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Australia-Japan Foundation grant recipients, 2019-20



Communication, Information and Advocacy

Recipient Project title Project description Value
Australia-Japan Youth Dialogue Limited Australia-Japan Youth Dialogue 2019 The Australia-Japan Youth Dialogue brings together young leaders from Australia and Japan to explore relations between our two countries and foster personal connections for the benefit of both nations now and in the future. The 2019 Dialogue will be held in Tokyo from 13-16 November. $30,000.00
Japan Service Dog Association Introducing Australian expertise and establishing cooperative framework in Service-Dog breeding Invite Career Dogs Australia, an expert in assistance dogs, to give consultations on Australia's advanced techniques in areas such as; canine evaluation, artificial insemination, whelping and early pup raising. Through this project, the goal is not only to advance Japan's level of service dog breeding, but also to spread word in every way possible of Australia's expertise in this area, and of Japan-Australia ties and mutual partnership in service dog breeding. $10,000.00
Gatherer Pirates and Samurai exhibition development proposal: first contact Australia Japan Pirates and Samurai is a collaboration between producers Tim Stone, Aya Hatano and historian Nick Russell to develop an exhibition proposal based on manuscripts detailing first contact between Australia and Japan for the ANMM (Sydney) and TMAG (Hobart). $14,600.00

Economic Diplomacy and Geopolitics

Recipient Project title Project description Value
Australian National University — Australia-Japan Research Centre Japan Update 2019 This one-day public conference is ANU's flagship event on Japan. Drawing on recent scholarship, the conference provides an 'update' of emerging developments in Japan's politics, international relations, and economics. There will be a smaller-scale event in Adelaide. $20,000.00
Institute for Regional Security 2019 Strategic Dialogue: Australia, Japan and the US The activity is a track 1.5 strategic dialogue bringing together senior government policy-makers, researchers, academics and business leaders from Australia, Japan and the United States to discuss shared security and economic challenges to 2035 and formulate policy solutions. $10,000.00
Queensland University of Technology Australia-Japan Symposium on sustainable SME trade expansion The symposium at Meiji Gakuin University (MGU) in partnership with QUT will provide a forum for thought leaders to highlight effective business principles of doing business in Australia and Japan and facilitate in forging closer relationship between SME businesses. $12,202.00
The Australian Institute of International Affairs The Indo-Pacific Research Forum This project aims to explore diverse foreign policy perspectives of key players in the region, and in particular, focuses on potential areas for cooperation and collaboration between regional partners. Key themes explored in roundtable sessions and publications under the umbrella of this project include great power politics; trade and economic regional architecture; and regional aid and development. $15,000.00

Education and Australian Studies

Recipient Project title Project description Value
Otemon Gakuin University Enhance the collection, hold events of the Australian Indigenous cultures Purchase academic books on Australia to enhance the resources for research. Hold events to learn about Australian Indigenous cultures, which provide people in the community with an opportunity to become familiar with Australia. $10,000.00
The Australian Studies Association of Japan Designing a Sustainable Future: Interdisciplinary Dialogues between Australia and Japan This project is part of the ASAJ Annual Conference to be held at the University of Kitakyushu. In the two sessions, Australian and Japanese scholars will focus on the growth of a sustainable society. $29,246.67
Department of Education — Rosny College Kizuna Collaborative Awakening Project In July 2019, we are bringing two Japanese Taiko masters to Rosny College to conduct a forum in dance, song and drumming. Our audience will be made up of students with special needs from all around Hobart.  $10,000.00
InASA Management and Selection of the Australian Studies Visiting Professorial Chair The International Australian Studies Association (InASA) will oversee the Management and Selection of the Australian Studies Visiting Professorial Chair, at the Centre for Pacific and American Studies, University of Tokyo for two terms 2020/2021 and 2021/2022. $25,000.00
Japanese Educational Clinical Cardiology Society Palliative Care and Community Partnership Promoting palliative care and community partnership in Japan, modelled on Australian cases.
Lectures on Australian Health Care System, palliative care philosophy, community engagement, advance care planning. Clinical case presentation by participants for discussion. Facility visits.


Recipient Project title Project description Value
Australia Japan Society (ACT) Inc Tohoku Youth Program The Tohoku Youth Program is designed to assist young Japanese 14 to 17 years old, who lost one or both parents in the disastrous earthquake and tsunami of March 2011, by bringing them to Canberra for a brief respite and educational experience. $7,500.00
Polyglot Theatre Over the Sea – bringing island nations together across the ocean. Polyglot Theatre will work in collaboration with Japanese music organisation Acchi Cocchi in five elementary schools in Minami Sanriku to create and deliver immersive workshops that encourage confidence and agency, resulting in a community event for the townspeople. $31,000.00
Ecosystem Research Institute Kesen River and Hirota Bay Comprehensive and Fundamental Research The project conducts fundamental research on the interconnected nature of the marine, coastal, riparian and terrestrial ecosystems and also evaluates the impacts of the tsunami and reconstruction works on the local ecosystems after the 2011 Great East Japan earthquake/tsunami. $15,000.00
Charles Darwin University Australian and Japanese Experiences and Challenges of Emergency Management Volunteers Volunteers play a very important role in both Australia and Japan to help disaster struck communities. In conversation with emergency management volunteers from Northern Australia and Western Japan, this project will evaluate local and Indigenous Knowledge training provided to volunteers. $30,000.00

Scientific Innovation

Recipient Project title Project description Value
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) A Sustainable Carbon-free Asia Pacific — The Hydrogen Era An international research collaborative network between AIST and RMIT. Develop pathways for the Hydrogen Roadmaps deployed by Australia and Japan. Accelerate the revitalisation of the disaster-affected areas by promoting the decarbonization of the energy industry and beyond. $30,000.00 (over two years)
The University of Adelaide Exploiting new technologies for personalised and precision medicine This project will leverage technological advances in high throughput tissue imaging with recent advances generating organoids from patient-derived tissues. This exchange will advance personalised and precision medicine and promote sharing of innovative research being performed between Japan and Australia. $25,000.00
Australian National University Boosting barley and rice stress tolerance in Australia and Japan Our team of Australian and Japanese scientists will host a workshop and exchange activities. These activities will progress investigation of how to increase crop productivity using new mechanisms we discovered influencing water, nutrient and salt uptake in barley and rice. $25,000.00
Victoria University Smartgrid Communications: Japanese-Australian Collaboration for Excellence FREA researchers will visit VU for joint IEC 61850 communication automation research with Australian collaborators in 2019-2020. Acquired expertise will be transferred to Japan. Extensive public outreach is planned for building relationship between Australian and Japanese stakeholders in power systems. $10,000.00
University of Technology Sydney (UTS) Promoting Wagyu Beef Traceability between Japan and Australia This project promotes the use of IoT and blockchain-enabled technologies in achieving trusted provenance, traceability and quality tracking in wagyu beef export between Japan and Australia, and strengthens links between the two countries in areas of common importance. $20,000.00

Society Culture and Sport

Recipient Project title Project description Value
Art Gallery of NSW Japan Supernatural The Art Gallery of New South Wales will develop and present Japan Supernatural, the first truly major exhibition in the world to focus on the paranormal in Japanese art. It will incorporate historical and contemporary works from key international sources. $20,000.00
Terrapin Puppet Theatre Limited Partnership with Aichi Arts Centre and ASSITEJ  (theatre for families) Terrapin and Aichi Arts Centre will work with Australian and Japanese artists to perform and tour You and Me and The Space Between in Japan. During this period Terrapin and the Aichi Arts Centre will also begin collaboration on a new work for families to be presented in English and Japanese. $26,000.00
Performance Space Ltd ON VIEW: PANORAMA, development (Kinosaki) and tour (Yokohama, Nagoya) 2020 Sydney-based choreographer, filmmaker and installation artist Sue Healey partners with artists from Japan, Hong Kong and Australia to present ON VIEW: Panorama – a multi-disciplinary, cross-cultural production combining live dance performances, film installations and exhibitions. $18,000.00
Australian Landcare International Helping rural and peri-urban Japan improve small-scale forestry through Landcare A small delegation of Australian farm-foresters will visit Japan, and working with Japanese Landcare and Toyama City will run eight days of information-sharing workshops in both Aichi prefecture and Toyama city $18,000.00
ChildFund Australia ChildFund Pass It Back A ChildFund Pass It Back Cup event will provide opportunities for Japanese and Australian children to participate together in sport, life skills and cultural exchange activities in Japan in the lead up to and beyond Rugby World Cup 2019. $25,000.00
The University of Queensland High performance coach development: Harnessing cross cultural advantages The University of Queensland (UQ) and the University of Tsukuba (UT) will collaborate on a world-class sports coaching program for Japanese sport coaches by leveraging UQ’s strengths and the shared interests in sport coaching of both institutions. $10,150.00
Contemporary Dance Company of Western Australia Flowerbird: An artistic exchange Flowerbird is a Japanese and Australian artistic exchange resulting in an intergenerational performance work. Co-created by Japanese visual artist, Naoko Yoshimoto, Japanese Butoh Master, Yoshito Ohno (Son of Kazuo Ohno, Founder of Butoh) and Co3 Artistic Director, Raewyn Hill. $20,000.00
Tennis Australia Australia Japan Wheelchair Tennis Development:building partnerships for sporting success Tennis Australia, in collaboration with Japanese Wheelchair Tennis Association and  Japanese Consulate Melbourne will broaden skills, and international experience in Japanese and Australian junior wheelchair players and coaches through cultural and tennis exchange, coinciding with Australian Open 2020. $20,000.00
Council Of Trustees Of The National Gallery Of Victoria Japanese Modernism The NGV will present Japanese Modernism, an exhibition focusing on a pivotal yet little known period in Japan’s history during the 1920s and 30s. This free exhibition will run from 15 November 2019 to 24 May 2020 at NGV International. $25,000.00
York Arts and Events Inc Japanese WARA art blazes a trail in York, Western Australia The main attraction of the 2019 York Festival (28 September — 13 October 2019) is Japanese WARA Art, establishing an art trail of up to eight giant straw sculptures and new collaborations between Japanese and Australian artists and their communities. $20,000.00
Association of Australian Bonsai Clubs Australia — Japan Bonsai collaboration together in Tokyo Collaboration of Japanese bonsai and Australian bonsai at the Australian Embassy in Tokyo, February 2020. Japanese bonsai professionals will view the display as promotion for the 9th World Bonsai Convention. $15,000.00
Print Council of Australia Inc. The Kyoto Hanga International Print Exhibition: Japan and Australia 2019 The Kyoto Hanga International Print Exhibition: Japan and Australia 2019, is a reciprocal exhibition of approximately 47 Japanese and 25 Australian prints, to be held at the Caloundra Regional Gallery, Queensland, with a supporting bi-lingual colour catalogue containing essays by the Australian and Japanese curators, reproductions of the prints and artists' profiles. $20,000.00
Australian Paralympic Committee Ltd Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games Community Engagement Project in Chuo Ward Paralympics Australia and Australian Para-athletes will conduct a community engagement program at Harumi Junior High School with schools and the community within the Chuo Ward (Tokyo) to provide education about the Paralympic Games and disability awareness, and conduct practical sessions demonstrating various Paralympic sports. $20,000.00
Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art Presentation of the art exhibition ‘Chiharu Shiota: The Soul Trembles’ Chiharu Shiota: The Soul Trembles' is a significant solo exhibition by internationally acclaimed Japanese artist Chiharu Shiota, offering audiences a 20-year survey of her practice since 1999. Shiota deploys performances and installations to give visual form to experiences within our consciousness that do not entail physical entities, such as memories, thoughts, fears, dreams, and silence. Curated by Mami Kataoka, Deputy Director and Chief Curator, Mori Art Museum, Tokyo, this solo exhibition will be Shiota's largest and most extensive to date.  $20,000.00
The University of Melbourne “Reversible Destiny” exhibition at Tokyo Photographic Art Museum 2020 This creative-research project features a co-curated exhibition with 10 Australian and Japanese photo-based artists during the Olympics. Curated by Chief Curator, Harumi Niwa and Professor Natalie King, the exhibition explores human frailty at Japan's premier photography museum. $30,000.00
Adelaide Fringe Inc Honey Pot: Adelaide Fringe's International Arts Marketplace Programmers form a cultural exchange and marketplace by taking part in Honey Pot. Collaborations between Australia and Japan are strengthened during the month of Fringe.  $15,000.00
Australian Rugby Foundation Australia / Japan Rugby Diplomacy The Classic Wallabies will be venturing over to Japan throughout the 2019 Rugby World Cup hosting a variety of kids coaching clinics in Niseko, Sapporo, Odawara & Tokyo.  $20,000.00
Moorilla Estate Pty Ltd MONA FOMA — Japanese Artist Residency Program — Connecting artists to community MONA FOMA will build on the success of its inaugural Japanese Artist Residency Program (2019), connecting artists to community. The program showcases the most innovative cross-cultural collaborations, and provides access to pioneering Japanese artists through performance, workshops and public talks. $10,000.00
Cowra Japanese Garden and Cultural Centre Limited Cowra Japanese Garden and Cultural Centre Support for maintenance of gardens while they are closed during Covid-19 lock down $15,000.00
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