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Australia-Japan Foundation grant recipients, 2018-19




Recipient Project title Project description Value
NPO Jidai no Souzou Koubou, Support Our Kids Committee 2019 Support Our Kids Homestay program in Australia

Project to empower youth victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake. This project provide students (aged 13-17) who were affected by the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami to travel to Australia to take part in a homestay program.
Australia-Japan Society (ACT) Inc. Tohoku Youth Program The Tohoku Youth Program is designed to help young Japanese 14 to 17 years old  who lost parents in the disaster by bringing them to Canberra for a two week respite/educational visit and to keep in contact with them when they return to Japan. $15,000.00

Economic Diplomacy, Trade, Business

Recipient Project title Project description Value
Queensland University of Technology Australia-Japan Symposium on sustainable SME trade expansion The aim of the proposed the Symposium to be held in Brisbane, Australia at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) is to provide a forum for trade facilitators, future business leaders and (SME) owners and managers, academics from Australia and Japan to come together to learn and share experiences about effective means of doing business in each other’s countries in a sustainable manner. $15,000.00
National Federation of Australia Japan Societies 2018 NFAJS National Conference in Sydney The National Federation of Australia-Japan Societies (NFAJS) is the representative body for Australia-Japan societies right across the country. The NFAJS holds biennial conferences to promote connections between member societies and the wider community. The theme of this year's conference in Sydney is "Deeper Understanding , New Dimensions". $15,000.00
Australian National University - Australia-Japan Research Centre Japan Update 2018 The Japan Update is the flagship conference of the Australia-Japan Research Centre (AJRC) in Crawford School of Public Policy, and the Japan Institute at The Australian National University.  The 2018 Update will focus on Japan’s economy, politics and international relations, and demography. $20,000.00
National Farmers Federation Building Future Agricultural Leaders in Australia and Japan The purpose of this project is to build on the relationship between agricultural leaders in Australia and Japan. By linking future leaders in our countries we can work towards future prosperity for both our sectors and address our common challenges. $6,500.00

Arts and Culture

Recipient Project title Project description Value
Moorilla Estate Pty Ltd Japanese Artist Residency Program | 2019 MONA FOMA In 2019 MONA FOMA will present a new Japanese Artist Residency Program to foster cross-cultural collaborations. Featuring performances and masterclasses from Japan’s innovators in modern classical, electronic and avant-garde music, the program will ignite engagement in Japanese culture. $20,000.00
Big hART Inc Canberra Nara Peace Project - Innovating harmony between Australia and Japan Inspired by the true story of Australian priest Tony Glynn, Canberra Nara Peace Project is a cross-cultural theatre project about peacemaking between cultures.

‍Big hART presents a performance inspired by one man's quest to return Samurai swords taken by Australian soldiers during WW2. His peacemaking quest involved regional families in Australia in the difficult years after the war.
OzAsia Festival OzAsia Festival Presents Ryoji Ikeda's data.tron (3k version) OzAsia Festival presents the Australian premiere exhibition of data.tron [3K version] by Ryoji Ikeda. Ryoji Ikeda is a leading Japanese visual artist, sonic sound composer and Prix Arts Electronica Collide@CERN 2014 award-winner. His works have been featured in major museums, arts centres and festivals around the world and are highly regarded for their exploration of the tangent between music and mathematics, science and art. $9,465.00
Ms Mayu Kanamori Cowra Voices Cowra Voices is a storytelling project, narrating Cowra's unique story of civic peace and reconciliation. Involving the Cowra community, students from Japan, Australian artists and communication specialists, this geolocation capable app and online resource links people, stories and places of peace and reconciliation between Japan, Australia and beyond. $10,000.00
Bangarra Dance Theatre Bangarra performs in Japan as a highlight of ‘Australia now’ Bangarra Dance Theatre is Australia’s leading Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander dance company, acclaimed worldwide for its moving performances, distinctive voice and authentic storytelling. In the company’s fourth visit to Japan, they present 'I.B.I.S.' and 'Spirit 2018', showcasing the best of Bangarra’s 30-year repertoire in a powerful celebration of culture.  $40,000.00
York Arts & Events Inc Giant WARA ART straw sculptures of Niigata come to York WA

Western Australia’s annual York Festival will bring Japan’s WARA ART concept to Australia for the first time. In September 2018, four giant endangered Australian species will be designed and woven in straw, directed by renowned wara artist Mr Akira Moriya.
Tasmania Performs as managed by Performing Lines MADE performance and community engagement at Saitama Older Persons Festival THE FROCK by Graeme Murphy with Mature Artists Dance Experience (MADE) . ‍MADE will perform alongside Sadler’s Wells Company of Elders and Saitama Gold Theatre as part of the World Gold Theatre Festival in Saitama Japan.‍ $19,814.00
World Crafts Council - Australia Japan issue of Garland magazine This December, Garland magazine will publish an issue with a focus on Japanese crafts which inspire an increasing number of Australians. This will be a bilingual edition that includes key voices in Japan's craft scene.  $10,000.00
Ms Heather B Swann Contemporary art exhibition for Australia now 2018: Heather B. Swann I let my body fall into a rhythm' is an exhibition of sculpture and performance by respected Australian artist Heather B. Swann. Throughout the exhibition various performers from both Australia and Japan - actors, musicians, dancers and visual artists - will animate the objects: by wearing, lifting, carrying, pulling, caressing and generally feeling them through a series of self-determined, repetitive actions. $10,000.00
QUT SAND: dance theatre installation with Japanese and Australian theatre companies SAND is an international collaboration that draws from Japanese classic literature, the 2011 tsunami and Indigenous connections to sand and stories of sand mining in Australia to create an original, contemporary performance. $20,000.00
Carriageworks Ryoji Ikeda:  Micro | Macro The internationally acclaimed Ryoji Ikeda returns to Carriageworks with micro | macro. Developed during a residency at CERN, European Organisation for Nuclear Research in Switzerland, micro | macro is an immersive installation which sits at the intersection of art and quantum physics.  $20,000.00
Mr Hiroki Morimoto JUNGLE FESTIVAL GOMA is an award-wining Japanese didgeridoo player who won the Northern Land Council prize in 1998. In October, he will hold an exciting didgeridoo music festival in Chiba.  Additionally, the festival aims to promote cross-cultural music and art exchanges between Australia and Japan. $15,000.00
Harris Hobbs Landscapes Contour 556/National Gallery of Australia:  Nakaya/Skepper collaboration Contour556 Localjinni and the National Gallery of Australia (NGA) are collaborating to present a unique event in association with Enlighten Festival,  2019:

•Conversation with Fujiko Nakaya

‍•Screening rarely seen Japanese and Australian experimental films

•Benjamin Skepper performance
SeaSide Singers Inc. Creating Harmony Together The SeaSide Singers, a community choir from Port Stephens in NSW will join the Port Stephens Sister Cities committee on a cultural tour of 3 regional sister cities in Japan- Kushiro, Yugawara and Tateyama. In concert with Japanese choirs from those regions they will conduct workshops and perform for local residents, featuring a mixture of Australian and Japanese songs.  $20,000.00
Queensland Art Gallery I Gallery of Modern Art The presentation of contemporary Japanese visual art in APT9  ‘The 9th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art’ (APT9) will bring new and significant art from across the region to Brisbane. Now in its twenty-fifth year, QAGOMA’s flagship contemporary art series draws visitors with its unique mix of visual spectacle and cross-cultural insight. APT9 will feature the work of practitioners from Japan – Shinro Ohtake, Mao Ishikawa, Yuko Mohri and Meiro Koizumi. These artists represent the extraordinary diversity, vibrancy and complexity of contemporary Japanese art. $30,000.00
Australian Centre for Photography 'Geography of Space, Archaeology of Time' exhibition The ACP presents the outcome of its facilitated dialogue between Izabela Pluta, based in Sydney Australia and Utako Shindo based in Tokyo, Japan.  This meaningful engagement and global connection focuses on the artists' interests in the geography of space and the archaeology of time.  $3,720.00


Recipient Project title Project description Value
The University of Sydney Mental Health First Aid training and simulated assessment in Japan

Reciprocal visits between Sydney, Teikyo and Kyushu University will support the transfer of best practice Mental Health First Aid training and implementation of simulated-patient assessments across healthcare curricula, to detect and manage common mental health problems in Australia and Japan.


Recipient Project title Project description Value
Rugby Australia Ltd Classic Wallabies in Japan A wonderful opportunity as part of Rugby AU's Rugby Diplomacy strategy to engage with the local Japanese's Rugby Community and fans ahead of the 2019 RWC and 2020 Tokyo Olympics. $30,000.00
ACT AND SOUTHERN NSW RUGBY UNION LTD Brumbies Rugby Development in Japan Brumbies Rugby have a deep connection with Japan and it's people.  The Brumbies have been invited to participate as the main event at the highly publicised Minato Rugby Festival in Tokyo.  $20,000.00


Recipient Project title Project description Value
Centre for Pacific and American Studies, the University of Tokyo Visiting Professor Program in Australian Studies and Resource Building Centre for Pacific and American Studies (CPAS), the University of Tokyo, will host Visiting Professor, Professor Melanie Oppenheimer, Flinders University.  Professor Oppenheimer will teach Australian Studies at the University of Tokyo to undergraduate and postgraduate students for two semesters, and join activities conducted ‍by CPAS. She will also take part in the activities of academic associations in Japan focused on Australia. $48,000.00
Otemon Gakuin University Enhance the collection, hold events of the Australian Indigenous cultures The Australia library of the Otemon Gakuin University Library is the only dedicated collection of literature on Australia in Japan. We will hold the following events during the school festival  including a Didgeridoo concert, a workshop to make Didgeridoos from bamboo, and a lecture on Aboriginal art.  $10,000.00

Science, Technology and Innovation

Recipient Project title Project description Value
The University of South Australia Advancing Australia-Japan Knowledge Exchanges on Excellence and Innovation High-profile public lectures by prominent Australian and Japanese visiting researchers, will bring together for the first time academics, policy-makers, industry representatives, the business community, civil society and the wider public to address the challenges of innovation in a globalising age in both Japan and Australia.  $15,000.00
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) CSIRO-NIMS Symposia This project promotes the relationship between the National Research Agencies CSIRO/Australia and NIMS/Japan. Symposia organised in both countries will examine complementary capabilities related to biomedical technologies with the aim to jointly address some of the biggest threats to human health in both countries. $15,000.00
Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE) Australia Japan Transdisciplinary Symposium: Innovative Approaches to Meet SDGs

The symposium brings together Australian and Japanese alumni from the AJ Emerging Research Leaders Exchange Program to address selected Sustainable Development Goals from a transdisciplinary perspective. To be facilitated by ATSE Fellows with the Engineering Academy of Japan (EAJ).

Security and International Relations / Geopolitics

Recipient Project title Project description Value
The Australian National University National Parliamentary Fellowships Program (NPFP) - Japan NPFP will develop long-term understanding and insight into governance and political processes in Asia. Australian NPFP Fellows will be selected for placements in the Japanese Diet, and Japanese NPFP Fellows will be selected for placements in APH. $15,000.00
Griffith University Indo-Pacific Connectivity: Economic Opportunities and Security Challenges Projects to enhance connectivity, including China's Belt and Road Initiative and the Asia-Africa Growth Corridor, are proliferating across the Indo-Pacific. This project will investigate the economic and security implications of these schemes for Australia and Japan, countries with major stakes in free and open markets and well-regulated investment regimes. $20,000.00

Society and Culture / Building Cultural Understanding

Recipient Project title Project description Value
Gendaikikakushitsu Publishers Masterpieces of Contemporary Australian Literature This ten year project is called The "Masterpieces of Contemporary Australian Literature" is a ten-year project where we look to translate an Australian contemporary novel each year. In 2019, we will publish Michelle de Kretser's “Questions of Travel” (Allen and Unwin, 2012), and will invite her to Japan for the promotion of the book and Australian literature. $25,000.00
Department of Education Tasmania - Rosny College Rosny College Springboard Taiko Group Japan Trip - Dream Project

Springboard is a Rosny College program designed to support the learning, social and emotional needs of students with disability. The Springboard ‘Taiko’ Drummers have received an invitation to travel to Japan in 2018 to participate in Taiko masterclasses and concerts.
Toowoomba Regional Council Sharing diversification between Ancient Cultures Up to four Aboriginal performers will travel to Toowoomba’s Sister City, Takatsuki, located between Osaka and Kyoto, to perform at official functions and carry out interactive educational workshops at schools during a five day visit sharing their ancient culture to enhance mutual understanding, friendship and respect with the Takatsuki community. $10,000.00
The Executive Committee for the Australian Patrol Competition Project Introduction of Australian Surf Life Saving Competition to Japan This project aims to establish a “Lifesaving Patrol Competition” in Japan based on the Surf Life Saving Australia (SLSA) format. A teams of six lifesavers compete using their knowledge and techniques for competence of beach management, maintaining vigilance and measures to be taken in emergencies.

In 2018, a demonstraion by the Australian National champions will be delivered in addition to a creation of a video to introduce the new competition in Japan.
The Australian Studies Association of Japan  The Forefront of Australian Studies: Interaction and Diversity The 2019 ASAJ annual conference will be in collaboration with the Chinese Association for Australian Studies (CAAS). Panel 1, entitled ‘Australia in Asia, Asia in Australia’, will shed light on the interactions between Australia and Asia through human and cultural exchanges. Panel 2, entitled ‘Multicultural Society and Art: The Forefront of Cultural Creation in Australia’, will explore the current situation and dynamism of art and cultural creativity in Australia.  $34,454.54

Creative Industries, including fashion, design, architecture

Recipient Project title Project description Value
University of New South Wales Beyond Industry 4.0: digital fabrication and design in timber UNSW and Kyushu University will host a series of events to facilitate the integration of traditional crafts and construction knowledge with new cutting edge collaborative digital fabrication technologies. $25,000.00

Communications, Information, Media and Advocacy

Recipient Project title Project description Value
RMIT University RMIT Journalism Travel Scholarship 2019 This project will allow students from RMIT's  Bachelor of Communication to undertake an internship at the Japan Times in Tokyo.  $10,000.00

Publication Awards

Recipient Project title Project description Value
Mr Yoichiro Aso A study of port, city, state, nation inter-relationship in Australia Port of Sydney's role in NSW, port of Melbourne's role in Victoria etc and the relationship between ports of Australia and ports of Japan. Historical background and future development program of sister ports between Australia and Japan. $7,500.00
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