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Australia-Japan Foundation grant recipients, 2014-15



Recipient Purpose Value * Approval
Reconstruction Initiative
University of Queensland   $15,000 11/08/2014
Support Our Kids To support the visit to Australia of ten young people from Minami-Sanriku to participate in educational, recreational and cultural activities. $10,000 11/08/2014
DasShoku Project To support the cross-cultural project DasSHOKU Shake involving a mixture of performance skills involving both Osaka and Melbourne based artists which will be conducted in Osaka, Minami-Sanriku and Tokyo in December 2014. $10,000 11/08/2014
Polyglot To support the visit to primary schools in Minami-Sanriku by Polyglot who will conduct an interactive performance/installation event in 2015 entitled 'Kodomo Tachi Ga Sikiru - Kids are the Boss'. Website - $33,000 26/08/2014
NHK Enterprises To support the tour of a trio of Australian jazz musicians to participate in the Tokyo Jazz Festival and to undertake workshop classes and performances with school students of Iwate as a Reconstruction Initiative project. $30,000* 8/08/2014
NPO Iwaki World Tambo Project To support a joint project between the Japanese city of Iwaki, the Burdekin Shire Council and Queensland State Government in the growing of Kochi rice on land at Burdekin Shire as a Reconstruction Initiative project to support communities of Tohoku to recover from the 2011 tsunami/earthquakes. $12,217 15/08/2014
Australia-Japan Society (ACT) Inc To support the visit to Canberra of children from Ishinomaki following the March 2011 tsunami/earthquake. $15,000 3/10/2014
University of Sydney To enable surveying of marine habitats and environment in Fukushima using advanced Australian marine robotic technology and imaging in order to allow public and fishery authorities to manage the re-introduction of fishing to the community. $16,500 21/11/2014
Security, Regional and International Relations
Kokoda Foundation To enable participation by Japanese representatives at the Kokoda Foundation's 2014 Strategic Dialogue in September 2014 in Canberra and Bowral, NSW. Website - $22,000 17/08/2014
Griffith University To support the 4th annual Griffith Asia Institute workshop in Tokyo in September 2014 entitled 'The 4th Australia-Japan Dialogue: Australia-Japan Relations and Asia's Altered Security Landscape'. Website - $16,500 22/07/2014
Economics and Trade
Queensland Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc To support the promotion in Australia and Japan of the Australia-Japan Business Matching (AJBM) website by the Queensland Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Website - $7,700 10/10/2014
Education and Science
Australasian Plant Pathology Society Inc To enable two post-graduate Australian students to study aspects of plant pathology in Japan. $6,600 29/07/2014
Australian Science Teachers Association To enable six Australian science teachers to travel to Japan to conduct science classes in Japanese schools in Tokyo and Osaka as part of the Australian Science Teachers Association (ASTA) Teacher Exchange Japan program. Website - and media release - $16,500 11/08/2014
Australian International Studies Association of Australia, University of Melbourne To enable recruitment of the Visiting Professor of Australian Studies at the Centre for Pacific and American Studies at the University of Tokyo, Japan for 2016-17 and 2017-18. Website - $23,100 TBA
University of Tokyo, Japan To support the Visiting Professor of Australian Studies, Associate Professor Anna Johnston, at the Centre for Pacific and American Studies, University of Tokyo, Japan in 2014-15 and supplement the University's resource materials about Australian studies. Website - $40,422* 3/10/2014
Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering To enable Japanese mid-career researchers to undertake a science research exchange to Australian cities in 2015 under the management of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering. Website - $26,400 20/08/2014
Otemon Gakuin University To enable the acquisition of resource materials for the Australia Library at the Otemon Gakuin University. $20,000* 8/10/2014
University of New South Wales To enable the collection of research, background and contextual material in the area of social robotics in both Australia and Japan in preparation for a future major bilingual publication on robots entitled 'Cross Cultural Aspects of Social Human Robot Interaction in Australia and Japan'. Website: $22,000 3/10/2014
Japanese Educational Clinical Cardiology Society To enable five Japanese nurses to visit Melbourne to study Australian models of palliative care and support. $15,000* 5/11/2014
CSIRO To enable a visit to high schools in Tokyo and the Tohoku area in November 2014 to conduct scientific information sessions on aspects of pulsar research and other scientific outreach activities. Website - $13,750 13/10/2014
Society and Culture (including Community Grants)
Jacques Sheard To create a documentary film entitled 'Solid State of Flux' for use at tertiary level about the influence of Japanese architectural practices on the Australian urban landscape in the 1930s. $16,500 17/07/2014
University of Melbourne To enable Australian participation at a cross-cultural dialogue event at the 2nd International Mokuhang Conference Satellite Program in Tokyo in September 2014. $5,500 25/07/2014
Gateball Australia To support Australia's participation in the 2014 World Gateball Championship in Japan in September 2014. $550 29/07/2014
Matt Crosby To support the collaborative theatrical performances by the Melbourne-based ensemble group Auto Da Fe in Melbourne and in Japan. $18,000 8/08/2014
Kyle Page To support the set construction and transport costs for a theatrical collaborative project entitled 'Engi' which will be held as part of the OzAsia Festival in Adelaide in 2015. $12,000 9/08/2014
Australian Baseball Federation To support the visit to Osaka of the Australian Women's Baseball team which will participate in a series of friendly games against Riseisha College of Medicine and Sport in Osaka in 2014. Website - $22,000 27/08/2014
Asialink To support Asialink's annual arts residency program in Japan. Website - $29,700 28/08/2014
Peter Kaufmann Film/Media To support the translation into Japanese of the film Fallout and to enable screenings and workshop briefings by the producer, Mr Peter Kaufmann, in Tokyo, Hiroshima and Osaka. $17,000 6/10/2014
Amatelas Inc, Japan To enable the Tropfest short film festival to take place in Japan in May 2015. $38,000 5/11/2014
Gendaikikakushitsu Publishers To support the translation into Japanese of the Kate Grenville book 'The Secret River' as part of the Masterpieces of Contemporary Literature - a program to promote contemporary Australian literature in Japan. The grant will also support a launch event to promote the writer and book in Tokyo with relevant industry representatives. $25,000* 11/11/2014
Guide Dogs Queensland To support the gifting and transportation of Labrador pups to the Japan Service Dogs Association in Aichi, Nagakute City. Website - $16,500 17/07/2014
Communication, Information and Advocacy
The Australian National University (College of Asia and the Pacific) To support the ANU's one-day 'Japan Update 2014' conference featuring panel discussions by leading Japanese commentators and Australian political economists. Website - $20,000 10/10/2014
The Australian National University (College of Asia and the Pacific) Parliamentary Fellowship Exchange between Japan and Australia   29/05/2014
National Federation of Australia-Japan Societies To enable participation by delegates to the biennial National Conference of the National Federation of Australia-Japan Societies in Brisbane on 5-6 September 2014 entitled 'C the Future'. Website - $11,000 11/08/2014
Media and Communications Department, University of Sydney To enable one media/communications student to undertake media internships at the Japan Times and Agence France Presse in Tokyo in January 2015. $6,600  
RMIT University To enable two post-graduate media/communications students to undertake media internships at Japanese media outlets in 2015. $11,000 15/10/2014
Bunkamura Museum of Art To support an exhibition at Bunkamura Museum of Art in Tokyo of the museum's engravings of the Banks' Florilegium collection together with ethnographic artefacts from the Pacific; maritime instruments; and books relating to the voyages of Captain Cook to inform and educate Japanese audiences about aspects of Australia's history. $15,360* 21/10/2014
Dr Yoichi Funabashi, Rebuild Japan Initiative Foundation To support a series of roundtables in Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne about Japan's 'Lost Decades' to promote economic and strategic policy management issues between Australian and Japanese academics and stakeholders. $10,000* 5/11/2014
Australian Studies Association of Japan To enable a symposium to be held on Australian Studies on the topic: Politics in Australia: What Can Japan Learn? $20,000*  

* Includes the Government's Goods and Services Tax (GST) of 10%

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