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Australia-Japan Foundation grant recipients, 2017-18




Recipient Project title Project description Value
Australia-Japan Society A.C.T.Inc Tohoku Youth Program The Tohoku Youth Program is designed to help as many young Japanese 14 to 17 years old who have suffered the lost of a parent or parents in the disastrous earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan in March 2011 as possible. ‍The participants are selected by Ashinaga Ikuei Kai in Japan to take part in a 14 to 16 day respite/educational trip to Canberra with a brief visit to Sydney. $15,000.00
Crossroad Arts Inc 'FLOATING - meetings with remarkable people' This project is a cross-cultural development project linking people from Australia and Japan affected by natural disasters. Director Steve Mayer-Miller will collaborate with communities in Sendai, Yamamoto cho and Mackay Queensland leading to 3 films and multi art performances over 3 nights simultaneously in both countries. $20,000.00
NPO Jidai no Souzou Koubou 2018 Support Our Kids Homestay program in Australia Project to empower youth victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake. This project provided students (aged 13-17) who were affected by the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami to travel to Australia to take part in a homestay program. $20,000.00
Australian Landcare International Australia-Japan Landcare Reconstruction Initiative - by conference, connection, communication and collaboration A world-first international conference on Landcare research from 5-8 November 2017 at Nagoya will precede workshops around Fukushima, involving Australian and Japanese Landcare co-ordinators, scientists and landowners examining practical ways to improve post-disaster recovery and encourage younger people into farming. $23,000.00
Mr Justin Whitney Disaster Preparedness for Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Communities: a Comparative Study This project entails a comparative study of disaster preparedness planning targeting culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities within Australia and Japan. We will evaluate the “inclusiveness” and “effectiveness” of such preparedness efforts, providing an impetus for improvement in both countries. $12,000.00

Economic Diplomacy and Geopolitics

Recipient Project title Project description Value
National Farmers Federation Building Future Agricultural Leaders in Australia and Japan To support an ongoing relationship between next generation Australian and Japanese agricultural leaders. The visit by young Australian farmers representing grains, beef and rice sectors will familiarise them with this critically important agricultural market for Australia, Japanese culture, markets and supply chains. $6,500.00
Australia-Japan Research Centre Japan Update 2017 The Japan Update provides an overview of recent developments in Japan's social, economic and political landscape, as well as a forecast on future directions. This year's Update is themed 'Seeking new directions' and will feature a focus on innovation. ‍ $20,000.00
Mr Felix Karmel Deregulation of the Energy Industry: the Australian Experience The study will examine how Australia's institutional structures evolved as deregulation has been implemented, and the outcomes achieved, particularly in terms of security of supply and energy prices. This study will inform Japan's policy reform and present Australia's expertise in managing deregulated energy markets. $10,000.00
Western Sydney University Australia, Japan and Southeast Asia:  JDSC and regional co-operation Two symposiums will be held to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Australia-Japan Joint Declaration on Security Co-operation. The focus of the symposiums will be to discuss the role and impact of the JDSC on regional and international security. Academic experts, former senior diplomats and current policymakers will be discussing how Australia and Japan deal with common regional security interests.  $20,000.00
La Trobe University Understanding East Asia's Contested Security Order La Trobe University and Kyushu University will bring together experts to develop cutting edge analysis of Asia’s security order so as to advance Japan and Australia's shared interests in regional security. $15,000.00

Arts and Culture

Recipient Project title Project description Value
National Museum of Australia Yidaki: Didjeridu and the Sound of Australia Yidaki: Didjeridu and the Sound of Australia is an immersive exhibition exploring the iconic didjeridu through sound, story, moving images and treasured objects. The cultural custodians, the Yolngu people, guide you through the meaning, power and cultural significance of the didjeridu, known to them as yidaki ‍ $30,000.00
Ms Mayu Kanamori Cowra Voices Cowra Voices is a storytelling project linking people, stories and places via a geolocation app narrating Cowra’s unique story of civic reconciliation. $8,000.00

Scientific Innovation

Recipient Project title Project description Value
Antarctic Climate & Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre Showcasing Australian Expertise in Sea Ice Research and Training Hokkaido University runs a training course covering sea ice field techniques at Lake Saroma, northern Hokkaido and through this project, two staff and three PhD students from the Antarctic Climate & Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre (ACE CRC) will attend the 2018 field course. $16,000.00
University of Adelaide Targeting neurodegenerative disease among the ageing in Australia and Japan As the population of both countries ages, the incidence of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, will rise drastically. This project will bring together Australian and Japanese scientists with expertise in this area to address this growing problem. $20,000.00
Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information 2018 Multi-GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) and QZSS Asia Workshop The key project output will be a three-day workshop to establish and promote joint projects on multi-GNSS utilisation and applications in the Asia Pacific region. Utilisation of Japan’s Quasi-Zenith Satellite System (QZSS) will be a focal theme . $25,000.00
University of Tasmania Link geomechanics groups at Hokkaido University and University of Tasmania Lecturers from Hokkaido University and University of Tasmania will deliver a series of presentations and conduct example researches in these universities and our partner organisations on how geomechanics education and research promote sustainable resource and energy in Sapporo and Tasmania $14,000.00
University of Technology Sydney Advancing care for Japanese people with a terminal Palliative care, the care of people with a life-threatening illness, strives to prevent and relieve suffering through early identification, assessment and treatment of symptoms. The Palliative Care Clinical Studies Collaborative (PaCCSC) has been in operation for over 10 years and through this project will share its learning with members of the Japanese Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (JORTC) and J-Support to build a clinical trials network in palliative care in Japan ‍ $20,000.00
ANU - Centre Manager of CPAS Australia-Japan Science Diplomacy & Public Policy Forums The Australian National University and the University of Tokyo will collaborate to lead and deliver two forums in Japan (Tokyo and Osaka) in 2018, focused on science diplomacy and public policy. The forums will bring together researchers, the public sector and business community to provide updates on a range of global issues that require public policy responses and where scientific collaboration would provide better informed policy and innovative solutions. $60,000.00
CSIRO AIST-CSIRO Women in Science Workshop CSIRO and AIST established an Asia-Pacific human network to lead the international standardization of superconducting electronics worldwide. $5,000.00
Questacon Science Circus Tour Japan 2018 Questacon will tour a Science Circus hands-on science exhibition to various locations in the Kansai region in partnership with the Osaka Science Museum, Miraikan and other regional science centres. Australian and Japanese science communicators will work in partnership to develop and deliver science shows to schools and community groups. $60,000.00
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) Establishment of cooperative network for Australia and Japan for innovation For the purpose of industrial development in Japan and Australia, this project aims to establish a collaborative research collaboration system together with the survey of Australia's energy, manufacturing industry etc. by collaboration between CSIRO and AIST research institutes. $38,065.00

Education and Australian Studies

Recipient Project title Project description Value
The University of Tokyo Youth Living in Global Worlds: Analyzing Australian and Japanese Diversity UTokyo and USydney  will organise a two-way program in early 2018,  in which students will experience intensive 7-10 days of co-learning in each city, jointly participating in workshops, classwork, fieldwork etc. The central theme is diversity and national identity. $15,000.00
Curtin University Virtual Reality Contents Development for Mining Education in Australia-Japan Western Australian School of Mines (WASM), Curtin University is launching a project to develop Virtual Reality (VR) Contents Hub of Mining in collaboration with Akita University in Japan. The developed VR contents from mines in Australia will be used for mining education in both universities. $12,000.00
University of Niigata Prefecture Sharing Intellectual Insights: Exchanges with Australia-Based Scholars on International Relations "The Australia-Japan Foundation Distinguished Scholars Lecture and Round Table Series: Sharing Insights on International Affairs" is made up of four lectures and round table talks by Australian professors spanning from October 2017 to June 2018. $14,000.00
International Australian Studies Association Management and Selection of the Australian Studies Visiting Professorial Chair The project involves the management and selection of the Australian Studies Visiting Professorial Chair, at the Centre for Pacific and American Studies, University of Tokyo 2018/9 and 2019/20 ‍ $25,000.00
Monash University Bilateral Primary Care Professional Exchange to Build Health Promotion Capacity This project aims to exchange health professional education for postpartum mental health promotion. Monash University has developed and tested an innovative gender-informed psychoeducational program for parents of first babies, which proved significant reduction of postnatal mental health problems among women. $8,000.00
Centre for Pacific and American Studies, the University of Tokyo Visiting Professor Program in Australian Studies and Resource Building Centre for Pacific and American Studies (CPAS), the University of Tokyo, will host Visiting Professor Helen Gilbert (Professor of Theatre, Royal Holloway, the Univesrity of London), from September 2017 through July 2018.  Professor Gilbert will teach Australian Studies at the University of Tokyo to undergraduate and postgraduate students for two semesters, and join activities conducted by CPAS.  She will also take part in the activities of academic associations in Japan focused on Australia. ‍ $48,000.00
Australian Studies Association of Japan The Past and Present of Australian Studies from Japanese Perspectives The project consists of two sessions in the ASAJ conference to be held at the University of Tsukuba. The first session “Economic Geography of Contemporary Australia” will analyse the recent trends in Australian demography and logistics. The second session “Reconsidering 1988: Indigenous Affairs since the Bicentenary” will commemorate the 30th anniversary of Australian bicentenary. $25,000.00
Otemon Gakuin University Library Enhance the collection, hold events of the Australian Indigenous cultures The Australia library of the Otemon Gakuin University Library is the only dedicated collection of literature on Australia in Japan. We will hold the following events during the school festival such as a Didgeridoo concert, a workshop to make Didgeridoos from bamboo, and a lecture on Aboriginal art. $10,000.00
Australian Studies Association of Japan Survey of Australian Studies in Japan The Australian Studies Association of Japan (ASAJ) will conduct a comprehensive survey of Japanese universities that offer Australian studies courses, teach about Australia within broader academic courses, or that otherwise have relations with Australian institutions and academics. $5,000.00

Society and Culture

Recipient Project title Project description Value
Australian Chamber Orchestra Australian Chamber Orchestra 2018 Japan Tour In 2018 the ACO will return to Japan to present, in conjunction with the Australian Government, two performances in Tokyo, participate in a music education exchange and undertake market development activities across Japan. $40,000.00
World Crafts Council - Australia Development of Japan issue of Garland This research trip will build partnerships towards the publication of a special Japan issue of Garland magazine. Garland is a platform of the World Crafts Council - Australia for engaging in the craft cultures of the broader Asia Pacific Region. $5,200.00
Adelaide Film Festival Adelaide Film Festival / Hybrid World Adelaide Hybrid World Adelaide is a digital playground for all ages and expertise. There’s a Conference for industry/business; the HWA LAB for new projects and inventions; and a public play-space with hands-on technologies and activities for children and adults. HWA is unlike anything ever held in South Australia. $5,000.00
Polyglot Polyglot Theatre - creative engagement with Japanese children and families "Paper Planet" is a spectacular forest of tall cardboard trees that invites children to populate the world with fantastic paper creations. Acchi Cocchi, a music organisation with deep connections in the Tohoku region as a result of their sustained engagement there since 2011, will once again join us as collaborators. $25,000.00
Touch Football Australia Touch Blossoms Girls Participation and Business Sustainability Game Plan This project will improve the long-term business capability of Japan Touch Association (JTA) by supporting and improving a sustainable governance, commercial and development model for the sport in Japan. $23,000.00
Madman Interactive Madman Anime Festival - Melbourne November 2017 Madman Anime Festival is a truly unique event that will bring anime and Japanese culture to you! Featuring international guests and exhibitors, cosplay, and super exclusive anime events, Madman Anime Festival has something for every anime fan. $15,000.00
Woodlands and Wetlands Trust Children's International Conservation Collaboration Enabling young people to participate in conservation activities urgently required for the protection of the internationally-significant Latham's Snipe in both Japan and Australia through personal exchange, knowledge sharing, on ground activities and development of lasting collaborations. $20,000.00
National Gallery of Victoria NGV Triennial: Yayoi Kusama and teamLab For the NGV Triennial, prolific Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama has created a new artwork entitled Flower Obsession 2016–17. The installation recreates a furnished living space that visitors are invited to cover using specially-designed 2-D and 3-D flower stickers, gradually covering all of the surfaces and ‘obliterating’ them.  The exhibition will also see Japanese artist collective teamLab premiere a new interactive and fully immersive digital installation entitled Vortex Mirror 2016–17. $20,000.00
Robina State High School Promoting Australia-Japan cultural understanding through debating and mentorship program Robina High was chosen to represent Australia at the annual Parliamentary Debate World Congress Japan, facilitated by the PDWC and Waku Pro Foundation. The aim of this project is to promote social and cultural understandings through the development of authentic relationships and meaningful communication using the medium of debating. $16,000.00
The University of Melbourne A.C.E (Awaji Creative Exchange) for next generation artists Asialink Arts, Awaji Art Circus & Next Wave Festival are working together on a creative cultural exchange project to promote next generation artists in Australia and Japan. $20,000.00
West Australian Ballet West Australian Ballet’s (WAB) Japan Knowledge Exchange Program 2017-2019 West Australian Ballet is establishing a Knowledge Exchange Program with Japan that enables aspiring Japanese dance students to gain access to advanced level coaching and an insight into life at a professional ballet company. $20,000.00
Monash Asia Institute, Monash University Migrant Diplomacy: Collaboration to advance museum's role in fostering diversity This project aims to promote an Australia-Japan exchange and collaboration to enhance museum's capacity to foster cultural diversity. This project will establish a long-term partnership between Immigration Museum Melbourne and relevant organizations in Japan and create the action plan. $15,000.00
The Executive Committee for the Australian Patrol Competition Project Introduction of Australian Patrol Competition into Japan through Lifesavers’ Exchange Japanese Lifesaving Association to establish a “Patrol Competition” program based on the Australian format with Australia as a three-year-project partner from October 2017. Australians will conduct workshops in Japan and Japanese will go to Australia to learn methodologies and techniques. $35,000.00
Sydney Opera House Join the Dots - An Interactive Drawing and Performance Event In this free cross-cultural event, using interactive technology, children and artists at the Sydney Opera House and Ota City's Art Museum & Library simultaneously create a joint digital artwork on the venue walls. $30,000.00
Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts A Retrospective of Jörg Schmeisser A Retrospective of Australian master printmaker, Jörg Schmeisser, as part of Australia now 2018. The exhibition will make the first full display of Schmeisser since his death in 2012, with 150 masterpieces from collections both in Australia and Japan. $10,000.00
Biennale of Sydney Biennale of Sydney (2018) The 21st Biennale of Sydney is curated by Artistic Director Mami Kataoka, Chief Curator, Mori Art Museum, Tokyo and will include new works by four Japanese artists: Yukinori Yanagi; Noguchi Rika; Akira Takayama; and Koji Ryui who is Japanese-Australian. $10,000.00
Isin Cakmakcioglu Tokyo Recital in Celebration of ‘Australia now’ Tokyo Recital showcasing Australian violinist Isin Cakmakcioglu and Japanese pianist Maki Ono in an outstanding violin & piano recital in Tokyo's Steinway Salon, Matsuo Hall. This harmonious international collaboration will present a variety of master works from the classical repertoire as well as one of the most outstanding and dynamic contemporary Australian compositions "Burst" by composer Howard Dillon. $3,600.00
The Last Great Hunt Inc Award-winning Australian theatre collaboration with Japan and tour The Last Great Hunt has been invited by Aichi Prefectural Art Theater & Kanagawa Arts Theatre to tour it's multi-award-winning production, THE ADVENTURES OF ALVIN SPUTNIK: DEEP SEA EXPLORER to the Aichi province and Yokohama. $9,335.00

Communications, Information, Media and Advocacy

Recipient Project title Project description Value
University of Sydney AJF Media Fellows 2017-18 Two senior undergraduate media and communications students from the University of Sydney will travel to Tokyo,  Japan in Jan/Feb 2018 to undertake a journalism internship at AFP and or The Asahi Shimbun. $9,500.00
RMIT University RMIT Japan Times Journalism Interns 2017-2018 This project will allow top performing journalism students from RMIT's Bachelor of Communication (Journalism) to undertake an internship at the Japan Times in Tokyo. $12,000.00
The Walkley Foundation Media Innovation tour and workshops The Walkley Foundation will bring an innovative news professional such as a journalist or editor from Japan to Australia to participate in an extensive multi-city networking and speaking tour. $11,000.00

Publication Awards

Recipient Project title Project description Value
Dr Ritsuko Kurita Publication award - Identity Negotiation by Urban Indigenous People in Multicultural Australia This book introduces to Japanese readers the current situations of urban Indigenous people and their identity in multicultural Australia on the basis of the author’s fieldwork in Adelaide since 2007. Indigenous culture is celebrated as national heritage under the policy of multiculturalism. Indigenous people have by themselves taken advantage of the opportunity to present their culture both nationally and globally. $10,000.00
Prof Megumi Kato, Meisei University Publication Award "Hope: Refugees and their Supporters in Australia since 1947" This project is to publish the Japanese translation of Ann-Mari Jordens' "Hope: Refugees and their Supporters in Australia since 1947" (2012).  The author recorded the stories of refugees living in Canberra for the National Library's Oral History Collection.  The book is based on twelve such stories and her research on refugee supporters and advocates in Canberra. $10,000.00
Prof Yoshikazu Shiobara, Keio University Publication Award "Community as Method: Policies for Indigenous Peoples, Asylum Seekers and Immigrants under the Rudd-Gillard Government" This book critically examines the policies related to indigenous peoples, asylum seekers, skilled migration, and settlement service programs for immigrants during the Labour government. This book conducts thorough policy analyses and sociological fieldworks, including researches on Japanese immigrants in Australia, to suggest theoretical findings which make a significant development of Australian migration and indigenous studies in Japan. $10,000.00
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