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Foreign investment statistics

Economic activity of Australian businesses abroad 2018-19

Australia’s foreign affiliates make a valuable contribution to the Australian economy.

Funded by DFAT and Austrade, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has released a new study on the economic impact of Australia’s foreign affiliates abroad. The new study provides key economic facts on Australia’s 5,176 majority-owned foreign affiliates such as the value of assets, profits remitted back to Australia, sales of goods & services and Industry valued added, as well as the level of employment. Information is cross-classified by country of ownership and industry. The new study confirms the importance of foreign affiliates in the delivery of Australian services, especially: Financial & insurance, Construction, Engineering & other technical and Health services.

Key summary fact sheets

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Majority-owned affiliates (greater than 50% foreign equity)

Australia [PDF]

Comparison fact sheet (2002-03 vs 2018-19)

Comparison fact sheet 2002-03 vs 2018-19 [PDF 189KB]

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