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Australia-Indonesia Senior Editors Program

The Australia-Indonesia Senior Editors Program aims to facilitate greater exchange and knowledge sharing between senior editors from Australia and Indonesia and to encourage analytical coverage of the other country through alternating in-depth visits.

The program generally runs for one week, and takes place in either Australia or Indonesia.

Activities generally include:

  • meetings with government ministers, politicians and senior interlocutors
  • site visits to educational, political and/or cultural institutions
  • roundtable discussions with senior editors from the host country on national and international political, strategic and security issues.

The Australia-Indonesia Institute covers the cost of business class return travel from the participant’s state or territory capital, accommodation, meals and transport.

2023 Australia-Indonesia Senior Editors Program

In March 2023, after a short pause due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Australia-Indonesia Institute supported a group of senior editors from major Indonesian print and broadcast media organisations for a one-week visit to Australia.

The Indonesian participants were:

  • Mr Setri Yasra, Chief Editor, Tempo magazine
  • Mr Tri Agung Kristanto, Deputy Chief Editor, Kompas daily
  • Ms Rahayuningsih, Deputy Chief Editor, Bisnis Indonesia daily and
  • Ms Ike Agestu, Deputy Chief Editor,
  • Mr Edu Krisnadefa, Managing Editor,

6 participants standing in front of the ABC news screen
Senior media representatives from Indonesia participated in the Australia-Indonesia Senior Editors Program in March 2023.
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