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Development assistance in Samoa

Flag of Samoa

Australia’s development partnership with Samoa

2021-22 bilateral allocation [budget estimate]
$27.0 million
2021-22 total Australian ODA [budget estimate]
$39.7 million
2019-20 total Australian ODA [budget actual]
$41.0 million

Samoa and Australia have an enduring partnership strengthened by the Pacific Step-up.

Economically, Samoa is reliant on tourism, agriculture, remittances and development assistance. The Government of Samoa and businesses face pressing challenges in the face of COVID-19.

Our development partnership will support Samoa to strengthen preparedness and responsiveness of Samoa’s health system, to maintain stability, promote social cohesion and ensure vulnerable people have access to essential goods, services and opportunities, and to mitigate and recover from COVID-19’s economic impacts and enhance its resilience to future shocks.

Pillar 1 – health security

Australia is supporting Samoa’s system preparedness and outbreak response capabilities, including to plan, deliver and monitor responses to COVID-19. The Samoa Health Program provides Samoan health sector professionals with improved skills and understanding in COVID-19 related fields. We are continuing our longstanding support to address ongoing communicable and non-communicable diseases, and access to sexual and reproductive health services.

Further information on programs addressing health security can be found at Pillar 1 – health security in Samoa.

Pillar 2 – stability

Against the backdrop of a tighter fiscal environment, Australia is assisting Samoa’s government institutions to maintain frontline service delivery for the benefit of all. We are supporting measures to improve planning and coordination to ensure more capable, efficient and transparent institutions. We continue to focus on strengthening basic education and making it more inclusive. Australia also supports the economic participation and well-being of vulnerable communities, especially women and girls, and the disabled community.

Further information on programs addressing stability can be found at Pillar 2 – stability.

Pillar 3 – economic recovery

Australia is partnering with New Zealand, the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank to support policy reforms that help to restore the business environment in Samoa, promoting long-term economic recovery and resilience. We also support Samoa through labour mobility opportunities and tailoring skills training through the Australia Pacific Training Coalition to address sectors hardest hit by COVID-19. Our support for the Pacific Islands Forum’s Pacific Humanitarian Pathway will enable Samoa’s connectivity with Australia and the region, supporting the movement of critical supplies and people, and in turn mitigating severe health and economic impacts.

Further information on programs addressing economic recovery can be found at Pillar 3 – economic recovery.

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