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Business envoy November 2021

Toward greater economic integration in the Pacific

Welcome to the Pacific edition of Business Envoy. Australia and the Pacific share a long history of friendship, strong people to people links, and a major trade and investment partnership.

Australia represents around a fifth of total trade in goods in the region and more than $18 billion worth of investment.

Despite the challenges of COVID-19, there is also an upside and opportunity in the Pacific region.

A critical focus of the Australian Government is how we can tackle those challenges, while maximising the opportunities on offer. 

Our Government is working to encourage trade, investment, and business to flourish, to support economic recovery in the region.

One of the best ways we can do that is to strengthen economic integration, empower business to create jobs, and get our economies growing again.

The entry into force of the Pacific Agreement on Closer Economic Relations (PACER) Plus in December last year was an important step forward for business in our region.

PACER Plus provides a platform for greater economic integration between our countries, and will bolster more trade and investment in the region. It provides more certainty, transparency, and openness, and will help establish more partnerships between our businesses, making it easier for both Australian and Pacific businesses to trade and engage.

To maximise the impact of PACER Plus, we are leveraging our development program to help businesses realise the benefits it offers.

This edition of Business Envoy features the $25.5 million PACER Plus Implementation Package, funded by Australia and New Zealand, which will help countries tackle barriers to trade and investment, make trade easier and cheaper for business, and help improve the investment environment.

I was pleased that in a meeting with PACER Plus Ministers earlier this year, we agreed to accelerate delivery of assistance under this package.

The Package will also complement existing Australian aid-for-trade activities geared to supporting increased trade and investment in our region.

This edition of Business Envoy also showcases the opportunities in the Pacific as well as the programs and resources that can support you through your business' exploration of the opportunities in the region. As part of this, in this edition we:

  • profile markets across the Pacific region
  • highlight how government programs and policies – including our development program – are supporting business in the region
  • take a closer look at opportunities for business in infrastructure in the Pacific
  • highlight case studies on successful businesses in the Pacific

Working together to boost Australia's trade and investment with the Pacific will not only create more jobs but will also contribute to building a stronger and more resilient region.

This edition also looks at the National Roadmap for Indigenous Skills, Jobs and Wealth Creation. The Government is committed to working with Indigenous communities to ensure that not only Australia's economic recovery from COVID-19 but also our broad trade and investment settings are inclusive. The National Roadmap will focus on skills, jobs and wealth creation and connect Indigenous Australians to economic opportunities in a range of industries.

The National Roadmap will be designed in partnership with Indigenous Australians and industry groups, and I was pleased to attend the first in a series of consultative roundtables hosted by Ken Wyatt, Minister for Indigenous Australians on 24 August this year.

I am pleased to launch the November edition of Business Envoy coinciding with Indigenous Business month where events will be held across Australia to showcase Indigenous entrepreneurial and business innovation talent.

With thanks to all our contributors, I hope you enjoy this edition and find it useful in your own efforts to grow your business in the region.

The Hon Dan Tehan MP, former Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment

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