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Australia-Japan Foundation grant recipients, 2016-17




Recipient Project title Project description Value
Australia-Japan Society (ACT) Inc. (ACT) Tohoku Youth Program Provides a brief respite/educational tour to Canberra for young Japanese 14 to 17 years old who lost parents in the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. $15,000
RMIT University (VIC) Future Proofing Kesennuma A key initiative in Tohoku’s ongoing recovery project between Australian and Japanese community leaders and researchers. Community members from Kesennuma will be brought to Australia to conduct a workshop/exhibition. $15,000
NPO Jidai no Souzou Koubou, Support Our Kids Committee (JAPAN) 2017 Support Our Kids Homestay program in Australia Project to empower youth victims (aged 13-18) of the Great East Japan Earthquake to travel to Australia to take part in a homestay program. $20,000
Crossroad Arts (QLD) Gama Collaboration between Australian and Japanese artists and participants with a disability in workshops leading to a performance and exhibition at the official opening of the newly restored train line that was destroyed in the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. $20,000
Monash Art Ensemble (VIC) Monash Art Ensemble visit to Iwate Prefecture Members of the Monash Art Ensemble under the artistic direction of Paul Grabowsky to conduct workshops with children, students and the local people living in areas hit by the 2011 Great Japan east earthquake and tsunami and a performance at the Iwate Jazz Festival in 2016. $15,000

Economics and Trade

Recipient Project title Project description Value
Australia-Japan Research Centre and ANU Japan Institute Japan Update 2016 A one-day public conference held at the ANU that delivers an ‘update’ of the latest developments and scholarships on Japan $16,000
The Flinders University of South Australia (SA) Body temperature regulation in tunas: Implications for aquaculture and conservation Improving technology to increase the success rate of breeding Bluefin tuna in captivity and reduce the demand for overfishing of this vulnerable species. $9,546
National Federation of Australia Japan Societies (QLD) New World Opportunities Australia Japan Societies Biennial Conference The Biennial Conference of the National Federation of Australia Japan Societies to discuss new business areas, sister cities and education in the bilateral relationship. $16,000

Regional, Security and International Relations

Recipient Project title Project description Value
Australian Studies Association of Japan Japan and Australia: What Can We Do for Global Platform? Special sessions of the annual national conference of the Australian Studies Association of Japan (ASAJ) in Tokyo. $24,000
Griffith University (Griffith Asia Institute) US Primacy in Asia: Policy Implications for Australia-Japan Relations Looking at the strength of US resolve to hedge against the emergence of a potentially revisionist China in Asia and the implications for Australia-Japan relations. $20,800
Prof Michael Sturma Collaboration between Australian and Japanese Historians of the Pacific War Collaboration between Japanese and Australian historians on the Second World War and promotion of public understanding of the Australia-Japan relationship. $6,642
The Australian National University National Parliamentary Fellowships Program (NPFP) - Japan Program to develop long-term understanding and insight into governance and political processes for Australians in Japan and Japanese in Australia. $27,000

Education and Science

Recipient Project title Project description Value
The University of Sydney (NSW) Home Healthcare: an innovative solution for aging populations This project will develop and implement an innovative home healthcare educational program to address the rapidly aging populations in Japan and Australia. $15,000
The Australian Science Teachers Association (ACT) 2016 ASTA-Japan Science Teachers Exchange Up to six Australian primary or secondary teachers will go to Tokyo as guest teachers in Japanese schools to teach a science concept through an interpreter. $15,100
Otemon Gakuin University (JAPAN) Expanding the collection, and Updating the site for overseas users As an important information centre on Australia in Japan, the Otemon Gakuin’s Australia Library will expand and update its collection of books and online resources. $15,000
The University of Melbourne (VIC) Melbourne Law School Summer School for Japanese Law Students Summer School program for Japanese law students hosted at Melbourne Law School to promote Australian excellence and expertise in law and legal education. $12,000
Centre for Pacific and American Studies, the University of Tokyo (JAPAN) Visiting Professor Program in Australian Studies and Resource Building University of Tokyo will host a visiting Australian professor who will offer courses on Australian Studies for students at the University of Tokyo. $45,000
A/Prof Catriona Elder (NSW) Australia/Japan: Cultural Responses to the Environment Australian and Japanese students and academics will together develop skills around intercultural learning in relation to sustainable living and the environment (energy, waste and recycling, and preparedness for natural disasters). $12,296
Australasian Plant Pathology Society Incorporated (QLD) Starting young, student exchanges in Plant Pathology The Australasian Plant Pathology Society and the Phytopathological Society of Japan will enhance collaboration and scientific exchanges in plant pathology. $8,064
Niigata University of Pharmacy and Applied Life Sciences Collaboration Centre for Health Promotion (JAPAN) Development of Basic Skill for Pharmacist on Medication Review A new collaboration between experienced Australian and Japanese pharmacists. $12,000
Children's Medical Research Institute (NSW) Japan-derived cell-lines for Australia-based preclinical Non Communicable Disease (NCD) research Australian and Japanese not-for-profit cell-line repositories will disburse 40 cell-lines to Australia-based Non Communicable Disease (NCD) researchers to increase bilateral research collaboration and Australian research. $33,800

Society and Culture

Recipient Project title Project description Value
Curtin University Of Technology Working Holiday in Australia for Globalized Japan Development of an information kit, showcasing experiences of Japanese working holiday makers in Australia that contribute to their skillset beyond language proficiency. $8,250
National Museum of Australia One Road; Aboriginal Art from Australia's Deserts Four Indigenous artists from the Western Desert will travel to Japan to participate in public program activities to coincide with the One Road exhibition in Japan. $20,000
Japan-Australia Society of Osaka National Federation of Japan-Australia Societies, Osaka Conference Osaka’s Japan-Australia Society biennial Conference of National Federation of Japan-Australia Societies to promote and reinforce the Japan-Australia relationship $16,600
Mr John Lamb An unknown history: Emigration of Okinawan seamen to Australia Collaborative bilateral investigations, presentations and publications in both English and Japanese of the largely unknown history of emigration of Okinawan seamen to northern Australia. $11,000
Mr Takamitsu Tanabe Australian In-Situ Wild Rice Conservation Project 2016 Completion of an 82 metre long wild rice carving in the Mt. Bundey area in the Northern Territory and raising the profile of the only genuine wild rice in the world. $10,000
The University of Western Australia Australian-Japanese multimodal e-books for language and cultural exchange Employing digital technologies to enable middle school students in Australia and Japan to share multimodal e-books to learn about each other's language and culture. $22,000
Asialink, the University of Melbourne Asialink Arts Residencies to Japan 2017: Enablers of bilateral understanding Arts residency to Japan for a successful Australian artist. $12,000
Mr Alister Spence 'Imagine Meeting You Here': Fujii/Spence performance, education, recording projects Tours and performances by an Australian pianist/composer and Japanese trumpeter in Japan and Australia plus lecture demonstrations and masterclasses. $9,700
Gendaikikakushitsu Publishers Masterpieces of Contemporary Australian Literature Translation and publication of contemporary Australian novels into Japanese, author visit, and public conference. $23,000
Baseball Victoria Incorporated Australia - Japan Women's Baseball Youth Leaders Exchange Youth sports and cultural exchange between Japan and Australia for Australian and Japanese junior girls league champion teams and selected leaders. $20,000
North Queensland Ballet and Dance Company Limited SPECTRA- Japan Tour Presentation of a critically acclaimed Australian dance work and collaboration with a Japanese visual design artist in Yokohama. $20,000
Victorian Arts Centre Trust Asia Pop Fest at Asia TOPA The Botanical Pavilion made from Australian preserved wood, commissioned by Arts Centre Melbourne, brings together an Australian artist and Japanese architect to create the centrepiece of the inaugural Asia TOPA. $23,000
N and A Inc. (JAPAN) KENPOKU ART 2016 Presentation of the work of Japanese-Australian artist couple Ken + Julia Yonetani at KENPOKU ART. $20,000
Japan Australia Friendship Association (SA) "AnimeGo" Japan Animation Film Festival An Anime film making competition, screenings of classic and current Japanese animation and exhibitions to be held in Adelaide. $8,000
Heritage Branch, Department of Tourism and Culture (NT) Australia-Japanese collaboration to record shipwreck artefacts of dual national significance An NT archaeological team will visit the wreckage of the Sanyo Maru, a Japanese pearling mother ship, located off the NT coast to record, excavate and conserve artefacts. $12,000
Adelaide Festival Centre (SA) Adelaide Band Golonka to play at Hamamatsu World Music Festival Adelaide gypsy-influenced band to play at a new World Music Festival in Hamamatsu, Japan. $6,000
Touch Football Australia Inc. (ACT) Touch Blossoms: Girls Participation and Business Sustainability Game Plan To improve the long-term business capability of Japan Touch Association and promote touch football to girls in regional Japan. $29,500
OzAsia OzAsia Festival - Japan Digital Arts Exhibition OzAsia Festival with Art Gallery of South Australia and Samstag Museum will exhibit a city-wide exhibition of contemporary digital art works by three leading artists from Japan. $12,000
Football Federation Australia Australia - Japan Annual Youth Football Tournament An international youth football tournament to be played in Japan between A-League youth teams and several teams from J-League clubs and other Asian youth teams. A business and cultural event will also promote economic and cultural understanding and opportunity. $23,000
Mr David Kirkpatrick Murasaki Penguin's 'Window' at the TOYOTA Choreography Award 2016 Australian duo Murasaki Penguin (sound and multimedia artist/dancer and choreographer), will perform at the TOYOTA Choreography Award 2016 for its 10th anniversary and last year of this prestigious event. $6,450
WA Youth Jazz Orchestra WA Youth Jazz Orchestra & Showa University of Music Cultural Exchange A reciprocal exchange between musicians from WAYJO and Showa University of Music to form a joint big band in both countries and includes performances. $16,960

Communication, Information and Advocacy

Recipient Project title Project description Value
Mr David Lang (ACT) Australia–Japan Youth Dialogue The inaugural Australia–Japan Youth Dialogue will bring together 20 dynamic young Australian and Japanese future leaders. $25,000
Monash Asia Institute, Monash University (VIC) Migrant Diplomacy: Exchange between Immigration Museum in Melbourne and Tokyo Promoting Australia-Japan bilateral relations on common ground of trans-Asian migration through visits, workshops and public symposia between two Immigration Museums in Melbourne and Tokyo. $20,000
National Farmers' Federation (ACT) Driving innovation in agriculture through an Australian-Japan engagement strategy Creating networks that link Australian and Japanese agriculture innovators to drive knowledge, share information and to fund solutions in the light of shared demographic challenges. $20,000
RMIT University (VIC) RMIT Journalism Interns Scholarships for two top journalism students to intern at leading news organisations in Tokyo. $12,000
Deakin University (VIC) Australia's Embassy in Tokyo: history from Australian and Japanese perspectives A two-part conference on the 76-year history of Australia’s diplomatic relations with Japan. $9,660
Japan Service Dog Association (JAPAN) Learning Australia's advanced breeding techniques in Japanese service dog breeding Showcasing how Australia's advanced knowledge in canine breeding can contribute to the long-lasting support of the physically disabled in Japan. $14,319

Publication Awards

Recipient Project title Project description Value
Prof Keiji Sawada Australian Indigenous People and Performance Arguably the first academic book to introduce contemporary Australian Indigenous plays and films to Japanese readers. $10,000
Dr Nobuaki Suyama Australian Party Politics This book deals with the multifaceted dimensions of Australian party politics. $10,000
Prof Koji Maeda Indigenous Professional Development This book looks at the professional development of Indigenous Australians within universities through the lens of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. $10,000


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