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Flag of Vanuatu

Vanuatu Development Cooperation Factsheet

May 2023


Estimated Australian ODA: 2023-24: $84.6 mil

Gross National Income Per Capita: USD3,240 (2021)

Population: 319,137 (2021)


Australian ODA 2021-22 Actual ($m)* 2022-23 Budget Estimate ($m)* 2023-24 Budget Estimate ($m)*
Country Programs 58.5 46.0 50.0
Regional 19.1 22.0 20.4
Global 112.3 13.6 12.5
Other Government Departments 1.5 1.4 1.6
Total Aust. ODA to Vanuatu 91.4 83.1 84.6

*Due to rounding, discrepancies may occur between sums of the component items in totals


Australian ODA to Vanuatu by Sector Group 2023-24 Budget Estimate. 14% Economic Infrastructure and Services. 15% Agriculture, Trade and Other Production Sectors. 21% Governance. 31% Education. 12% Health. 4% Humanitarian. 3% Multisector and General Development Support.

Australia is Vanuatu's largest development and humanitarian partner. We have shared priorities and deep people-to-people links, built over 42 years of diplomatic relations.

Our partnership aligns with Vanuatu's National Sustainable Development Plan. It covers a range of sectors including health, education, skills, infrastructure, governance, justice, policing, and humanitarian response and recovery.

Strategic direction

Australia is partnering with Vanuatu to help it respond to the economic impacts of COVID and Tropical Cyclones (TCs) Judy and Kevin (March 2023), and to work towards inclusive and long-term economic recovery. We are continuing to support improvements in essential service delivery in the health, education, policing, and justice sectors, with a particular focus on supporting vulnerable groups and rural and remote communities. Australia is committed to supporting Vanuatu to address the impacts of climate change.

Program highlights

  • In 2023, Australia provided $12.8m towards TCs Judy and Kevin response and early recovery activities and supported the transportation of over 125 tonnes of humanitarian supplies.
  • Australia's $25 million economic support package (2022-23) is supporting economic growth in priority sectors in Vanuatu including infrastructure, trade, agriculture and tourism.
  • In 2022, Australia supported the training of 47 new police recruits (34 per cent female). Since 2018, Australia has trained 387 new recruits, over 40 per cent of the Vanuatu Police Force.
  • Since December 2021 Vanuatu has exported over 33.8 tonnes of kava to Australia, benefitting growers and suppliers.
  • Australia is investing in climate resilient roads with over 1,026km of roads improved and maintained in Vanuatu in 2022. These roads are linking communities to markets and services.
  • Australia upskilled 1,057 people (40 per cent female, 50 people with disabilities) in 2022, across agriculture, construction, plumbing, handicrafts, and tourism sectors, to support livelihoods and grow businesses.
  • In 2022, Australia upgraded a gravity-fed water supply system in Tanna which improved access to safe drinking water for 2,500 people.


Sustainable Development Goal for Vanuatu.  Goal 1, No Poverty. 3, Good Health and Wellbeing. Goal 4, Quality Education.<br />
Goal 5, Gender Equality. 8, Decent Work and Economic Growth. Goal 9, Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure. Goal 10, Reduced Inequalities. Goal 13, Climate Action.  Goal 16, Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions. Goal 17, Partnerships for the Goals</p>
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