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Trade and investment publications and articles

Trade and investment publications

DFAT publishes a range of statistical publications detailing Australia's trade relationship with the world.

Only the most recent versions of each publication are available on this website. Please email if you need an earlier version.

Current trade statistical publications

Composition of Trade Australia

Analyses the growth, direction and commodity breakdown of Australia's trade in physical goods over the past three years.

Get the 'Composition of Trade Australia' report.

Trade in Services Australia

Details the composition and direction of Australia's services trade and how this compares with global trends.

Get the 'Trade in Services Australia' report.

International Investment Australia

Provides a detailed snapshot of Australia's inward and outward investments and how these compare with other world economies.

Get the 'International Investment Australia' report.

Australia's Trade by State and Territory

A breakdown of each Australian state and territory's goods and services trade with the world.

Get the 'Australia's Trade by State and Territory' report.

Trade Import and Export Classification (TRIEC)

Outlines the categories DFAT uses to classify imported and exported goods based on their level of processing.

Get the 'Trade Import and Export Classification (TRIEC)' booklet.

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