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Country Information Reports

Country Information Reports are prepared by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) for protection status determination purposes only. They provide DFAT's best judgment and assessment at time of writing and are distinct from Australian Government policy with respect to the countries in question.

The reports provide a general, rather than an exhaustive country overview. They are prepared with regard to the current caseload for decision makers in Australia without reference to individual applications for protection visas. Reports do not contain policy guidance for decision makers.

Ministerial Direction Number 84 of 24 June 2019 under s 499 of the Migration Act 1958 states that:

Where the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has prepared [a] country information assessment expressly for protection status determination purposes, and that assessment is available to the decision maker, the decision maker must take into account that assessment, where relevant, in making their decision. The decision maker is not precluded from considering other relevant information about the country.

Reports take into account relevant and credible open source reports, as well as information obtained on the ground.

Country information reports

Older reports are available on request.

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