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Gender Equality

Civil-Society Engagement on Women, Peace & Security

Australia is a long-standing global leader of the Women, Peace and Security agenda. Australia advocates, supports and undertakes actions across the four pillars of participation, conflict prevention, protection of rights, and relief and recovery.

The Australian Government values the expertise, insights, and experiences of civil society, including women's rights organisations and women's human rights defenders, and recognises their roles in implementing the Women, Peace and Security agenda.

The Framework for Civil Society-Government Engagement establishes civil society and government collaboration in Australia’s efforts to advance the WPS agenda, including through implementation of Australia’s National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security 2021-2031.

The inaugural Australian Government-Civil Society meeting, of 2 November 2021, reconfirmed shared support for the principles underpinning the 2021-2031 National Action Plan, including advancing the Women, Peace and Security agenda in Australia, the region and international fora, in ways that do-no-harm, mainstream gender equality, are grounded in human rights and recognise and respond to diverse experiences.

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