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Australia-Japan Foundation grant recipients, 2009-10



Recipient Purpose Value * Approval
Economics and Trade
Australia Japan Research Centre, Australian National University, and the University of Western Australia To conduct a survey of existing macro-economic models of the Japanese economy and develop a computable general equilibrium model of Japan.
$41,970.50 27-Aug-09
Centre of Excellence in Engineered Fibre Composites, University of Southern Queensland To promote Australian technology and expertise on fibre composites in civil infrastructure in Japan.
$11,000.00 17-Jun-09
Australia-Japan Research Centre, Australian National University To develop and promote an interactive website resource for Australian economists - the Australian Research Network on the Japanese Economy.
$6,600.00 27-Aug-09
University of Technology Sydney To develop professional exchange between Australian and Japan architects and urban professionals through a five-day design workshop in Newcastle in February 2010.
$27,500.00 27-Aug-09
Professions Australia To increase understanding of professional associations' role in professional education Australia and Japan through study tours of both countries.
$44,000.00 27-Aug-09
Security, Regional and International Relations
Centre for International Security Studies, University of Sydney To examine current and future dimensions of Australia-Japan defence cooperation.
$22,000.00 17-Jun-09
Australian National University, College of Asia and the Pacific, Department of International Relations To facilitate greater understanding of the domestic factors that shape the Australia-Japan bilateral security relationship in each country through futher cooperation with Keio university.
$33,606.10 4-Feb-10
Australian National University, College of Asia and the Pacific, Department of International Relations To examine how Australia and Japan contribute to regional order-building and institutional development, including through an academic workshop at Keio University, Tokyo.
$55,000.00 27-Aug-09
Strategic Research Institute for International Change, Japan To raise awareness in Japan of Australian perspectives on peace-keeping and propose a new model for Australia-Japan cooperation in this area. $80,000.00 11-Feb-10
Otemon Gakkuin University, Osaka To enable a delegation from the Australia Library at Otemon University to visit Australia and develop insitutional linkages with counterparts. Funds will also be used to purchase contemporary Australian library resources.
$23,000.00 27-Aug-09
Australian Studies Association of Japan To conduct an open lecture series on Australia for the advancement of postgraduate studies on Australia in Japan. $40,000.00 27-Aug-09
University of Tokyo, Centre for Pacific and American Studies To provide a settling-in allowance for the 2009-10 Visiting Professor in Australian Studies at the University of Tokyo. $2,000.00 27-Aug-09
Sir Neil Currie Award: Ms Ritsuko Kurita, The Department of Cultural Sciences/Integrated Arts and Sciences, Hiroshima University Thesis: "Recognition of Culture by Australian indigenous People in Multicultural Era", Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies
Project period: 01 Apr 2010 - 31 Aug 2010 (6 months)
$9,700.00 27-Aug-09
Sir Neil Currie Award: Ms Naomi Sato, Department of Foreign Studies, Sugiyama Jogakuen University Postgraduate Study: Master of Marketing
Host institution: Faculty of Business, University of South Australia
Project Period: 29 June 2009 - 31 July 2011
$20,000.00 27-Aug-09
Sir Neil Currie Award: Mr Toshio Hisaoka, Graduate School of Hiroshima University Thesis: "On Transitions between Different Stages of Australian Adult English Language Teaching: A Comprehensive Study in the Australian Coherent Language Curriculum"
Host Institution: Macquarie University, Department of Linguistics/ Faculty of Human Sciences
$30,000.00 27-Aug-09
Sir Neil Currie Award: Ms Chihiro Kinoshita, Associate Professor, School of Languages and Linguistics, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, The University of New South Wales Publication: "New Pedagogies for learner agency: Japanese language education research and practice in Australia", Co Co Publishing, October 2010 $10,000.00 27-Aug-09
"Sir Neil Currie Award: Ms Takako Minami, Research Fellow, Ochanomizu University, Graduate School of Humanities and Sciences, Research Organisation Publication: "What Changes Will Be Brought to Families by Abolishing Donor Anonymity in Aritificial Insemination? A case study of Victoria", Kazama Publishing Co., Ltd.
Publication date: June 2010
$10,000.00 27-Aug-09
Sir Neil Currie Award: Ms Yuko Ota, Assistant Professor, Waseda University, Centre for International Education Publication: "Japanese Language Teachers' World of Meaning and Practice - Life Stories of Primary and Secondary School Teachers in Australia", Co Co Publishing, September 2010.
No of copies: 500
$10,000.00 27-Aug-09
Research Institute of Asia and the Pacific, University of Sydney To undertake research for an Australia-Japan Emerging Leaders Program (AJELP) through consultation with government, business, academic and community organisations in Australia and Japan. The project aims to develop a plan for the form, content, outcomes and sustainability of an AJELP.
$7,729.00 14-Jan-10
International Australian Studies Association A component of an annual AJF-funded program in support of the Visiting Professor in Australian Studies at the Centre for Pacific and American Studies, University of Tokyo. The grant will fund the recruitment of the 2010-11 Visiting Professor to ensure the position is filled by a leading Australian scholar.
$17,875.00 18-Feb-10
Otemon Gakkuin University, Osaka To support teaching and research in Australian Studies in Japan through a symposium on the role of the media in multicultural Australia at Otemon University in Osaka on 17 July 2010. Professor Gay Hawkins, 2010 Visiting Professor in Australian Studies at the University ot Tokyo, will deliver the keynote address.
$15,000.00 1-Jun-10
The Australian Science Media Centre To support the Australian Science Media Centre in their collaboration in the establishment of the Science Media Centre of Japan which will open in October 2010. Funds will be used to enable the two science media centres to share operational structures, knowledge, networks and experience through procuring a translation service for future collaborative activities and media distribution in Australia, Japan and third countries. $110,000 16-Jun-10
Victorian Space Science Education Centre To enable eight Australian science teachers, a representative from the Australian Science Teachers Association and VSSEC to build professional and institutional linkages with their counterparts at the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency.
$33,000.00 27-Aug-09
Australian National University, Centre for Public Awareness of Science To deepen and extend relations between Australia and Japan in the field of science communication and education.
$22,000.00 27-Aug-09
Griffith University/ The Natural Edge Project To conduct a one-day Australia-Japan symposium on climate change in Tokyo on 18 February 2010 (tbc). The event seeks to identify some key areas for bilateral collaborative research to enhance academic and governmental capacity in this area.
$6,325.00 8-Dec-09
Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre To share knowledge and build professional links in the field of clinical training strategies for radiation therapists in Japan through discussions with the Japanese Association of Radiological Technologists, the University of Tokyo Hospital and other training universities.
$10,464.00 25-Feb-10
University of Melbourne, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering To enable five Japanese scholars to attend the 5th International Conference on Ion Exchange to be held at the University of Melbourne in July 2010. The three day conference will comprise plenary, research, industry and poster sessions by world leaders and will highlight Australian research and industrial expertise in the field.
$5,500.00 8-Apr-10
Society and Culture
Tokyo Jazz Festival To enable leading Australian performers to attend the 2009 Tokyo Jazz Festival.
$47,500.00 27-Aug-09
Australian Chamber Orchestra Niseko Winter Music Festival To pilot the inaugural Niseko Winter Music Festival by the Australia Chamber Orchestra in Hokkaido, Japan in January 2010. The project will enable the ACO to establish its profile with Japanese audiences, agents and critics in preparation for a possible major tour of Japan in 2011.
$27,500.00 4-Dec-09
Mr Shigeki Chiba / Global Family Inc To deepen understanding in Japan of the history of the Australia-Japan bilateral relationship through a series of lectures and film screenings to launch the Japanese translations of a book, Like a Samurai, about the life and work of Fr Tony Glynn, an Australian priest who has been recognised for his efforts towards the reconcilation of Australia and Japan immeidately after World War II. The events will be held in Tokyo and regional Japan between 11-31 January 2010. $14,980.00 10-Dec-09
Professor Hisako Hara To showcase the latest in Australian new-media art capabilities in Japan and to establish linkages between artists, curators and researchers in the field of media art. The project aims to foster greater Australia-Japan collaboration in this field of art and to increase opportunities for exhibitions in the future. $35,000.00 5-Mar-10
Ms Etsuko Kodaira, Art Front Gallery, Tokyo, Japan To provide support for four Australian artists to take part in the inaugural Setouchi International Arts Festival 2010 in the Inland Sea region of Japan. The project aims to foster greater collaboration between Australian and Japanese artists, curators and galleries and to raise awareness in Japan of Australian excellence in the visual arts.
$73,500.00 7-Jan-10
Community Grants
The Lu Rees Archives To support the Lu Rees Archives in the cataloguing of Australian children's books that have been translated into Japanese. Once catalogued the books will be available on databases such as Libraries Australia.
$1,115 16-Jun-10
University of New South Wales Judo Club To support an ongoing exchange program between the UNSW Judo Club and the Obusuma Judo Club in Saitama Prefecture. The project will build on the existing relationship between the club and its partner club in Japan as well as enhance community linkages. $11,000 16-Jun-10
Japan Parliamentary Debate Union To enable a delegation of Australian coaches to participate in the Japan Parliamentary Debate Union Spring Seminar and highlight Australia debating skills.
$9,000.00 27-Aug-09
Dr Karin Findeis, Sydney College of the Arts To promote contemporary Australian jewellery in Japan through the production of a catalogue for an exhibition of 42 Australian artists at the Museum of Arts and Crafts, Itemi, Japan, on 13-28 March 2010.
$11,000.00 27-Aug-09
City of Launceston International Choir To strengthen cultural ties between Launceston and its sister city in Japan (Ikeda) through youth choral performances.
$11,000.00 27-Aug-09
Aussie Hearts Womens and Girls Baseball Team To develop institional linkages between Australian women baseballer players and their Japanese counterparts.
$11,000.00 17-Jun-09
Maroochydore Surf Life Saving Club To highlight Australian skills in surf life saving and enhance the institutional linkages between Maroochydore and Shimoda Surf Life Saving Clubs.
$5,237.00 17-Jun-09
Communication, Information and Advocacy
Ronin Films To produce a documentary on Japanese scholar, Dr Hokari Minoru, and his work with the Gurindji people of the central Northern Territory.
$11,000.00 27-Aug-09
Australia-Japan Research Centre, ANU Crawford-Nishi Lectures To deliver a public lecture series on topics of current interest to both Australia and Japan. The choice of speaker reflects current strategic and economic interests of the two countries.
$14,300.00 27-Aug-09
Meat and Livestock Australia To enhance public understanding in Japan of the benefits of a bilateral Free Trade Agreement with Australia, including for agricultural trade liberalisation.
$93,500.00 27-Aug-09
Department of Media and Communications, University of Sydney To establish the inaugural University of Sydney journalism student intern program in Japan in 2010. The program seeks to enhance the amount and quality of Australian media reporting on Australia-Japan relations in future.
$5,500.00 1-Dec-09

* Includes the Government's Goods and Services Tax (GST) of 10 per cent

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