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Climate change

Delivering on our climate commitments

Australia has a strong track record of transparent reporting on both Australia's emissions and on our climate finance activities, including through our four UNFCCC Biennial Reports, our regular reporting through the annual Australia's Official Development Assistance: Statistical Summary reports, and the 2018 independently-led Evaluation of Australia's Climate Change Assistance.

In March 2020, the UNFCCC coordinated a team of international experts which conducted a review of the climate finance information provided by Australia in its Fourth Biennial Report. The review team found Australia's reporting to be complete, transparent and in adherence with UNFCCC reporting guidelines.

Australia plays an active and constructive role in international UN climate negotiations. Australia is the chair of the Umbrella Group, including as chair of the Umbrella Group, to ensure robust Paris Agreement implementation on climate finance, as well as on enhanced transparency, rules for international carbon markets, and adaptation.

Australia also raises the profile of Pacific voices, social inclusion, gender, oceans, indigenous and human rights issues in climate negotiations and to improve the quality and effectiveness of climate investments. We have a strong reputation for: integrating gender into our climate programs; using public finance to strategically influence the allocation of private capital, driving climate innovation; and, ensuring infrastructure investment is sustainable and resilient to the impacts of climate change.

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