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Business envoy July 2021

Diversifying Australia’s energy infrastructure: hydrogen technology

“I want Australia and hydrogen technology to be synonymous around the world.”

Prime Minister Morrison, 21 April 2021

Clean hydrogen is a priority technology in Australia’s Technology Investment Roadmap. The Roadmap aims to remove the ‘green premium’ of low emissions technologies and accelerate their deployment, both in Australia and overseas. The Roadmap brings a strategic and system-wide view to future investments in low emissions technologies, in partnership with the private sector and the states and territories.

Diversifying Australia’s energy infrastructure is key to our future energy security. Supported by an ambitious economic stretch goal of A$2 per kilogram, the Australian Government is prioritising investments to support the growth of a clean, innovative, safe, and competitive Australian hydrogen industry. Australia has now committed more than $900 million to the development of hydrogen in Australia including a range of hydrogen hubs and development of a hydrogen certification scheme to enable trade.

In early June, DFAT promoted Australia’s world leading capacity to members of the Diplomatic Corps highlighting transformations already taking shape in Australia from the research lab through to commercial application, including:

  • Australia’s first certified public hydrogen refuelling station developed by ActewAGL
  • Australian National University research on producing hydrogen fuels directly from sunlight
  • pilot projects led by Australian Gas Infrastructure Group blending hydrogen gas within the existing LNG distribution infrastructure, and future potential to store and supply hydrogen
  • Elvin Group Renewables’ locally manufactured, scalable electrolyser technology and hydrogen fuel cell technology to decarbonise marine transport on passenger ferries
  • LAVO’s proprietary metal hydride hydrogen generation and storage technology and
  • Star Scientific’s hydrogen catalyst (HERO) technology – to enable ‘heat-as-a-service’ in a range of applications.

In Australia, we are creating our own ‘Hydrogen Valleys’. Where we will transform our transport industries, our mining and resource sectors, our manufacturing, our fuel and energy production.”

Prime Minister Morrison, Intervention at Leaders’ Summit on Climate, 22 April 2021.

To learn more about the Roadmap visit: First Low Emissions Technology Statement 2020 | Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources

Learning about Star Scientific’s hydrogen catalyst (HERO) technology with the Prime Minister the Hon Scott Morrison MP and the Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction the Hon Angus Taylor MP in April 2021. Image courtesy of Star Scientific
Visit to Australia’s first public hydrogen refuelling station, owned by ACTEWAGL by Jamie Isbister, Australian Ambassador for the Enviroment, with Tim Harcourt and James Dunlop in May 2021. Image credit: Star Scientific
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