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Australian Ambassadors and other representatives

Australian Ambassadors and other representatives

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Special Representative on Afghanistan

Mr Glenn Miles

Portrait of Simon Twisk

Ambassador to Argentina

Dr Simon Twisk

Ambassador to Austria

Mr Ian Biggs

Mr Jeremy Bruer

High Commissioner to Bangladesh

Mr Jeremy Bruer

Ambassador to Belgium

Ms Caroline Millar

Portrait of David Brightling.

Deputy Head of Mission, Belgium

Mr David Brightling

Portrait of Ms Sophie Davies.

Ambassador to Brazil

Ms Sophie Davies

High Commissioner to Brunei Darussalam

Mr Luke Arnold

Mr Justin Whyatt

Ambassador to Cambodia

Mr Justin Whyatt

Portrait of the Hon Scott Ryan

High Commissioner to Canada

The Hon Scott Ryan

Mr Todd Mercer

Ambassador to Chile

Mr Todd Mercer

Mr Graham Fletcher

Ambassador to China

Mr Graham Fletcher

Mr Jason Robertson

Deputy Head of Mission, China

Mr Jason Robertson

Portrait of Adele Neary

Consul-General in China, Chengdu

Ms Adelle Neary

Anthony Aspden

Consul-General in China, Guangzhou

Mr Anthony Aspden



A/g Consul-General in China, Shanghai


Photo not yet available

Consul-General in China, Shenyang

Photo not yet available

Chargé d'Affaires to Colombia

Portrait Phoebe Smith

High Commissioner to Cook Islands

Ms Phoebe Smith

Ambassador to Counter Modern Slavery, People Smuggling and Human Trafficking

Ms Lynn Bell


Richard Rodgers

Ambassador to Croatia

Mr Richard Rodgers

High Commissioner to Cyprus

Ms Fiona McKergow

Axel Wabenhorst

Ambassador to Egypt

Dr Axel Wabenhorst

Ambassador to Estonia

Dr Genevieve Clune

Ambassador to Ethiopia

Ms Julia Niblett

Photo not yet available

Chargé d'Affaires to Fiji

Thumbnail of Gillian Bird

Ambassador to France

Ms Gillian Bird PSM

Megan Anderson thumbnail

Deputy Head of Mission, France

Megan Anderson

Photo not yet available

Consul-General in French Polynesia, Papeete


A/g Ambassador to Germany

Ms Berenice Owen-Jones

High Commissioner to Ghana

Ms Berenice Owen-Jones

Alison Duncan

Ambassador to Greece

Ms Alison Duncan

Portrait of Chiara Porro

Ambassador to the Holy See

Ms Chiara Porro

Philip Green OAM

High Commissioner to India

Mr Philip Green OAM

Deputy Head of Mission, India

Ms Sarah Storey

Portrait of Ms Sarah Kirlew.

Consul-General in India, Chennai

Ms Sarah Kirlew

Photo not yet available

A/g Consul-General in India, Mumbai

Portrait of Stephen Scott

Deputy Head of Mission, Indonesia

Mr Stephen Scott

Mr Todd Dias

Consul-General in Indonesia, Makassar

Mr Todd Dias

Ms Lyndall Sachs

Ambassador to Iran

Ms Lyndall Sachs PSM

Portrait of Ms Paula Ganly.

Ambassador to Iraq

Ms Paula Ganly

Dr Ralph King

Australian Ambassador to Israel

Dr Ralph King

Portrait Justin Hayhurst

Ambassador to Japan

Mr Justin Hayhurst

Deputy Head of Mission to Japan

Mr Peter Roberts OAM

Thumbnail of Bernard Lynch.

Ambassador to Jordan

Mr Bernard Lynch

Thumbnail of Luke Williams.

High Commissioner to Kenya

Mr Luke Williams

Karen Bray portrait

High Commissioner to Kiribati

Ms Karen Bray

Alexandra Siddall

Deputy Head of Mission, Republic of Korea

Dr Alexandra Siddall

Portrait of Melissa Kelly

Ambassador to Kuwait

Ms Melissa Kelly

Paul Kelly

Ambassador to Laos

Mr Paul Kelly

Ambassador to Lebanon

Mr Andrew Barnes

Portrait of Justin Lee

High Commissioner to Malaysia

Dr Justin Lee

No photo available

Deputy Head of Mission, Malaysia

David Jessup

High Commissioner to Republic of Maldives

Mr David Jessup

Jenny Cartmill

High Commissioner to Malta

Ms Jennifer Cartmill

No photo available

Chargé d’Affaires to Republic of the Marshall Islands

No photo available

Chargé d’Affaires to Mauritius

Photo not yet available

Chargé d’Affaires to Mexico

Portrait of Katie Smith

Ambassador to Mongolia

Ms Katie Smith

Portrait of Michael Cutts

Ambassador to Morocco

Mr Michael Cutts

High Commissioner to Nauru

Ms Helen Cheney

Felicity Volk

Ambassador to Nepal

Ms Felicity Volk

Dr Greg French

Ambassador to the Netherlands

Dr Greg French

Annelise Young

Consul-General in New Caledonia

Ms Annelise Young

Portrait of Harinder Sidhu.

High Commissioner to, New Zealand

Ms Harinder Sidhu

Portrait of Amy Guihot.

Deputy Head of Mission, New Zealand

Ms Amy Guihot

Photo not yet available

Chargé d’Affaires to Nigeria

High Commissioner to Niue

Ms Louise Ellerton

Mr Neil Hawkins

High Commissioner to Pakistan

Mr Neil Hawkins

Image of Richelle Turner

Ambassador to Palau

Ms Richelle Turner

Image of Australia’s High Commissioner to Papua New Guinea, Jon Philp

High Commissioner to Papua New Guinea

Mr Jon Philp

Deputy Head of Mission, Papua New Guinea

Dr Joanne Loundes

Ambassador to Peru

Ms Maree Ringland

Portrait of Hk Yu

Ambassador to the Philippines


Portrait of Ms Moya Collett.

Deputy Head of Mission, The Philippines

Dr Moya Collett

Mr Lloyd Brodrick

Ambassador to Poland

Mr Lloyd Brodrick

Shane Flanagan

Ambassador to Qatar

Mr Shane Flanagan

Mr Graeme Meehan

Ambassador to Russia

Mr Graeme Meehan

Portrait of Emily Luck.

High Commissioner to Samoa

Ms Emily Luck

Ambassador to Serbia

Mr Daniel Emery

Mr Allaster Cox portrait

High Commissioner to Singapore

Mr Allaster Cox

Thumbnail of Angela Robinson.

Deputy Head of Mission, Singapore

Ms Angela Robinson

Mr Rod Hilton

High Commissioner to Solomon Islands

Mr Rod Hilton

Ms Sally-Anne Vincent

Deputy Head of Mission to Solomon Islands

Ms Sally-Anne Vincent

Portrait of Ms Tegan Brink.

High Commissioner to South Africa

Ms Tegan Brink

Sophia McIntyre

Ambassador to Spain

Ms Sophia McIntyre

Mr Paul Stephens

High Commissioner to Sri Lanka

Mr Paul Stephens

Mr Bernard Philip

Ambassador to Sweden

Mr Bernard Philip

Ambassador to Switzerland

Ms Elizabeth Day


A/g Representative, Australian Office, Taiwan

Julia Feeney

Deputy Head of Mission, Thailand

Ms Julia Feeney


Chargé d’Affaires to Timor-Leste

Portrait of Rachael Moore.

High Commissioner to Tonga

Ms Rachael Moore

Portrait Sonya Koppe

High Commissioner to Trinidad and Tobago

Ms Sonya Koppe

Miles Armitage

Ambassador to Türkiye

Mr Miles Armitage

Tony Huber Portrait

Consul-General in Türkiye, Istanbul

Mr Tony Huber

Mr Brenton Garlick

High Commissioner to Tuvalu

Mr Brenton Garlick

Thumbnail of Bruce Edwards.

Ambassador to Ukraine

Mr Bruce Edwards

Mr Stephen Smith

High Commissioner to the United Kingdom

The Hon Stephen Smith

Portrait of Elisabeth Bowes.

Deputy Head of Mission, United Kingdom

Ms Elisabeth Bowes

Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations, New York

Mr James Larsen

Thumbnail of Fiona Webster.

Deputy Head of Mission, United Nations, New York

Dr Fiona Webster

Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations and to the Conference on Disarmament, Geneva

Ms Amanda Gorely

Thumbnail of Jeff Roach.

Deputy Head of Mission to the United Nations, Geneva

Mr Jeff Roach

Paul Myler

Deputy Head of Mission, United States of America

Mr Paul Myler

Photo not yet available

A/g Consul-General in United States of America, Chicago

Portrait of Heidi Bootle

High Commissioner to Vanuatu

Ms Heidi Bootle

Deputy Head of Mission, Vietnam

Mr Mark Tattersall

George Mina

Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the WTO, Geneva

Mr George Mina

Deputy Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the WTO, Geneva

Mr Jeremy Green

Minoli Perera

Ambassador to Zimbabwe

Ms Minoli Perera

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