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Australia-Japan Foundation grant recipients, 2013-14



Recipient Purpose Value * Approval
Reconstruction Initiative
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Organisation (CSIRO) To develop and demonstrate a prototype unmanned airborne system capable of accurate and real-time 3D mapping of nuclear radiation for use in Fukushima. $16,500.00 2013/7/15
Australia-Japan Society (ACT) Inc As part of the Board's Reconstruction Initiative, this project will support the visit of children aged 14-17 from Ishinomaki following the March 2011 tsunami/earthquake to participate in a week-long program of study and cultural activities in Canberra.

For more information visit: Australia-Japan Society (ACT) Inc.
$15,000.00 2013/8/8
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology To support research of Shibitachi's unique building and fishery traditions to inform reconstruction strategies and techniques. $13,502.50 2013/8/20
Synergy & TaikOz Ltd To support the visit to Australia of the 13-member Iwasaki Oni Kenbai Preservation Society from Iwate Prefecture to give public workshops in dance, drumming, flute and singing, which are integral to their art form.

For more information visit:
$22,000.00 2013/8/26
Swinburne University To contribute Australian expertise in adaptive, resilient urban and landscape design to the development of a plan for Kessennuma City affected by the 2011 tsunami. $16,500.00 20/01/2014
Insite Arts International P/L To support the tour to Sendai, Japan, of the Australian theatre-dance production called Saltbush and to support associated workshops with young school children in Sendai. $41,428.20 3/03/2014
Board of Education Minami Sanrikusho To support the visit of junior secondary high school students from Minami Sanrikusho to Queensland as part of an educational exchange visit. $50,000.00 5/03/2014
Economics and Trade
Australia-Japan Research Centre - Australian National University To hold a one day 'Japan Update' conference with a focus on economics, politics and trade challenges in Japan.

For more information visit: Japan Update
$27,500.00 2013/6/25
Security, Regional and International Relations
Flinders University This project will examine how Japanese and Australian international policy goals are evolving in today's dynamic regional security and global economic environment. The project will involve field trips and publication and dissemination of a Lowy Institute Policy Brief focused on the policy recommendations. $22,000.00 2013/8/21
Society and Culture
Asialink To support arts residencies in Japan in 2014.

For more information: Asialink - Art Residency Program
$33,000.00 2013/10/24
Print Council of Australia Inc To support the exhibition of Australian and Japanese prints at the Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art and the Fukuyama Art Museum in 2014. $19,800.00 2013/8/12
Back to Back Theatre Inc To enable Back to Back Theatre to tour their work Ganesh versus the Third Reich to Tokyo for Festival Tokyo 2013.

For more information visit: Festival Tokyo 2013
$33,000.00 2013/8/19
Penny Ikinger To support collaboration between Australian rock musicians Penny Ikinger and Deniz Tek with Japanese musicians involving a recording and performance tour of Tokyo and Yokohama. $19,113.60 2013/8/20
Kyle Page Through collaboration, create an Australian-Japanese performance work of art for the 2015 OzAsia Festival in Adelaide, South Australia.

For more information:
$29,075.00 2013/9/10
The National Arts Centre Tokyo To promote Australian capability in the arts through presenting a major National Gallery of Australia art collection - The Ballet Russe - The Art of Costume to be exhibited at The National Arts Centre Tokyo in September 2015. $35,000.00 10/06/2014
Gendaikikakushitsu Publishers To enable the translation into Japanese of Chris Tsiolkas' fiction 'The Slap' and to promote it at a launch in Tokyo in early 2015 as part of the AJF's 'Masterpieces of Australian Literature' series. $25,000.00 18/06/2014
Mr Shimpei Fukuzumi To support the organisation of selecting up and coming Australian musicians to perform in a Tokyo festival "Australian Music Experience 2014" $29,700.00 4/04/2014
Michihiro Furumoto, Rinkogun Theatre Company To enable a drama/acting collaboration and rehearsal in Tokyo of Australian and Japanese actors and the performance of a play to be performed in Cowra in August 2014 to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the 'Cowra break-out'. $35,000.00 4/06/2014
Education and Science
The Australian Ballet School To enable two young Japanese dancers to continue their program of ballet tuition through 2014 at The Australian Ballet School. $21,516.00 2013/9/10
Questacon To celebrate Questacon's 25th anniversary through conducting the 2014 Science Circus Tour Japan which will visit Tokyo and the Tohoku region.

For more information: Questacon - Science Circus
$50,000 2013/11/6
The University of Sydney To enable students from Japan to participate in an education program about human rights, cultural diversity and Indigenous issues with counterparts at the University of Sydney. $15,950 2013/11/8
Otemon Gakuin University Library To enable the acquisition of educational materials as part of the Australian Library collection for Otemon Gakuin University. $11,100.00 19/11/2013
Centre for Pacific and American Studies, University of Tokyo To support the Visiting Professor of Australian Studies (Associate Professor Catriona Elder) at the Centre for Pacific and American Studies, University of Tokyo; acquire Australia-related resource materials for the CPAS library; and to enable an extensive travel program for Professor Elder to speak on academic issues to universities in Japan. $43,962.00 14/01/2014
Professor Anna Johnston Settling-in Allowance as 2014 Visiting Professor of Australian Studies, Centre for Pacific and American Studies, University of Tokyo $1,100.00 12/06/2014
The University of Technology, Sydney The development of people-to-people connections across the University of Technology, Sydney and the University of Osaka by fostering the exchange of knowledge, sharing of expertise and engagement across social robotics. $22,000.00 19/11/2013
Questacon Science and Technology Centre To support the 25th anniversary celebratory dinner as part of the launch of the Questacon Science Circus Tour 2014 held at Questacon in Canberra during the visit of a leading business delegation from Japan. $10,000.00 14/03/2014
Community Grants
Jolt Arts Inc To enable a three-phase sonic improvisation arts project in both Australia and Japan from October 2013 to March 2014.

For more information visit:
$15,000.00 2013/8/14
Wadaiko Rindo To support the performances of Wadaiko Rindo as part of the 40th anniversary celebrations of the Kumamoto Japan Australia Society through a "Kumamoto Australia Week 2013".

For more information visit:
11,000.00 2013/7/22
Gateball Australia (Croquet Australia) To support the 2013 Australian Gateball Championships ( from 11-13 October 2013 in Cairnlea, Victoria as a community grant. Funding will support the opening and closing ceremony and a training session for Australian teams to learn strategy, technique and refereeing from Japanese and other referees ahead of the World Gateball Championship in Japan in 2014.

For more information visit:
5,500.00 2013/8/2
Blind Sports Victoria To support the visit of representatives from Blind Sports Victoria to benchmark best practice in blind sports and to participate in a friendly blind tennis competition. 39,750.00 2013/9/3
Communication, Information and Advocacy
AJF Media Intern To support a media internship with Agence France Presse in Tokyo for a University of Sydney graduate of Media Studies in January 2014. $7,700.00 2013/8/12
Australian Studies Association of Japan To promote the importance of Australian Studies regionally; increase public discussion about Australia and the bilateral relationship with Japan through an international symposium to be held at Sophia University in Japan in July 2014; and celebrate the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Australian Studies Association of Japan. $27,585.00 5/06/2014
University of New South Wales To enable UNSW participation in a workshop at the National Institute for Population and Social Security Research in Tokyo to examine issues relating to the elderly and comparing the impact of social policies of both Australia and Japan and producing a publication of comparative analysis of the different approaches. $12,100.00 12/06/2014

* Includes the Government's Goods and Services Tax (GST) of 10%

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