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Australia-Japan Foundation grant recipients, 2015-16



Recipient Project title Project description Value
National Gallery of Australia Ken and Julia Yonetani's The Last Temptation The Last Temptation will be the first large survey show of internationally acclaimed Japanese and Australian artist collaborators Ken and Julia Yonetani and will bring together their iconic works from around the globe.  Inspired by responses through all five senses – sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch, Ken and Julia’s work is aesthetically astounding, accessible and engaging. $25,000.00
Ship for World Youth Alumni Association The Ship for World Youth Leaders 2016 Delegation This project will support a formal uniform for the Australian delegation on the Ship for World Youth Leaders. It will showcase the Australian delegation as a strong, cohesive team throughout the program.  $8,430.00
Mr Scott Sheehan International Snow Sculpture Contest Sapporo This project will support the Australian Snow Sculpture team for the International Snow Sculpture Contest at the 67th Sapporo Snow Festival in Japan.  $1,200.00

Reconstruction Initiative

Recipient Project title Project description Value
Isabella a cappella / Tipitina Music The 'Hana Wa Saku' Isabella a cappella friendship tour

Isabella a cappella is a vocal ensemble based at Southern Cross University (SCU) in Lismore, NSW. The choir has made eight concert tours of Japan since 2000.

In 2015, the “'Hana Wa Saku' Isabella a cappella friendship tour” will establish new friendships between the choir and communities in the Miyagi prefecture with performances at new venues scheduled in Natori, Sendai and Minami Sanriku.

The Scout Association of Australia Scouts Australia support of disadvantaged Japanese youth This project is to help the young people of Greater Tohoku continue to recover, through Scouting, from the devastating 2011 earthquake and tsunami. $18,000
NPO Jidai no Souzou Koubou, Support Our Kids Committee 2016 Support Our Kids homestay program in Australia

This program will provide students who were affected by the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami to travel to Australia to take part in a homestay program and be a part of a global leadership development course.

The 2016 summer program will offer an opportunity to 10 students from the Tohoku area to travel to Queensland, Australia.

NHK Enterprises, Inc. Australian musicians' performances in Iwate prefecture This project will tour members from the Australian Art Orchestra (AAO) to conduct workshops at schools in the disaster-affected region of Iwate prefecture on 8-10 September 2015. Their performances and the workshops with students in the disaster-affected region aim to support the people of Tohoku by encouraging cultural exchange between Australia and Japan through music. $15,000
Australia-Japan Society (ACT) Inc. Tohoku Youth Program

To provide a brief educational tour to Canberra for youths of Japan that have suffered the loss of parents in the 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

This program also encourages the participants to be members of "the Canberra Kangaroo Club" in Ishinomaki, this allows us to keep in touch with them and also allows them to help one another in the future.

RMIT University Kesennuma — living with the sea A symposium to share and exchange ideas for building a resilient community: Local and international experts in the fields of disaster risk reduction, landscape architecture, urban design and architecture will present ideas for sustainable future development of the Karakuwa Region. $13,540

Economics and Trade

Recipient Project title Project description Value
Australia-Japan Research Centre and ANU Japan Institute 2015 Japan Update conference

The 'Japan Update 2015' conference is a one-day public conference in Canberra, with a condensed event in Sydney this year, that brings together the best of ANU’s current research on Japan, and research networks, in a publically accessible ‘update’ of latest developments and thinking.

Focus areas for this year are: economics; soft power/cultural diplomacy; education reform; and Japan and its neighbours.

National Archives of Australia Preservation treatment of Japanese company records For almost 50 years the National Archives of Australia has cared for a significant collection of records seized from Japanese companies trading in Australia during World War II. They have undergone extensive preservation treatment and with the help and support of the Australia Japan Foundation, the National Archives of Australia will transfer the custody of the records to an appropriate archival institution in Japan. $20,000
AJEI Communications Australia and Japan Create a New Economic Paradigm This project will analyse and evaluate recent development and future prospects of the broad economic and geopolitical relationship between Australia and Japan, including goods and services trade, direct and portfolio investment, JAEPA and security cooperation. The project will also explore formulation and exploration of a new concept of Total Economic Engagement, which will be a weighted index of trade, investment and institutional alignment. $8,000
Standards Australia Limited 6th International Symposium of Fine Bubble Technology The 6th International Symposium of Fine Bubble Technology is a gathering of international experts in Fine Bubble Technology. Early involvement in fine bubble technology will benefit companies in Australia, enabling participation commercially in this wide-ranging application. $15,000

Security and Regional/International Relations

Recipient Project title Project description Value
The University of New South Wales Operationalising human rights norms in peace missions This project aims to organise a one-day workshop in Sydney and a one-day symposium in Tokyo to share Australian and Japanese perspectives on operationalising human rights norms in multilateral and UN-led peace missions. The key objective of this project is to bring together Australian and Japanese practitioners and academics with a view to analysing the particular challenges that arise in relation to the protection and promotion of human rights in peace operations. $17,000
The Institute For Regional Security IFRS Annual Dinner and Strategic Dialogue The 2015 Strategic Dialogue looks to foster creative and innovative thinking on allied security cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region, to encourage leading strategic thinkers to deepen their understanding of Australia, Japanese and United States strategic perspectives. and identify ways in which the Japan/Australia bilateral relationship can be strengthened as an element of a truly trilateral relationship between the three nations. $20,000

Education and Science

Recipient Project title Project description Value
Centre for Pacific and American Studies, University of Tokyo Australian Studies Visiting Professor Program 2015-16 The Centre for Pacific and American Studies (CPAS), the University of Tokyo, will host Dr. Maria Nugent, Australian National University, who has been selected as visiting professor in Australian Studies at CPAS for 2015-2016. Dr. Nugent is a specialist in Australian History. $41,452
Griffith School of Environment (Architecture), Griffith University Osaka Laneways: New Spatial Surveying Technologies An exhibition presenting 3D laser scans, photographs and other documentary evidence from a recent Griffith University / Osaka Institute of Technology urban morphology and cultural heritage field study of historic and contemporary laneways in Osaka, Japan. $20,000
The Australian Science Teachers Association 2015 ASTA — Japan Science Teachers Exchange The ASTA–Japan Science Teachers Exchange allows Australian primary and secondary science teachers to travel to Japan to observe Japanese science lessons, teach Japanese students (through an interpreter) and engage in discussions on science education with Japanese educators from a diverse range of schools. $20,000
La Trobe University Two-way postgraduate industry internship exchange Kyushu University and La Trobe University will design and pilot a reciprocal program in which postgraduates can be placed in industry internships after attending a language course plus an annual industrial mathematics study group, in which intensive group projects are led by industry sponsors. $8,500
Dr Maria Nugent Visiting Professor of Australian Studies 2016-17, University of Tokyo settling-in allowance The Centre for Pacific and American Studies (CPAS), the University of Tokyo, will host Dr. Maria Nugent, Australian National University, who has been selected as visiting professor in Australian Studies at CPAS for 2015-2016. Dr. Nugent is a specialist in Australian History. $1,000
Otemon Gakuin University Grant for acquisition of materials on Australia The Australia Library of the Otemon Gakuin University (OGU) Library is the only dedicated collection of literature on Australia in Japan. This project will expand and update its collection of books and resources. $11,000
University of Tasmania Bilateral education in sciences in Japan and Australia This project will involve senior high school students from each country to experience education in the sciences related to the other country. It will involve a lecture series to selected "science specialist" high schools in Japan and Japanese scientists giving lectures to selected high schools in Hobart. $12,000
International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR) Low Frequency Astrometry: A joint SKA project Australia is the co-host of the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) radio telescope, which is the next major international project in Radio Astronomy. In this project we will form a partnership of world-class researchers in Australia and Japan, to develop the required new approaches and methodologies, thereby demonstrating to the Japanese the excellence of both the SKA project and the Australian research partnership. $21,000
The University of Sydney Australia and Japan's Energy Future This is a reciprocal project sending academics to and from the University of Sydney and Keio University to hold a joint symposium with leading researchers and industry stakeholders on the topic of smart grid technology. The symposiums will cover issues that are important to the future bilateral relationship between Australia and Japan such as energy security, environmental protection and economic growth. $8,500
Federation University Australia Unravelling the Australia-Japan bird migration mystery This project will enhance collaboration between Australian and Japanese researchers and volunteers, build a mutual understanding of conservation and land management issues, and develop programs to engage and educate community and stakeholders for the conservation of Latham’s Snipe. $20,000

Society and Culture (including community grants)

Recipient Project title Project description Value
Asialink, University of Melbourne 40+25=Ongoing Outcomes of the AJF/Asialink partnership Asialink Arts will participate in the Fukutake House Asia Art Platform, at the Setouchi Art Triennale 2016. Fukutake House Asia Art Platform involves diverse collaborations between seven arts residency centres resulting in a group exhibition and chef project. $22,500
Gendaikikakushitsu Publishers Masterpieces of Contemporary Australian Literature This project will translate contemporary Australian novels into Japanese and publish them in Japan. The author of the novel will visit Japan and have a public conference of Australian literature. Three titles of Australian contemporary novels have been published in this project. $20,000
Insite Arts International Tour of SandSong to Okinawa Japan This project is a unique cultural exchange performance work called SandSong performed specifically for young people (4-12 years old) and their families at Naha City Welfare Centre as part of the International Theatre Festival Okinawa for Young Audience, Japan. SandSong is a contemporary crossing of culture between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples. Two local Japanese dancers will join the company to be incorporated into the dance performance. $20,000
Snuff Puppets Giant Puppets of Echigo-Tsumari and Setouchi Snuff Puppets will undertake an Asialink residency at Australia House in Japan as part of the Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial. We will run a 2-week collaborative workshop and performances with residents from the local community, based on our People's Puppet Project methodology. The giant puppets will then travel to Setouchi prefecture, to run intensive 2 day performance workshops with local participants, who will then present roaming performances on Honjima Island. $15,000
Anne Norman Whispered Shadows: shakuhachi recital tour of Japan A concert tour of Japan, from Fukushima to Kumamoto, featuring original works on shakuhachi by Australian composer and shakuhachi performer Anne Norman. Each concert will involve a local collaborator from the towns. $6,700
Dr Bruce Crossman Collaborator, Aichi University of the Arts The project is a collaborator residency as a composer with the aim of intercultural knowledge sharing with a view to developing a long-term creative exchange between Australia and Japan. It will include writing a commissioned work for a Japanese performer for performance alongside works from AUA composers, mentoring young student composers at Aichi in a master course, as well as presenting public lectures on Australian approaches to compositional creativity at AUA and Nagoya University. $1,456
Central Highlands Regional Council Australian Playground in Ichinoseki (Sister City) Central Highlands Regional Council worked with Ichinoseki City Council to create and deliver an inclusive, all abilities Australian playground in Japan. The playground will depict Australian culture of recreation and play in Ichinoseki, Iwate, Japan. $20,000
JOLT Arts JOLT MOJO Touring Sonic Festival Tokyo JOLT Arts will present MOJO Touring Sonic Festival in Tokyo, Japan, and collaborative Tokyo recording sessions showcasing Australian and Japanese artists as part of JOLT's touring Sonic Festival. $14,500
Japan Cricket Association Cricket Without Borders Exchange Program Cricket without Borders Exchange program aims to send young Australian women to Japan to highlight the opportunities for women in sport. It looks to encourage young children to take an active interest in a fun and social team sport. $7,440
WA Youth Jazz Orchestra Association (Inc) WAYJO / Showa University of Music Cultural Exchange Through a reciprocal exchange, six musicians and two staff members from the West Australian Youth Jazz Orchestra will tour to Japan to form a joint jazz big band with students from the Showa University of Music, based in Kawasaki.

The exchange is designed to promote bilateral respect, expand professional networks and opportunities for musicians, and strengthen artistic cultural and economic ties between the countries.

Communication, Information and Advocacy

Recipient Project title Project description Value
Australian Studies Association of Japan Migration and Tourism in Australia: Regional Context Two international symposia are key activities at the conference of the Australian Studies Association of Japan (ASAJ). The first, entitled ‘Transborder Migrations and Border Management across the Arafura Sea Region’, explores the history of migration by the labourers and asylum seekers who travelled from Asian countries to Australia by way of its northern sea. The other symposium, entitled ‘Tourism in Australia’, discusses current urban and cultural tourism in Australia. Several Australian and Japanese migration and tourism experts will be invited to attend the symposia to exchange knowledge and opinion between scholars of Australian migration and tourism. $25,000
The University of Sydney Postwar Grassroots Reconciliation Workshop & Exhibition To commemorate the 70th anniversary since the end of the Asia-Pacific War this project aims to consolidate the close connection between grassroots activists in the Asia-Pacific region, particularly in Australia and Japan, by playing an integral part in the conference entitled Wounds, Scars, and Healing: Civil Society and Postwar Pacific Basin Reconciliation at the University of Sydney. $21,112
University of Sydney AJF Media Fellows 2016 Two media students from The University of Sydney will undertake a journalism internship in Japan in early 2016 hosted by AFP and Asahi Shimbun for a period of 4 weeks covering a variety of stories, including arts, trade and culture, in both print and online formats. $12,000
RMIT University RMIT Journalism/Media Interns 2015-16 The project involves the provision of travel scholarships to six students to enable them to undertake internships in media organisations in Japan. International internships are seen as a key part of our students' preparation for a global workforce and have, with other countries, proven to forge invaluable professional and personal links. $10,000
Australian Studies Association of Japan Publishing a Collection of Essays on Australian Studies This project is to publish a collection of essays presented at the international symposium held at Doshisha University in 2012, under the title of "Literature, History, Film and Media Studies in the Globalizing Age." This book aims to promote Australian studies in the area of Asia, focusing on the theme of “Australian multiculturalism”. $9,551

Publication Awards

Recipient Project title Value
Professor Akiko Usuda Publication Award — Australian Child Care $10,000
Professor Sayoko Iizasa Publication Award — Oceans $10,000
Dr Maiko Aoki Publication Award — Pearl Divers in TSI $10,000


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