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Style guide and logos

Using the logo

The Australia-Japan Foundation (AJF) logo is available for download by grant recipients and other approved organisations. It can be used in print and electronic media, as well as other applications such as signage, team uniforms and sporting gear.

It is a condition of funding that AJF grant recipients include the AJF logo and acknowledge the AJF's support in all promotional material and publications, including websites - see 'Using the logo on another website'. The following acknowledgment must be used in association with the logo where possible:

The [insert name of Project] is supported by the Australian Government through the Australia-Japan Foundation of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Logo elements

The logo is composed of the Australian Government crest and the AJF logotype and symbol. The crest and AJF logo are locked together in the format shown. The symbol (the stylised map) may not be used on its own without the logotype (the words Australia-Japan Foundation + the Japanese translation).

The logo is available in two versions, horizontal and vertical.

The positioning of the logotype in relation to the symbol should never be altered. It should be within a clear area free from other text and graphics. The logotype should never be separated from the symbol.

Ten template examples of ways the logos can be produced are provided for reference.

Do not scan the logo from a hard copy.

Logo scale

To preserve the detail of the logo design, the Australian Government crest in the logo should not be used at a scale smaller than 20mm in width. No type, additional logos or other graphic elements should be placed closer to any edge of the logo than a distance that is equivalent to that between the bottom of the words 'Australian Government' and the bottom of the coat of arms.

Enlarging or reducing the logo should be done proportionately, using hard copy or the electronic files provided. The proportions of the logo components should never be altered. Neither the logo nor its components should be stretched or elongated. Both components should occupy the same space, i.e. the AJF symbol should not be bigger than the crest or vice versa.

Logo fonts

The words 'Australian Government' should be in Times New Roman Bold font. The Japanese lettering should be MS UI Gothic or a font close to this.

Logo colour

The standard AJF logo colours are black and orange (Pantone 158 CVC), although CMYK (a term used in printing for full-colour reproduction) and RGB (i.e. red/green/blue) values can be used where appropriate.

Different colour options are available, depending on how the logo is being reproduced.

It can be reproduced against a white background or in reverse against a black, orange or dark background. For one-colour printing, the logo can be reproduced either as a positive image (black) or reversed out as a negative image (white on a black or orange background).

The following table shows the logo's colour values:

Black: Orange: Pantone 158 CVC (spot colour) Web/HEX Colours:
C 0 C 2 Orange FF6633
M 0 M 62 Black 000000
Y 0 Y 85  
K 100 K 0  
R 35 R 239  
G 31 G 126  
B 32 B 60  

File formats

The following table shows when to use different file formats:

Application File Format Colour
Print e.g. stationary, magazines, books, reports EPS or TIFF CMYK
Web/multimedia/electronic PSD, JPG, GIF or PNG RGB
Signage, promotional materials, team uniforms and equipment EPS SPOT

Using the logo on another website

The logo should appear exactly as displayed, and should not be resized or amended in any way.

You must link to the AJF website from the logo.

Other tips

Do not add other visual elements and text to the logo.

Do not obscure or cover the logo by text or technical processes, such as additional screens of colour.

Do not place the logo within shapes or borders.

Do not crop, trim or bleed the logo off a page or in a fold. The logo must always appear in its entirety.

More information

Questions on the use of the AJF logo should be directed to the Manager, AJF Secretariat, Canberra, tel (02) 6261 3898 or email

Download logos

Usage diagram

image showing minimum width of logo - 20mm












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