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Climate Change Development Cooperation Factsheet

May 2024

Climate Finance Provided and Mobilised 2022-23 Actual $m
Recipient country/region $million
Pacific Islands bilateral and regional (includes Papua New Guinea) 265.9
Southeast and East Asia 132.4
South and West Asia 21.3
Other Asia 10.0
Sub-Saharan Africa 11.8
North Africa and Middle East 0.9
Latin America and the Caribbean 0.1
Global programs and core contributions to multilateral organisations 128.7
Sub-total: ODA Climate Finance - Grants and Loans (per ODA Statistical Summary) 571.1
Non-ODA Grants and Loans 41.6
Private Climate Finance Mobilised 6.5
TOTAL 619.1*

* Sub-total and total rows may not add due to rounding.

Australia’s Official Development Assistance: Statistical Summary, 2022-23 includes climate finance sectoral and geographic data at Table 10. 

Australia's ODA Bilateral and Regional Climate Finance, by type of support, 2022-23<br />
62% Adaptation<br />
22% Mitigation<br />
16% Cross-cutting

Australia recognises that climate change is the greatest threat to the livelihoods, security and wellbeing of our closest neighbours in the Indo-Pacific. The Government is taking real and ambitious action to address climate change at home and in our region.

Strategic direction

Australia is contributing to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and Paris Agreement goals through ambitious domestic action and high-quality climate finance for developing countries.

Climate change is at the heart of Australia's International Development Policy. This commits Australia to strengthen climate resilience across our development program by:

  • aligning bilateral programs with partners' climate priorities, including their Nationally Determined Contributions and National Adaptation Plans.
  • considering climate risk in all bilateral and regional Development Partnership Plans
  • ensuring that, from 2024-25, at least half of all new country and regional investments valued at more than $3 million have a climate change objective, with a goal of reaching 80 per cent in 2028–29

Program highlights

Australia is on track to deliver $3 billion towards the global climate finance goal (2020–2025), largely through existing ODA commitments. In 2022–23, Australia delivered $619 million in climate finance and has delivered $1,608 million from 2020–2023.

  • In Fiji, the Tropical Cyclone Yasa Recovery Program is supporting education sector rehabilitation efforts following the Category 5 Tropical Cyclone in 2020, ensuring all new schools and classrooms are constructed to withstand category 5 cyclone events.
  • SciTech4Climate brings leading Australian scientists to work with development partners in the Indo Pacific to make sure our region's response to climate change is supported by the best available science and technological advances.
  • Australian Development Investments is investing in the Southeast Asia Clean Energy Fund II, helping to mobilise additional finance for technologies and business models that accelerate the low carbon transition, such as: solar, wind, energy efficiency, electric mobility and grid infrastructure.
Sustainable Development Goal 7, Affordable and Clean Energy.<br />
Sustainable Development Goal 13, Climate Action.
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