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Australia-United Kingdom Free Trade Agreement

Australia-UK FTA Chapter 27 Cooperation

Article 27.1 General Provisions

1. The Parties acknowledge the importance of cooperation in implementing this Agreement and enhancing its benefits.

2. The Parties recognise that cooperation activities undertaken pursuant to this Agreement shall seek to complement and build upon existing agreements or arrangements between the Parties.

3. The Parties also recognise the importance of involving the private sector and non-governmental organisations in cooperation activities, where appropriate to do so.

Article 27.2 Areas of Cooperation

1. The Parties shall, consistent with this Agreement, undertake and strengthen cooperation activities to assist in:

(a) implementing this Agreement;

(b) enhancing each Party’s ability to take advantage of the economic opportunities created by this Agreement; and

(c) promoting and facilitating trade and investment between the Parties.

2. Cooperation activities may include the following areas:

(a) environment;

(b) trade and gender equality;

(c) development;

(d) labour;

(e) anti-corruption; and

(f) antimicrobial resistance.

3. The Parties may undertake cooperation activities through, inter alia:

(a) dialogue, workshops, seminars, conferences, collaborative programs and projects;

(b) the sharing of best practices on policies and procedures; and

(c) the exchange of experts and information.

Article 27.3 Contact Points

Each Party shall designate and notify a contact point on matters relating to the coordination of cooperation activities in accordance with Article 29.5 (Contact Points - Administrative and Institutional Provisions).

Article 27.4 Committee on Cooperation

1. The Parties hereby establish a Committee on Cooperation, composed of government representatives of each Party.

2. The Committee shall:

(a) review and monitor the implementation and operation of cooperation provisions in other Chapters of this Agreement related to areas of cooperation listed in Article 27.2 (Areas of Cooperation);

(b) facilitate the exchange of information between the Parties including on experiences and lessons learned through cooperation activities undertaken between the Parties;

(c) discuss and consider issues or proposals for future cooperation activities including, as appropriate, on analytical topics relating to monitoring, measurement, information gathering, and interpretation and analysis of information relevant to cooperation activities under this Agreement;

(d) invite, as appropriate, private sector entities, non-governmental organisations, civil society, relevant experts, stakeholders or other relevant institutions, to assist in the development and implementation of cooperation activities;

(e) consider any matter, or matters raised by any standing working group or other subsidiary body including dialogues, related to areas of cooperation pursuant to Article 27.2 (Areas of Cooperation);

(f) coordinate with other committees, working groups and any other subsidiary body, including dialogues, established under this Agreement as appropriate, in support of the development and implementation of cooperation activities;

(g) consider any matter related to cooperation and support any cooperation activities referred to it under any Chapter of this Agreement;

(h) supervise the work of any committees, working groups or other subsidiary bodies including dialogues established under this Agreement, where the Agreement so provides; and

(i) seek to resolve differences that may arise concerning the interpretation or application of this Agreement in relation to areas of cooperation pursuant to Article 27.2 (Areas of Cooperation).

3. The Committee may:

(a) make recommendations, or refer matters, to the Joint Committee;

(b) facilitate public-private partnerships in cooperation activities;

(c) establish ad hoc working groups, as appropriate, which may include government representatives, non-government representatives or both;

(d) refer matters to any ad hoc or standing working group or any other subsidiary body including dialogues related to areas of cooperation pursuant to Article 27.2 (Areas of Cooperation); and

(e) engage in other activities as the Parties may decide.

4. The Committee shall meet within one year of the date of entry into force of this Agreement, and thereafter as agreed by the Parties.

5. The Committee shall produce an agreed record of its meetings, including decisions and next steps and, as appropriate, report to the Joint Committee.

Article 27.5 Resources

1. Cooperation activities undertaken under this Chapter are subject to the availability of resources and the applicable laws and regulations of each Party, and on request, and on terms and conditions agreed between the Parties.

2. The Parties shall bear the costs of cooperation activities under this Chapter in an equitable manner to be agreed by the Parties.

Article 27.6 Non-Application of Dispute Settlement

Without prejudice to matters arising under other Chapters of this Agreement, neither Party shall have recourse to dispute settlement under Chapter 30 (Dispute Settlement) for any matter arising under this Chapter.

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