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Australia-Japan Foundation grant recipients, 2011-12



Recipient Purpose Value * Approval
Economics and Trade
University of New South Wales To enable preparatory liaison in Japan with the Japanese Space agency JAXA and other organisations to enable a pilot project in Australia to commence in 2012. $6,160.00 24-Jun-11
Banksia Palliative Care Service Inc To strengthen current and create new Australian palliative care partnerships in Japan and to explore research and quality project initiative opportunities to compare palliative care practises. $22,000.00 24-Jun-11
Law Council of Australia To enable a high-level delegation of five government and non-government legal experts to attend a joint seminar in Tokyo. Attendance will progress dialogue on the facilitation of interaction between the Australian and Japanese legal professions with a particular focus on the Australia-Japan Free Trade Agreement. $16,500.00 25-Aug-11
Security, Regional and International Relations
Department of International Relations, Australian National University To enable key scholars and practitioners from Australia, Japan, China and Indonesia to participate in a two-day workshop in Canberra at the ANU to discuss the concept of humanitarianism and how this impacts on regional and international cooperation. $11,000.00 9-Aug-11
University of Southern Queensland To promote Australian excellence in education using new remote access technology. $8,800.00 24-Jun-11
Professor Anne Collett To assist with role as Visiting Professor of Australian Studies 2011-12, Centre for Pacific and American Studies, University of Tokyo. $2,000.00 23-Sep-11
The Australian Ballet School To enable two Japanese students to study at the Australian Ballet School. Karumi Shibadaira is from Nagano and Atau Watanabe from Tokyo.
$22,000.00 24-Jun-11
Mr Yusuke Ogura, Gendaikikakushitsu Publishers To enable the translation into Japanese of Australian author David Malouf's book Remembering Babylon as the first in a series of Australian contemporary literature to be published in Japanese. $10,000.00 15-Feb-12
Centre for Pacific and American Studies, University of Tokyo To develop and conduct the Australian Studies Program in Japan. $48,200.00 3-Apr-12
Synapse (formerly Brain Injury Association of Qld Inc) To provide education and practical skills for developing a Japanese outreach/rehabilitation program for people with a brain injury and to develop professional exchange programs between Australia and Japan.
$16,500.00 24-Jun-11
University of Melbourne (Department Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering) To support the Future Leaders Workshops - Australia/Japan Network in Materials Science and Engineering.
$11,000.00 24-Jun-11
Australasian Plant Pathology Society Incorporated To enable a short term exchange of post graduate research students in plant pathology.
$6,600.00 24-Jun-11
Otemon Gakuin University To enable the acquisition of Australia-related materials and resources by the Australia Library at the Otemon Gakuin University. $12,050.00 29-Feb-12
Professor Miyake, Kansai Medical University To enable Japanese care givers to visit Australia to learn about home-based aged care techniques and activities. $15,000.00 3-Ape-12
Society and Culture
Australian International Documentary Conference To enable NHK's Head of International Program Development to attend the Australian International Documentary Conference, Adelaide 2012.
$4,015.00 24-Jun-11
Australian Chamber Orchestra To support the ACO Japan Tour 2011.
$33,000.00 24-Jun-11
Index Architecture To support a cross-cultural workshop for architects and urban designers which will explore new ideas, strategies and methodologies for addressing contemporary issues of urban growth and sustainability. $16,500.00 8-Aug-11
Adelaide Festival Centre To support the OzAsia Festival in 2011 with focus on Japanese performing arts and culture and collaborations between Australian and Japanese artists. $18,700.00 1-Sep-11
Penelope Ikinger To support the artistic collaboration of Australian rock musicians Penny Ikinger and Deniz Tek with Japanese musicians from the band Hallucionz and help promote Australian contemporary rock music in Japan. $11,000.00 12-Sep-11
Osaka Junior Band To enable a performance in Osaka City in November of traditional Japanese music accompanied by an Indigenous group from Australia. $10,000.00 7-Nov-11
Echigo-Tsumari Satoyama Collaborative Organisation To assist in the reconstruction efforts of Australia House at Echigo-Tsumari following the March earthquake/tsunami. The new Australia House will showcase Australian artworks in Japan and faciltiate Australia's participation in the fifth Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial to be held in 2012. $50,000.00 8-Feb-12
Asialink To enable two arts residencies to take place in Japan in 2012 and to enable participation by Asialink in the Res Artis General Meeting at the Tokyo Wonder Site, Tokyo. $20,707.00 (no GST) 8-June-12
Community Grants
Iitatemura Board of Education, Fukushima Prefecture To provide a playground for evacuated children of Iitatemura, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan. The playground will be established at the time of the opening of the new Iitatemura Kindergarten in mid-April 2012. $117,500 / ¥9,975,000 5-Apr-12
Yarra Plenty Regional Library To bring together the Japanese communities residing in the northern suburbges of Melbourne and members of the local Australian community for the purposes of friendship and cultural exchange and the establishment of a Japanese/Australia Friendship Garden.
$11,000.00 24-Jun-11
St Mary's College To support the Taiji Cultural Exchange Programme between the Taiji Elementary School and St Mary's College to host Japanese students l to Broome.
$10,450.00 24-Jun-11
Victorian Throwers' Club To undertake a reciprocal visit to Chukyo University by a group of young Australian hammer throwers to coincide with Japanese national championships. $11,000.00 28-Jul-11
Croquet Australia To support the hosting in Australia of the 2011 Australian Gateball Championships in September 2011 at which a range of sporting and cultural activities will occur. $4,400.00 8-Aug-11
Social Policy Research Centre, University of New South Wales To enable a workshop in either Tokyo or Sydney in 2012 on Australian and Japanese social policy and issues of child poverty and social exclusion. The workshop will bring together academic researchers and non-government organisations to develop ongoing research and policy dialogue to strengthen social policies in both countries. $11,000.00 8-Aug-11
Australia-Japan Wildlife Conservation and Education Foundation Pilot study for the development of an environmental and social study programme using foreign languages for primary and junior high school students via two-way live internet broadcasting between Australia and Japan.
$8,250.00 17-Aug-11
Australian Baseball Federation To enable a tour to Japan by the Australian Provincial Baseball team to play in a series of games with independent and industrial league teams and college teams in regional areas of Japan. The team will also engage with schools and local government to raise the profile of Australian baseball. $16,500.00 25-Aug-11
Maroochydore Surf Life Saving Club To develop lifesaving knowledge, skills and capability between Shimoda Surf life Saving Club (representing the Japanese regions of Shirahama, Yisami and Yumigahama) and Maroochydore Surf Lifesaving Club through a surf life saving exchange. $16,500.00 6-Sep-11
Communication, Information and Advocacy
Hallmark Editions Pty Ltd To enable the publication of a book on the Australia-Japan bilateral relations entitled Australia-Japan: Partners in regional commerce and engagement. $5,500 27-Jan-12
Asia Pacific Forum for Restorative Justice To enable the Asia Pacific Forum for Restorative Justice to establish its first bi-lateral cooperative venture within the region between Australia and Japan.
$11,000.00 24-Jun-11
The University of Sydney To support a one-month media internship by a graduate student of Media Studies, The University of Sydney, at a media outlet in Tokyo. $7,700.00 14-Sep-11

* Includes the Government's Goods and Services Tax (GST) of 10 per cent

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