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Development assistance in Samoa

Flag of Samoa

Pillar 3 – Economic Recovery in Samoa


Australia is working closely with the Government of Samoa and the business community to actively support measures that facilitate decent work and economic empowerment, nurture an enabling business environment and stimulate long-term recovery and resilience. We are providing budget support through the Joint Policy Action Matrix – a collaboration between the Governments of Samoa, Australia and New Zealand, the Asian Development Bank and the World Bank – that leverages policy reforms to boost economic growth and resilience. We are investing in climate resilient infrastructure, including through funding the Legislative Assembly Office.

Samoa Fiscal Resilience Program

$6 million, 2018-2021

Program supports the Joint Policy Action Matrix (JPAM) negotiated between officials from the World Bank, ADB, Australia, New Zealand and the Government of Samoa. The JPAM is a mechanism to identify and prioritise policy reforms and to channel and monitor budget support.

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Samoa Fiscal Resilience Program Investment Design 2018

Samoa Governance Support Program

$9 million, 2018-2021

The Australian Government is working closely with the Government of Samoa to assist with the achievement of Samoa’s development objectives through the provision of high-level technical expertise. Areas of focus for the Samoa Governance Support Program include economic infrastructure, public service delivery and public financial management.

Name of document Year published
Samoa Technical Cooperation Program Investment Design 2020

Samoa Private Sector Development Program

$2 million, 2020-2022

The program supports the ADB-led Private Sector Development Initiative, which is a regional technical assistance facility co-financed by the Governments of Australia, New Zealand and the ADB. The assistance for Samoa aims to support the tourism sector through financing and livelihood opportunities with the Development Bank of Samoa. Other activities include aviation sector reform and further assistance for agribusiness financing.

Samoa Parliament Complex Redevelopment Phase II: Legislative Assembly Office Redevelopment


Following the successful completion of Samoa’s Parliament House in 2019, the second phase of the Samoa Parliament Complex Redevelopment program will support the design and construction of the Legislative Assembly Office. The new building will be cost-effective, climate resilient and exhibit best practice in green building technology. The construction phase is expected to commence in mid-2021 and will provide opportunities for employment and skills generation.

Samoa Procurement Reform Support Program

$1.5 million, 2019-2021

Provides long-term and short-term technical assistance to the Government of Samoa to implement procurement reforms and capacity build relevant stakeholders. The program has supported the development of new procurement procedures, as well as procurement of medicines, pharmaceuticals and PPE critical to the COVID-19 response.

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