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Australia-Japan Foundation grant recipients, 2010-11



Recipient Purpose Value * Approval
Economics and Trade
Banksia Palliative Care Service Inc To build relationships between Australian and Japanese palliative care providers, exchange clinical knowledge and promote Australian practices to Japanese health professionals in partnership with the Japanese Educational Clinical Cardiology Society.
$39,784.80 7-Jul-10
Institute of Continuing & TESOL Education, The University of Queensland Building on the Japan Women's Innovative Network event hosted by the University of Queensland in 2009, the project will develop online surveys and conduct targeted interviews and market research to extract a snap shot of current women's leadership and management issues to interest of business women in Australia and Japan.
$16,500.00 7-Jul-10
National Farmers' Federation To enable the NFF to develop linkages between Australian and Japanese national farmer representative organisations to identify areas of shared interest and to enhance understanding of the challenges and opportunities experienced by farmers in both countries.
$54,989.00 27-Oct-10
University of Technology Sydney, Centre for Corporate Governance To conduct a two-day symposium in Tokyo in April 2011 on the theme, Governing Well, Contributing Sustainably: Effective Corporate Governance in 21st Century Japan. The workshop will bring together Australian researchers with Japanese decision makers, academics and industry representatives.
$16,500.00 27-Oct-10
Security, Regional and International Relations
Nautilus Institute, RMIT University To conduct two public symposia on bilateral strategic issues with emphasis on strategic deterrence and disarmament and the role of civil society.
$33,000.00 7-Jul-10
Sydney Law School, University of Sydney To develop a conceptual framework for increased bilateral cooperation in cross-border dispute resolution law and practice with the broader aim of facilitating improvements in cross-border dispute resolution in the Asia-Pacific.
33,000.00 7-Jul-10
Swinburne University of Technology To enable the participation of two Japanese academics in a workshop in Melbourne to explore the role of foreign aid in assisting regional economic development within the Asia-Pacific region. The workshop will examine areas of complementary efforts by Australia and Japan, the two leading aid donors in the region, and explore ways in which foreign aid contributions could contribute to more rapid regional economic development through fostering entrepreneurial activities within the region. $16,500.00 27-Oct-10
Otemon Gakkuin Library To purchase further resource materials for the university library's dedicated collection of Australian works. Items include books, audio-visual materials and academic journals in English and Japanese.
$12,500.00 7-Jul-10
Australian Studies Association of Japan To deliver at least three open lectures for post-graduate students at Keio and Meisei Universities and a joint seminar with the Japanese Association of Canadian Studies as well as the ASAJ Annual Conference in 2011.
$55,359.00 7-Jul-10
Metropolitan Institute of TAFE, Queensland (MSIT) To develop a strong industry-based partnership aimed at exchanging knowledge, skills and experience in the fashion industry and to build on the existing relationship between MSIT and Bunka Gakuen Fashion College.
$33,000.00 7-Jul-10
Centre of Pacific and American Studies, Univeristy of Tokyo To support the University of Tokyo's Visiting Professor in Australian Studies program for 2010-11 and to cover the costs of recruiting the visiting professor for the following year's program. $66,500.00 27-Oct-10
Hyogo Prefectural Government Culture Centre In support of the 30th anniversary of the Western Australia-Hyogo Sister State relationship, this project will enable six WA fashion design graduate students to travel to Hyogo to develop premium quality textiles with Japanese textile manufacturers.
16,500.00 27-Oct-10
Japanese Educational Clinical Cardiological Society To enable four nurses trained by the Japanese Educational Clinical Cardiological Society (JECCS) and a JECCS committee member to travel to Melbourne and undertake studies in palliative care, visit a range of community palliative health care providers and participate in home care visits.
$15,000.00 27-Oct-10
Sir Neil Currie Award Recipient Professor Mayumi Kamada To support publication costs of Professor Kamada's book Citizens, Nation: Australia's Pacific War. $10,000.00 17-Jan-11
Sir Neil Currie Award Recipient Professor Ikuo Kawakami To support publication costs of Professor Kawakami's book English Language Schools for Migrant Children in Australia. $10,000.00 17-Jan-11
Sir Neil Currie Award Recipient Professor Yoshiaki Naito To support the publication costs of Professor Naito's translation of the book Constructing Australia, written by Richard Evans and Alex West. $10,000.00 18-Jan-11
Sir Neil Currie Award Recipient Mr Hiroshi Tsuda To support publication costs of Mr Tsuda's book Remembering the Empire at War: Colonial Nationalism and Commemoration of the World Wars in the British Empire. $10,000.00 17-Jan-11
Industry and Investment NSW To enable Professor Gordon Wallace of the Australian Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science to travel to Japan to present research at Nano Tech 2011. Professor Wallace will also take part in a series of activities related to the event. $6,600.00 2-Feb-11
Society and Culture
NHK Enterprises/Tokyo Jazz Festival To enable Australian pianist/composer Mike Nock, and his trio, to perform at the Tokyo Jazz Festival in September 2010. Mr Nock will give joint performances with Japanese musicians, under Mr Nock's direction, at the open-air 'Australian Jazz Night' and separate performances at jazz clubs in Tokyo. The project will also install an Australian Cafe at a coffee shop associated with the festival offering Australian food, drink and contemporary music.
$70,000.00 7-Jul-10
Japan Performing Arts Foundation To enable the Australian Ballet to perform two of its signature full length ballets, Graeme Murphy's Swan Lake and his Nutcracker - the Story of Clara, in Tokyo and Nagoya in October 2010 at the invitation of the Japan Performing Arts Foundation.
$26,500.00 7-Jul-10
Saori Arai, Matsudai Nobutai To support a two month artist-in-residence program at the Australia House in the Echigo Tsumari region of Niigata prefecture in 2011. The selected artist will have the opportunity to create art while engaging with the local community and artists of Urada. Residencies will be offered in the 'off years' of the Echigo-Tsumari Triennial.
$35,000.00 7-Jul-10
Isabella Acapella Choir To enable the Lismore based choir to tour Japan in June 2011. The choir will perform in schools, retirement homes, universities and on radio and television. The tour will also build on the choir's and Lismore's existing connections with Japan. $29,349.10 7-Jul-10
Asialink To allow three or four Australians to experience arts residencies in Japan in 2011 in four disciplines: performing arts, literature, visual arts and arts management. Funds will also be used to support the costs of a symposium on the exhibition.
18,700 7-Jul-10
University of Sydney Art Gallery To support a bilingual catalogue on early modernist prints from Australia and Japan, taking inspiration from the key role played by Arthur L Sadler, Professor of Oriental Studies at the University of Sydney 1922-47, in stimulating an interest in Japanese culture among Australian modern artists.
$16,500 7-Jul-10
School of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics, Monash University To contribute to the development of a comprehensive bibliography of Japanese language editions of Australian literature from the earliest published to the most recent. Monash University will partner with the National Library of Australia and the Tokyo Institute of Technology. Findings will be published on a dedicated website hosted by Monash and presented at the biennial conference of the Japanese Studies Association of Australia to be held in Melbourne in July 2011.
$22,000.00 7-Jul-10
Australian Provincial Baseball Team To support a tour of Japan by the Australian Provincial Baseball team where they will play a series of games with independent and industrial league teams as well as college teams in regional areas of Japan. The team will engage with schools and local government to raise the profile of Australian baseball, enhance sister city ties and highlight regional/rural Australia as tourist destination.
$16,500 7-Jul-10
Surf Life Saving Australia (SLSA) The project will build on previous SLSA work in Japan by establishing a coach exchange program with SLSA's Japanese counterpart. Up to four Japanese coaches will be nominated by the Japan Lifesaving Association to travel to Australia and be placed in an Australian club for two months partnering with Australian coaches and taking part in training and weekend activities.
$14,366.00 7-Jul-10
Victorian Throwers' Club To enable an exchange of young Australian and Japanese hammer throwers. This will involve a training camp in Melbourne in March 2011 coinciding with the Australian National Championships. A reciprocal visit to Japan will be held the following July/August to coincide with the Japanese National Championships. $11,000.00 7-Jul-10
Lindfield Junior Rugby Club To support the club's ongoing exchange program for children in the under eleven and twelve age groups between Lindfield Rugby Club and Kawanishi Rugby Club. It involves a ten day visit to Australia by around fifty members of the Kawanishi Rugby Club in late July 2010.
$11,000.00 7-Jul-10
Mersey Leven Aboriginal Corporation To enable a delegation of Indigenous Japanese (Ainu) to visit Tasmania and Victoria for discussions with local Indigenous Australian communities on aspects of Australia's Indigenous policy and civil society support for Indigenous issues, as well as the protection and maintenance of cultural heritage sites.
$12,375.00 7-Jul-10
Ms Amanda King To enable the recipient, a documentary film maker, to travel to Japan and undertake research into the life, experiences and aspirations of the Australian sculptor Clement Meadmore (1929-2005).
$5,500.00 27-Oct-10
Ms Susan Norrie To enable the recipient to travel to Japan to create a documentary film expanding on previous work filming satellite launches on the island of Tanegashima. The film will explore cultural and spiritual aspects of Japan and the value of traditional knowledge within the context of Japan's space program, its volcanoes and its history in the last half of the twentieth century. $5,500.00 27-Oct-10
Mr Mark Feary To enable the recipient to travel to Japan and present a selection of works from twelve video and film artists based in Austraila and New Zealand at the Yebisu Festival of Art and Alternative Visions. $3,040.00 18-Jan-11
University of Art Gallery To support the Gallery's one-day Japan in Sydney Symposium. $2,200.00 10-Mar-11
Echigo Tsumari Satoyama Collaborative Organisation To build a new Australia House to replace the former Australia House which was destroyed in the March 2011 earthquake. The House will be built in time for the Echigo-Tsumari Triennial in 2012. It will be a permanent base to showcase Australian artworks in Japan and to enable Australia-Japan art and cultural exchanges. $35,000.00 23-Jun-11
Community Grants
Japan Parliamentary Debate Union To provide Japanese university students with an opportunity to learn debating skilss in a competitive environment, in English, from Australian coaches.
More Info
$5,000.00 7-Jul-10
National Federation of Australia-Japan Societies To enable representatives from Australia-Japan Societies to attend the National Conference of the National Federation of Australia-Japan Societies in Canberra in October 2010. The conference theme will focus on the use of internet and social networking tools by the member societies and the national body.
$11,000.00 7-Jul-10
Western Australia Department of State Development To support an the Western Australian Department of State Development in running an essay competition for WA primary and secondary students who study Japanese language. The competition will be part of the 30th WA-Hyogo sister state anniversary celebrations in 2011.
$11,000.00 7-Jul-10
Girl Guides NSW & ACT To enable Australian Girl Guides to learn about the environmental management practices employed by Japanese Girl Guides on outdoor camps.
$1,485.00 7-Jul-10
Australia-Japan Wildlife Conservation and Education Foundation (AJWCE) To enable AJWCE to present its research findings to the 10th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity to be held in Nagoya in October 2010. Seminars will also be held in veterinary and animal-science related universities around Japan.
$11,000.00 7-Jul-10
Mr Adam Wood To support the costs of uniforms for the Australian delegation on the 23rd Ship for World Youth which will visit Brisbane from 9-12 February 2011. $7,700.00 6-Jan-11
Communication, Information and Advocacy
Griffith Asia Institute, Griffith University To run a series of workshops and associated lectures, involving twenty senior Japanese and Australian experts, which will examine how perceptions and misperceptions in Australia and Japan influence the nature of the bilateral relationship. It is intended to be the first in a three year program to be hosted in Brisbane and Kyoto. Workshops will be delivered in partnership with the Japan Institute of International Affairs and the Australian Institute of International Affairs. Contributions will also be made to a policy outcomes paper to be promoted in the Australian and Japanese media.
$22,000.00 7-Jul-10
Cowra Japanese Garden To support the Cowra Cherry Blossom Festival, a week long event with performances by local, national and international entertainers, art exhibits, Japanese arts and crafts demonstrations and a service for the Japanese who lost their lives in the Cowra Breakout of 1944.
$5,500.00 7-Jul-10
Guide Dogs Queensland To enable the gifting of eight labrador retriever puppies and one labrador retriever stud dog from Guide Dogs Queensland to the Japan Guide Dog Association in Yokohama.
$16,500.00 27-Oct-10
Mr Mitsuaki Tanabe To enable the a sculptor to complete the final element of his rock cavings of wild rice and native fauna and flora motifs in the Mt Bundey area of the Northern Territory.
$5,000.00 27-Oct-10
Macquarie University To create a bilingual, multimedia collection of the life stories of 50 Japanese transmigrants to Australia which will document their migratory experience. This collection will be available from a dedicated website. $33,781.00 12-May-11

* Includes the Government's Goods and Services Tax (GST) of 10 per cent

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