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Effective Governance Development Cooperation Factsheet

May 2023

Estimated Australian Effective Governance ODA: 2023-24: $1,098.0m

Australian Governance ODA by Region, 201-22 to 2023-24

Region 2021-22 Actual ($m)* 2022-23 Estimated Outcome ($m)* 2023-24 Budget Estimate ($m)*
Pacific 425.3 638.6 602.0
Southeast and East Asia 248.3 256.9 320.5
South and West Asia 50.8 57.5 46.3
Africa and the Middle East 7.6 12.8 7.6
Rest of the World* 134.5 113.6 121.6
TOTAL Governance ODA 743.5 737.9 817.4

* Inculded ODA that is not attributed to particular countries or regions.

^ Data was calculated based on the previous sector grouping of 'Governance'.

* Other partners include partners not further defined.

Australian ODA to Governance by Partner Type 2021-22. 10% Australian Public Sector Organisations. 33% Commercial Suppliers. 12% Developing Country Governments. 29% Multilateral Organisations. 13% Non-Government Organisations. 3% Other Partners.

Effective governance underpins the vision of building a peaceful, stable and prosperous Indo-Pacific.

Effective governance enables states to allocate resources and deliver equitably for all their citizens. It supports communities to be engaged and resilient in facing external pressures, shocks and shared challenges. Where governance is effective, development outcomes are stronger. Governance is Australia's largest sector investment.

Strategic direction

Australia invests in building systems that directly contribute to stability and protecting the most vulnerable, including women and girls and people with disabilities.

Australia partners with public institutions such as parliaments, audit and law enforcement agencies, elections administration, and with multilateral, civil society and private sector organisations. Investments are tailored to the local context and support governments to develop and implement good policy, citizens to access basic services and hold leaders to account, and businesses to flourish.

Australia's support for effective governance helps realise SDG 16's focus on effective and inclusive institutions and peaceful societies.

Program highlights

  • Strengthening democratic institutions and the quality of democratic processes in Indonesia: The Dem-Res Pilot Program worked with Indonesia's electoral management bodies and CSOs to improve electoral policies and procedures and to expand civil liberties and space.
  • Supporting access to quality and transparent justice, policing and community services in Vanuatu: The VAPJP program provided institutional strengthening support across Vanuatu's key law and order institutions improving access to quality and transparent justice, policing, and community services.
  • Promoting gender equality and disability inclusion in the Pacific: Australia worked in partnership with Pacific organisations to ensure that women and girls have an equitable share in resources, opportunities and decision making.


Priority Sustainable Development Goals
Sustainable Development Goal 1, No poverty.
Sustainable Development Goal 5, Gender Equality. Sustainable Development Goal 15, Life on Land.
Sustainable Development Goal 16, Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions.
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