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Universal Periodic Review of Libya, Statement by Australia, 11 November 2020

Universal Periodic Review Working Group – 36th Session

Universal Periodic Review of Libya

Statement by Australia

11 November 2020

Thank you, [President/Vice President]

Australia welcomes the ceasefire in Libya and discussions among the parties about elections to unify the country. We urge all parties to redouble efforts to ensure full and effective participation of women in the peace process within the Libyan Political Agreement and include human rights guarantees in the new Constitution.

Australia remains deeply concerned about human rights violations and abuses in Libya and the ongoing impact of years of conflict.

Australia recommends that Libya:

  1. Abolish the death penalty and accede to the ICCPR’s Second Optional Protocol.
  1. Repeal the 2001 law regulating civic associations and its decrees, and issue a new statute protecting freedom of association consistent with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.
  1. Amend Articles 37 and 41 of the draft constitution released in July 2017, to guarantee freedom of expression and peaceful assembly.
  1. Amend laws and legislation to ensure they do not discriminate against women, and criminalize violence against women and ensure that those who commit such violence are held to account.

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