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Child protection

Child Protection Policy Review

Child Protection Policy 2017

The Child Protection Policy 2017 is part of an ongoing commitment by DFAT to protect children from exploitation and abuse around the world. A comprehensive Child Protection Policy was first introduced in March 2008.

An updated policy was launched in 2013 and implemented recommendations from an independent review done in 2011. It incorporated international best practice on protective environments for children.

The DFAT Child Protection Policy 2017 supersedes the DFAT Child Protection Policy 2013 and is consistent with the department's focus on proactively managing risk to ensure that official DFAT activities do not expose children to exploitation, abuse or harm.

Key updates to the policy are the inclusion of:

  • Broadened scope to include all DFAT funded activities and programs
  • Guidance on risk assessment to assist implementing partner mechanisms for protecting children
  • Strengthening reporting procedures.

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Last Updated: 20 October 2014
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