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Business Envoy May 2022

Fast-tracking the registration of professionals across APEC economies

Professionals who want to better understand if their qualifications are recognised across Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum economies can now access a database of all known Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRAs) on licensing, qualifications and accreditation of professionals and skilled service providers.

The APEC Inventory of Mutual Recognition Agreements for Professional Qualifications is an online resource of the agreements between industry regulators or professional bodies that support the international mobility of professionals.

The Inventory contains details of more than 175 agreements and is regularly updated, making it the most comprehensive database of MRAs across the Asia-Pacific region.

What are the benefits of the MRA Inventory?

For individuals, businesses and professional associations, the Inventory provides a simple means of identifying MRAs that could better facilitate their work across borders through cheaper and streamlined registration and licensing procedures and processes.

For governments, regulators and professional associations, an overview of all the agreements in place will assist in the prioritisation and development of future agreements as well as aiding in benchmarking current practice.

For more information on the benefits of MRAs, contact DFAT's Professional Services and Mutual Recognition Unit via

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