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Development assistance in Samoa

Flag of Samoa

Pillar 1 – Health Security in Samoa

Photo of AUSMAT personal setting up a second temporary hospital ward in front of Samoa’s Public Hospital in Samoa.
AUSMAT setting up a second temporary hospital ward in front of Samoa’s Public Hospital in Samoa. Photo: DFAT.


Australia is one of Samoa’s largest health partners and has responded to Samoa’s acute health needs and priorities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our support has built capability to plan, deliver and monitor responses to COVID-19. For example, Australia supported Samoa’s Ministry of Health to enhance and strengthen testing and tracing capabilities, including through the provision of equipment, consumables and training. We have also provided medical supplies, equipment, and personal protective equipment (PPE) to support Samoa’s response to its COVID-19 outbreak.

We are also continuing our long-standing support to address ongoing communicable and non-communicable diseases, and access to sexual and reproductive health services.

Australian support for COVID-19 Vaccine Access

Australia has committed $4.7 million over three years (2020-23) for COVID-19 vaccine access in Samoa including delivery support and vaccine procurement drawing on Australia’s Regional COVID-19 Vaccine Access and Health Security Initiative (VAHSI). Through VAHSI, Australia is supporting Samoa and other Pacific island countries to achieve comprehensive vaccine coverage. In 2021-22 Australia shared over 175,000 COVID-19 vaccine doses and associated consumables with Samoa. This is in addition to Australia’s $215 million contribution to the COVID-19 Vaccines Global Access (COVAX) Advance Market Commitment, which has delivered over 79,000 vaccine doses to Samoa.

Through VAHSI, Australia has also strengthened management of medical waste and health information systems, including a new electronic medical record system, Tamanu, that is now being used as the immunisation register for COVID-19 vaccinations.

Samoa Health Program

$10.3 million, 2014-2022

Australia is providing Samoan health sector professionals with improved skills and understanding in COVID-19-related fields, including building system capabilities in surveillance and pathology. The Samoa Health Program also provides access to sexual and reproductive health services, particularly for vulnerable individuals and households through a partnership with the International Planned Parenthood Foundation and the Samoa Family Health Association.  

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Health System Strengthening

$2.5 million, 2019- 2023

Provides additional support to the health sector and World Health Organization to assist with strengthening Samoa’s health systems, in areas such as primary health care services and medical equipment.

Partnership with the World Bank’s Health System Strengthening Performance for Results project

In design, estimated $8 million, 2022-2027

Australia is working in partnership with the World Bank to design additional financing to its Health Systems Strengthening Performance for Results project in Samoa. The project aims to improve the quality and efficiency of non-communicable disease prevention and control in Samoa.

Samoa Human Development and Social Inclusion Investment

In design, estimated $37 million, 2021-2029

The Samoa Human Development and Social Inclusion (HDSI) Investment will bring together Australia’s support to health, education, gender, disability and social protection. The goal of HDSI is to accelerate progress towards improved human development outcomes for all Samoans. It is currently in design and is expected to begin implementation in September 2022.

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