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Business envoy July 2021

Global Resources Strategy

The Australian Government is investing $20.1 million over two years to deliver a Global Resources Strategy.

The strategy will help strengthen our resources exports, secure new global markets and promote Australia as a reliable and responsible supplier to the world.

The strategy is part of a whole-of-government effort to help Australia build resilience to trade stocks such as the global pandemic.

The Global Resources Strategy will:

  •  and strengthen Australia’s resources exports and improve access key export marketsboost investment in regional Australia by exploring new markets in the Indo-Pacific, Europe and North America
  • support the jobs of 262,000 people who currently work in the sector
  • support new investment in research and commercialisation of alternative uses for high-emissions commodities
  • provide greater international focus for our world-leading and innovative mining equipment, technology and services (METS) sector
  • support our resources sector to remain the world’s supplier of choice for major commodities as well as our critical minerals and new energy resources such as hydrogen

The strategy will provide a framework to expand our existing commodity markets as well as develop new partnerships.

It will do this through:

  • The release of Australia’s Global Resources Statement, that promotes Australia as a reliable, responsible and ready for the future investment destination for resources exploration and supply
  • new analysis of the barriers to trade for key commodities and minerals
  • research and development of alternative uses for commodities and examining opportunities to commercialise them
  • leveraging existing bilateral agreements with key trading partners to expand existing, and maximise new market opportunities, for our commodities and critical minerals.

The Global Resources Statement promotes the quality, strength and reliability of Australia as a leading supplier of crucial energy resources and critical minerals to the world.

The statement is the first milestone achieved under the Strategy and builds on the government’s action plan set out in the National Resources Statement. Australia is striving to be the most globally attractive and competitive investment destination for resources projects.

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