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Climate change

Investing in nature-based solutions

Ecosystems across the Indo-Pacific are at risk from climate change and human activity. When ecosystems are degraded or lost, we also lose their ability to purify water, protect against floods and storm surges, prevent soil erosion and provide breeding grounds for animals. Investing in nature for adaptation and mitigation to climate change provides multiple benefits which can include: boosting biodiversity, sequestering carbon and making communities more resilient to climate change.

Australia is working with our partners in the Indo-Pacific to use nature-based solutions to combat climate change by conserving and restoring vital and vulnerable ecosystems .

Investments in nature-based solutions include:

  • Coastal blue carbon protection and restoration in Papua New Guinea and Fiji ($6 million), Indonesia ($2 million), and Sri Lanka ($300,000) to protect blue carbon ecosystems, develop blue carbon markets, conserve biodiversity and strengthen livelihoods.
  • Providing global leadership through the Australia-led International Partnership for Blue Carbon and the Indian Ocean Rim Associate Blue Carbon Hub ($750,000)
  • Exporting world-leading savannah fire management practices developed by Indigenous Australians through a $3.87 million pilot program in Botswana
  • Providing $59.9 million for the Indo-Pacific Carbon Offset Scheme, including nature-based solutions pilot projects
  • Investing $534,000 via the Australian Water Partnership to demonstrate how nature-based solutions embedded in urban design can reduce flooding in cities.

Our programs in action

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