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Climate change

Increasing access to renewable energy

Australia is working to accelerate availability of clean energy technologies that are scalable, commercial and affordable as part of our broader support for the significant clean energy transition underway in the Indo-Pacific.

Renewable energy makes up a very small but rapidly rising share of energy in the region and Australia is working with our neighbours in the region to accelerate its deployment. In addition to supporting countries’ emissions reduction targets, increased uptake of renewable energy in the region will deliver benefits such as cleaner air, creation of employment opportunities in the renewable energy sector and improved energy security.

Our region has made strong progress in recent decades, but 157 million people still lack access to energy in the Asia-Pacific and 35% continue to rely on unclean cooking fuels, contributing to an estimated 2.8 million premature deaths due to poor indoor air quality, with women and children particularly affected.

Australia is working with countries in the region to support deployment of a range of renewable technologies, including solar, wind, hydropower, biomass, wave and geothermal energy, as well as support for improved energy efficiency, which contributes to Paris Agreement goals. Our development assistance will also help address bottlenecks, support improvements in the operating environment, build capacity and enable the private sector to meet energy needs through low-emissions solutions.

Our programs in action

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