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Australia-Japan Foundation grant recipients, 2016-17



Organisation Project Grant Amount(GST excl)
Australia-Japan Society (ACT) Inc. (ACT) Tohoku Youth Program $15,000
RMIT University (VIC) Future Proofing Kesennuma $15,000
NPO Jidai no Souzou Koubou, Support Our Kids Committee (JAPAN) 2017 Support Our Kids Homestay program in Australia $20,000
Crossroad Arts (QLD) Gama $20,000
Monash Art Ensemble (VIC) Monash Art Ensemble visit to Iwate Prefecture $15,000
Economics and Trade
Organisation Project Grant Amount(GST excl)
Australia-Japan Research Centre and ANU Japan Institute Japan Update 2016 $16,000
The Flinders University of South Australia (SA) Body temperature regulation in tunas: Implications for aquaculture and conservation $9,546
National Federation of Australia Japan Societies (QLD) New World Opportunities Australia Japan Societies Biennial Conference $16,000
Regional, Security and International Relations
Organisation Project Grant Amount(GST excl)
Australian Studies Association of Japan Japan and Australia: What Can We Do for Global Platform? $24,000
Griffith University (Griffith Asia Institute) US Primacy in Asia: Policy Implications for Australia-Japan Relations $20,800
Prof Michael Sturma Collaboration between Australian and Japanese Historians of the Pacific War $6,642
The Australian National University National Parliamentary Fellowships Program (NPFP) - Japan $27,000
Education and Science
Organisation Project Grant Amount(GST excl)
The University of Sydney (NSW) Home Healthcare: an innovative solution for aging populations $15,000
The Australian Science Teachers Association (ACT) 2016 ASTA-Japan Science Teachers Exchange $15,100
Otemon Gakuin University (JAPAN) Expanding the collection, and Updating the site for overseas users $15,000
The University of Melbourne (VIC) Melbourne Law School Summer School for Japanese Law Students $12,000
Centre for Pacific and American Studies, the University of Tokyo (JAPAN) Visiting Professor Program in Australian Studies and Resource Building $45,000
A/Prof Catriona Elder (NSW) Australia/Japan: Cultural Responses to the Environment $12,296
Australasian Plant Pathology Society Incorporated (QLD) Starting young, student exchanges in Plant Pathology $8,064
Niigata University of Pharmacy and Applied Life Sciences Collaboration Centre for Health Promotion (JAPAN) Development of Basic Skill for Pharmacist on Medication Review $12,000
Children's Medical Research Institute (NSW) Japan-derived cell-lines for Australia-based preclinical Non Communicable Disease (NCD) research $33,800
Society and Culture
Organisation Project Grant Amount(GST excl)
Curtin University Of Technology Working Holiday in Australia for Globalized Japan $8,250
National Museum of Australia One Road; Aboriginal Art from Australia's Deserts $20,000
Japan-Australia Society of Osaka National Federation of Japan-Australia Societies, Osaka Conference $16,600
Mr John Lamb An unknown history: Emigration of Okinawan seamen to Australia $11,000
Mr Takamitsu Tanabe Australian In-Situ Wild Rice Conservation Project 2016 $10,000
The University of Western Australia Australian-Japanese multimodal e-books for language and cultural exchange $22,000
Asialink, the University of Melbourne Asialink Arts Residencies to Japan 2017: Enablers of bilateral understanding $12,000
Mr Alister Spence 'Imagine Meeting You Here': Fujii/Spence performance, education, recording projects $9,700
Gendaikikakushitsu Publishers Masterpieces of Contemporary Australian Literature $23,000
Baseball Victoria Incorporated Australia - Japan Women's Baseball Youth Leaders Exchange $20,000
North Queensland Ballet and Dance Company Limited SPECTRA- Japan Tour $20,000
Victorian Arts Centre Trust Asia Pop Fest at Asia TOPA $23,000
N and A Inc. (JAPAN) KENPOKU ART 2016 $20,000
Japan Australia Friendship Association (SA) "AnimeGo" Japan Animation Film Festival $8,000
Heritage Branch, Department of Tourism and Culture (NT) Australia-Japanese collaboration to record shipwreck artefacts of dual national significance $12,000
Adelaide Festival Centre (SA) Adelaide Band Golonka to play at Hamamatsu World Music Festival $6,000
Touch Football Australia Inc. (ACT) Touch Blossoms: Girls Participation and Business Sustainability Game Plan $29,500
OzAsia OzAsia Festival - Japan Digital Arts Exhibition $12,000
Football Federation Australia Australia - Japan Annual Youth Football Tournament $23,000
Mr David Kirkpatrick Murasaki Penguin's 'Window' at the TOYOTA Choreography Award 2016 $6,450
WA Youth Jazz Orchestra WA Youth Jazz Orchestra & Showa University of Music Cultural Exchange $16,960
Communication, Information and Advocacy
Organisation Project Grant Amount(GST excl)
Mr David Lang (ACT) Australia–Japan Youth Dialogue $25,000
Monash Asia Institute, Monash University (VIC) Migrant Diplomacy: Exchange between Immigration Museum in Melbourne and Tokyo $20,000
National Farmers' Federation (ACT) Driving innovation in agriculture through an Australian-Japan engagement strategy $20,000
RMIT University (VIC) RMIT Journalism Interns $12,000
Deakin University (VIC) Australia's Embassy in Tokyo: history from Australian and Japanese perspectives $9,660
Japan Service Dog Association (JAPAN) Learning Australia's advanced breeding techniques in Japanese service dog breeding $14,319
Publication Awards
Organisation Project Grant Amount(GST excl)
Prof Keiji Sawada Australian Indigenous People and Performance $10,000
Dr Nobuaki Suyama Australian Party Politics $10,000
Prof Koji Maeda Indigenous Professional Development $10,000
Last Updated: 4 September 2017
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