy opportunity for CAAR.

The CAAR Grant Round for the financial year 2022–23, offers one year funding to successful applicants, opening 2 June and closing 11 July 2022.

Priority Sectors

Successful grant proposals will align with at least one of the CAAR 2022-23 Grant Round priority sectors:

  1. Innovation and Sustainability (including Climate Change innovations) 
  2. Health and Sport
  3. Social Cohesion and Gender Equality (including Diversity)   
  4. Arts and Culture

Applications that involve participation in the Arab region, for example, such as on site activity for projects that involve travel to a Middle Eastern or North African (MENA) country are welcome.

Note: Please read the 2022-23 Grant Guidelines carefully before submitting your application. Your ‘Smartygrants’ application should be submitted early to ensure that if any technical problems, these are resolved by the time of the application deadline. The CAAR Secretariat will not accept late submissions.

Timeframe for the 2021-22 Grant Round

Opening date

0900 (AEST) 2 June 2022

Closing date

1500 (AEST) 11 July 2022

Last date for questions

7 July 2022

Minimum grant amount

$20,000 per year

Maximum grant amount

$60,000 per year 

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