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Climate change

Supporting the Indo-Pacific to tackle climate change

Australia supports climate change action through its development assistance program, guided by the Climate Change Action Strategy. The Strategy sets three key objectives to make the best use of our development assistance:

  • support partner countries to adapt to climate change, and to plan, prepare for and respond to climate related impacts
  • promote the shift to lower-emissions development in the Indo-Pacific region
  • support innovative solutions to climate change, including those that engage private sector investment.

Support to our region includes:

Putting more resources behind our climate work

The Australian Government is deeply committed to taking real and significant climate action at home and establishing Australia as a climate leader internationally.

  • Australia has doubled its climate finance commitment to $2 billion over 2020-25, with at least $700 million of this for Pacific climate and disaster finance.
  • The Government has also committed to increasing official development assistance to the Pacific by $900 million over four years, including support for climate change and resilience.
  • Australia will also step up its work with the private sector to achieve impact at scale in the Indo-Pacific region, and to support the goals of the Paris Agreement.
  • Australia has robust methods for counting climate finance.

Key climate change initiatives

Initiatives Description
Australian Infrastructure Financing Facility for the Pacific (AIFFP) AIFFP is partnering with governments and the private sector in the Pacific and Timor-Leste to provide grant and loan financing for high quality, transformational energy, water, transport, telecommunications and other infrastructure.
Climate and Oceans Support Program in the Pacific (COSPPac) COSPPac is working to enhance the capacity of Pacific islands to manage and mitigate the impacts of climate variability and tidal events. The team are working with stakeholders to forecast and report on climate, tides and the ocean.
Australian Climate Finance Partnership (ACFP) ACFP is a concessional finance facility supporting climate action in Southeast Asia and the Pacific. It is managed by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and funded by the Australian Government.
Australia’s Science and Technology for Climate Partnerships (SciTech4Climate) SciTech4Climate will bring leading Australian scientists and climate specialists to work together with development partners in the Indo-Pacific to make sure our region’s response to climate change is supported by the best available science and technological advances.
Climate Resilient by Nature Australia’s new Climate Resilient by Nature program works with local communities to conserve and rehabilitate ecosystems to address climate change in the Pacific.
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