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ASNO nuclear forms and downloads

Series 100 Forms - Applications for Approvals

Form No. Title Portable Document Format [PDF] Office Open XML format [DOCX] Rich Text Format [RTF]
ASO106 Application to Transfer Material (Import, Export Or Domestic Transfer) NEW combination form [PDF] [DOCX] [RTF]
ASO108 Application to Consume, Dilute or Dispose of Nuclear Material or Associated Item NEW combination form [PDF] [DOCX] [RTF]
ASO110 Application to Transfer Uranium Ore Concentrates (UOC) Internationally [PDF] [DOCX] [RTF]
ASO111 Application to Use a Vessel to Ship Uranium Ore Concentrates (UOC) [PDF] [DOCX] [RTF]
ASO112 Application to Create or Remove an Approved Location [PDF] [DOCX] [RTF]
ASO113 Application to Approve a New (or Variation to a Current) Transport Plan NEW combination form [PDF] [DOCX] [RTF]
ASO115 Application to Transfer an Associated Item (Import, Export or Domestic Transfer) NEW combination form [PDF] [DOCX] [RTF]
ASO120 Application for Approval of a New Authorised Classifier, or Authorisation to Authenticate Copies NEW combination form [PDF] [DOCX] [RTF]
ASO122 Application for Authorisation to Access Associated Items NEW combination form [PDF] [DOCX] [RTF]
ASO124 Application to Exempt an Authorised Items from Marking Requirements [PDF] [DOCX] [RTF]
ASO125 Application to Approve a Person to Receive Information [PDF] [DOCX] [RTF]
ASO126 Application for a New Project Involving Specific Activities NEW combination form [PDF] [DOCX] [RTF]
ASO128 Application to Vary Disposition of Material Such That it will Become Unavailable for Verification [PDF] [DOCX] [RTF]
ASO129 Application to Approve a New Project Producing 20 per cent or higher Enriched Uranium by Blending [PDF] [DOCX] [RTF]
ASO131 Application to Approve a Change in Facility Design [PDF] [DOCX] [RTF]
ASO134 Application for Approval of Changes to the Accountancy or Security Plan [PDF] [DOCX] [RTF]
ASO135 Application to Subcontract Functions Subject to Permit Restrictions and Conditions [PDF] [DOCX] [RTF]
ASO136 Application for Approval to Export UOC to Overseas Converters [PDF] [DOCX] [RTF]


Series 200 Forms - Notifications

Form No. Title Portable Document Format [PDF] Office Open XML format [DOCX] Rich Text Format [RTF]
ASO201 Notification of an Incident NEW combination form [PDF] [DOCX] [RTF]
ASO203 Notification/Confirmation of UOC Discharge and Arrival Details [PDF] [DOCX] [RTF]
ASO212 Notification of Final Data Certificates from a Receiver [PDF] [DOCX] [RTF]
ASO213 Notification of Physical Inventory Taking [PDF] [DOCX] [RTF]
ASO214 Notification of Designation of an Individual [PDF] [DOCX] [RTF]
ASO215 Notification of a Change to the Accountancy and Control System or Security Measures [PDF] [DOCX] [RTF]
ASO224 Notification of a Development Bearing on an Individual [PDF] [DOCX] [RTF]
ASO225 Notification of New (or Changes to Existing) Design Information [PDF] [DOCX] [RTF]
ASO226 Notification of a Situation Affecting Ability to Carry Out Safeguards Procedures [PDF] [DOCX] [RTF]
ASO227 Designation of (or Change to) an Approved Project NEW combination form [PDF] [DOCX] [RTF]
ASO229 Notification of Planned Removal of Seals [PDF] [DOCX] [RTF]
ASO231 Notification of Change to Permit Holder's Particulars [PDF] [DOCX] [RTF]
ASO232 Acknowledgement of Receipt of Sealed Goods [PDF] [DOCX] [RTF]


Series 300 Forms - Reports

Form No. Title Portable Document Format [PDF] Office Open XML format [DOCX], and Macro-enabled format [DOCM] Rich Text Format [RTF]
ASO301 Inventory Balance Report (Uranium Ore Concentrates – UOC) [PDF] [DOCX] [RTF]
ASO303 Report on Incident Investigation [PDF] [DOCX] [RTF]
ASO304 Inventory Change Summary Report for Associated Items [PDF] [DOCX] [RTF]
ASO305 Inventory Change for an Associated Item [PDF] [DOCX] [RTF]
ASO306 Inventory Listing (Associated Items) [PDF] [DOCX] [RTF]
ASO308 Report of Visits to an Approved Location [PDF] [DOCX] [RTF]
ASO309 Inventory Balance Report (Nuclear Materials and Associated Materials) [PDF] [DOCX] [RTF]
ASO310 Inventory Listing (Nuclear Materials and Associated Materials) [PDF] [DOCX] [RTF]
ASO311 Ledger Page [PDF] [DOCM] [RTF]
ASO313 Report on Planned Activities for Nuclear and Associated Material [PDF] [DOCX] [RTF]
ASO314 Schedule of Planned Reactor Operating Programs [PDF] [DOCX] [RTF]
ASO315 Report on General Plans for Nuclear Fuel Cycle R+D [PDF] [DOCX] [RTF]
ASO316 Description of Each Building at an Approved Location [PDF] [DOCX] [RTF]
ASO317 Inventory Listing (by Batch, and by Location) NEW combination form [PDF] [DOCM] [RTF]
ASO318 Bilateral Obligation Report [PDF] [DOCX] [RTF]
ASO319 Inventory Change Report (ICR) [PDF] [DOCM] [RTF]
ASO320 Report on a Physical Inventory Taking (PIT) NEW combination form [PDF] [DOCX] [RTF]
ASO323 Initial Inventory Listing [PDF] [DOCM] [RTF]
ASO324 Report on Mining Activities [PDF] [DOCX] [RTF]


Series 400 Forms - Permit Applications

Form No. Title Portable Document Format [PDF] Office Open XML format [DOCX] Rich Text Format [RTF]
ASO401 PN Application - Permit to Possess Nuclear Material [PDF] [DOCX] [RTF]
ASO402 PA Application - Permit to Possess Associated Item(s) [PDF] [DOCX] [RTF]
ASO403 TN Application - Permit to Transport Nuclear Material [PDF] [DOCX] [RTF]
ASO404 TA Application - Permit to Transport Associated Item(s) [PDF] [DOCX] [RTF]
ASO405 CI Application - Authority to Communicate Information [PDF] [DOCX] [RTF]
ASO406 EF Application - Permit to Establish Facility [PDF] [DOCX] [RTF]
ASO407 DF Application - Permit to Decommission UOC [PDF] [DOCX] [RTF]
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