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Australia-United Kingdom Free Trade Agreement

Australia-UK FTA official text

Text of Chapters and Annexes

Preamble [DOCX 24 KB]

Chapter 1 Initial Provisions and General Definitions [DOCX 60 KB]

Chapter 2 Trade in Goods [DOCX 61 KB]

Chapter 3 Trade Remedies [DOCX 81 KB]

Chapter 4 Rules of Origin and Origin Procedures [DOCX 76 KB]

Chapter 5 Customs Procedures and Trade Facilitation [DOCX 72 KB]

Chapter 6 Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures [DOCX 46 KB]

Chapter 7 Technical Barriers to Trade [DOCX 51 KB]

Chapter 8 Cross Border Trade in Services [DOCX 70 KB]

Chapter 9 Financial Services [DOCX 94 KB]

Chapter 10 Professional Services and the Recognition of Professional Qualifications [DOCX 47 KB]

Chapter 11 Temporary Entry for Business Persons [DOCX 46 KB]

Chapter 12 Telecommunications [DOCX 71 KB]

Chapter 13 Investment [DOCX 59 KB]

Chapter 14 Digital Trade [DOCX 81 KB]

Chapter 15 Intellectual Property [DOCX 136 KB]

Chapter 16 Government Procurement [DOCX 120 KB]

Chapter 17 Competition Policy and Consumer Protection [DOCX 41 KB]

Chapter 18 State-Owned Enterprises and Designated Monopolies [DOCX 58 KB]

Chapter 19 Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises [DOCX 67 KB]

Chapter 20 Innovation [DOCX 55 KB]

Chapter 21 Labour [DOCX 63 KB]

Chapter 22 Environment [DOCX 84 KB]

Chapter 23 Development [DOCX 35 KB]

Chapter 24 Trade and Gender Equality [DOCX 50 KB]

Chapter 25 Animal Welfare and Antimicrobial Resistance [DOCX 27 KB]

Chapter 26 Good Regulatory Practice [DOCX 36 KB]

Chapter 27 Cooperation [DOCX 36 KB]

Chapter 28 Transparency and Anti-Corruption [DOCX 53 KB]

Chapter 29 Administrative and Institutional Provisions [DOCX 47 KB]

Chapter 30 Dispute Settlement [DOCX 79 KB]

Chapter 31 General Provisions and Exceptions [DOCX 58 KB]

Chapter 32 Final Provisions [DOCX 29 KB]

Annex I Schedules of Non-Conforming Measures for Services and Investment

Annex II Schedules of Non-Conforming Measures for Services and Investment

Annex III Schedules of Non-Conforming Measures for Financial Services

Annex IV Schedules of Specific Commitments on Temporary Entry for Business Persons

Side Letters

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