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Australia-Indonesia Institute Grants

The Australia-Indonesia Institute 2023-24 Grants Round is now closed. Follow our Facebook page for more updates.

Australia-Indonesia Institute Grant Round 2023-24 Key Priority Areas

  • Language and Indonesian Studies
  • Media, Arts and Culture
  • Health, Science, and Technology
  • Economic and Business Engagement
  • Sport

Australia-Indonesia Institute Grant Recipients 2023-24

Project title Recipient Project description Total funding
Indonesian Artists in the 24th Biennale of Sydney Biennale of Sydney Ltd The 24th Biennale of Sydney promises to transform Sydney into a hub for artistic exchange and cultural engagement.  Featuring a 400 plus event program, including major art installations, live music and talks, the Biennale will boost cross-cultural and artistic exchange, and strengthen people-to-people links. Opening week will highlight the work of Indonesian artists Citra Sasmita and Udeido Collective. $40,000
Flooding youth futures: Australian and Indonesian climate change adaptation stories The University of Queensland The voices of youth and their experiences of climate change adaptation strategies are often overlooked in contemporary accounts. This project allows youth in Australia and Indonesia to record and share their stories, building cross-cultural connections and providing a contemporary and dynamic online resource for Indonesian and English language learners. $33,000
Reducing plastics entering Indian Ocean and depositing on Cocos Islands The University of Western Australia The Cocos Keeling Islands are inundated by non-local plastics from the Indian Ocean. This project supports a University of Western Australia environmental research collaboration with leading Indonesian institutions to design solutions to reduce plastics entering the Indian Ocean via riverine systems. $40,000
Bucket of Beetles (Papermoon, Indonesia) at Sydney Opera House Sydney Opera House Trust A Bucket of Beetles is the opening production for Sydney Opera House's new International Children's Festival. A unique, delightful production by Yogyakarta-based company, Papermoon Puppet Theatre, A Bucket of Beetles brings important traditions of Indonesian puppet artistry to children, families and artists from Australia and around the world at the internationally renowned Sydney Opera House. $38,000
Comic books for education: South Sulawesi folklore and scientific discoveries University of Wollongong Sulawesi's Maros Pangkep Geopark was designated as a UNESCO Global Geopark in 2023. Outreach and education are of critical importance to the preservation of this extraordinary geological region. In close collaboration with the Geopark and local archaeologists, the project will produce a comic book series designed to disseminate cultural and scientific knowledge to youth, visitors, and local communities. $33,902
Message In The Wind – A Makassan - First Nations Opera Skinnyfish Music Pty Ltd This project showcases First Nations and Makassan creatives in a collaborative 'non-traditional opera' that weaves a history of trading and shared spirituality where First Nations' and Makassan songlines intertwine.  It promises to provide a historical avenue for contemporary expression. $40,000
Arka Kinari - a floating cultural exchange Mona Foma Arka Kinari aims to strengthen Australia-Indonesia relations by promoting environmental awareness and community resilience. Led by Filastine & Nova, the project combines traditional Javanese music with contemporary multimedia performances aboard a wooden sailing ship, which will sail to Hobart and Bellerive. Incorporating free public sustainability workshops and collaborations with local artists, the initiative aims to build mutual understanding. $30,000
Aku Mampu Berbahasa Inggris (I Can Speak English) PT Inspirasia Bali This project will support 24 Indonesians with disabilities to study at the Australia Language Foundation Bali. The adaptable learning curriculum will be designed to fit individual participants and focus on boosting their employment competitiveness. Australians residing in Bali will join potluck gatherings with participants where they can learn about each other's cultures through stories, conversation and food. $17,000
Digital Shores: Empowering Coastal Communities through Commons Swinburne University of Technology By reducing barriers to information and fostering a sense of community ownership, digital commons contribute to the democratization of knowledge and the development of more inclusive and sustainable digital ecosystems. In collaboration with the Indonesian Marine Conservation Foundation and Hasanuddin University, this project will work with coastal communities to co-design a 'Digital Commons' model and 'Digital Shores' platform. Coastal communities will share traditional knowledge and participate in information sharing and management. $38,000
Securing Critical Metals for Battery Materials Production from Alternative/Secondary Resources Swinburne University of Technology The project will bring together expertise, stakeholders and institutions from Indonesia and Australia to showcase research, share knowledge, discuss potential joint research, deliver training and develop a strategy to contribute to the overall effort to secure critical metals for battery materials production in the region. The project will focus on recycling and recovery of critical metals from alternative resources (lateritic-nickel and end-of-life batteries). $30,000
The Australian and Indonesian Energy Transition: A Green Partnership Asialink Asialink will convene a select group of Indonesian energy industry regulators, experts, and investors to Australia to discuss renewable energy transition in the power sector.  The conference aims to address challenges both countries face in meeting climate change and renewable energy targets and highlight opportunities for strengthened responses through shared purpose and engagement. $10,000
Knowledge exchange for the energy transition: Technology, Governance and Industry Murdoch University Efforts to decarbonise industry construction materials are a critical part of the clean energy transition. Cement for masonry binder and concrete in the construction industry is the world's single largest source of carbon emissions, and new approaches to create Low Carbon Building Materials are needed. This project will advance technical exchange between Indonesian and Australian academics on the commercialisation of green technology. Governance experts will work with officials and industry representatives to develop best practice recommendations for risk assessment and policy-design for green construction. $25,000
GIK UGM: Australia- Indonesia creative industry skills exchange Turning World Pty Ltd A pilot program bringing industry expertise from Australia to support a new Arts Management Academy in Yogyakarta which aims to provide professional training in arts management and production for Indonesian students and professionals. The program will facilitate guest lecturers from Australia and link academics for the Academy's inaugural programs, seeding long-tern connections. $25,000
Lara Lee's Spice Adventure (Working Title) Southern Pictures Pty Ltd A food and adventure-travel television series featuring award-winning Australian-Indonesian chef Lara Lee as she returns to her ancestral home in Indonesia and embarks on a personal journey of culinary and cultural discovery. To be broadcast in Australia, Indonesia and worldwide. $50,000
On the Road to Sight in Indonesia The Fred Hollows Foundation The Fred Hollows Foundation will support Ministry of Health in hosting representatives from all 38 Indonesian provinces to support eye health planning and delivery within Indonesia's health system. This workshop will identify capacity and resource gaps. $20,000
Improving Health Information Access in Indonesia Australian National University This project aims to improve access to reliable health information in Indonesia through community research and interactive digital health literacy training programs. Targeting both health providers and the public, the training promotes access to good quality information and informed decision-making, enhancing community health outcomes. $35,000
Empowering East Java's Villages Communities with Sustainable Solar-Powered Drying Technology Petra Christian University In partnership with Petra Christian University and the University of Wollongong, this project aims to develop customized drying technology for herbs in Mojokerto, East Java, and to foster collaboration between Indonesian and Australian academics in community service. $25,000
Collaborative Approaches to Provenance Research in Australian and Indonesian Museums Southeast Asia Museum Services (SEAMS) The Australia Indonesia Museum Project seeks to develop long-term partnerships between Indonesian and Australian museum professionals and their institutions through co-curated exhibitions, joint research projects, training, and knowledge exchange. $35,000
Capacity Development for Indonesia's Carbon Market University of Technology Sydney This project will enhance the expertise of carbon accounting and finance academics and professionals in Indonesia to advance the implementation of a carbon market and carbon tax in Indonesia. The project fosters bilateral knowledge exchange between Indonesia and Australia. $40,000
Advancing Science Communication for Planetary Health University of Sydney Science communication is key to sustainability. This program brings together Indonesian journalists to evaluate how best to work with scientists in communicating the effects of the environmental crisis on health. It will increase collaboration to advance critical science communication. $32,000
Australia-Indonesia Circular Innovation Ecosystems: advancing circular economy in regional communities Griffith University Bringing together expert insights from industry, academia, business and community leaders from Indonesia and Australia, this project aims to develop a strategic roadmap for circular innovation ecosystems to support sustainable development at the district level in six regional provinces in Indonesia. $40,000
Equipping Indonesian Educators to Teach Sustainability: A Co-Design Process University of Tasmania Working collaboratively with University of Tasmania, Griffith University, Airlangga University, and Prestasi Junior Indonesia, this project will develop a sustainability curriculum using a co-design educational approach. $18,000
Enhancing mental health skills for community nurses in Indonesia University of Technology Sydney This project will enhance the skills of Indonesian nurses to care for people with mental health needs in the community. It will use qualitative research methods to explore community nurses' educational needs in response to new Indonesian Health law. $25,000
Shehacks: Empowering Women-Led Startups for Cross-Border Success PT Ruang Kreasi Berdaya (KUMPUL) KUMPUL's project aims to empower women entrepreneurs through mentorship, capacity-building, and networking. The program will culminate in a visit to Australia, fostering global connections and knowledge transfer. $35,000
Australian Paediatric Orthopaedic Education Partnership with Cipto Mangunkusumo Indonesian Hospital Orthopaedic Outreach Australia The project will support two paediatric orthopaedic lecture/workshop programs for local surgeons in West Sumatra and Central Jakarta; and 6-week observerships at Adelaide Women's and Children's Hospital plus attendance at the Australian Paediatric Orthopaedic Society Instructional Course for two Indonesian surgeons. $20,000
Building Capacity, Connection and Community Through Sport Sport Inclusion Australia Working collaboratively with the Indonesian Paralympic Committee this project aims to build capacity and knowledge to expand inclusivity for participants with intellectual impairment, and connect people to their communities through sport, while generating positive health outcomes. $35,000
Building psychosocial resilience to technology-facilitated gender-based violence for Indonesian journalists Dart Centre Asia Pacific Across Indonesia, and mirroring global trends, journalists are experiencing a high prevalence of technology-facilitated gender-based violence (TFGBV). In response, Dart Centre Asia Pacific will collaborate with Yayasan Pulih to deliver psychosocial training workshops with a focus on mitigating TFGBV's impact. $30,000
Uniting science and the arts to improve Indonesian child health Griffith University Our children's cartoon-based storybooks using contemporary Balinese comedy/drama have been created, printed and trialled in Karangasem, Bali. This project will focus on conducting a broad-based evaluation to measure Knowledge-Attitude-Behaviour change and efficacy in reducing infection and improving hygiene. Our storybooks reflect the significance of Balinese art and storytelling in educating and socialising young people and address critical health issues.  $35,000
Leveraging Startup Ecosystems to Scale Innovation Adoption in Rural Indonesia University of Technology Sydney Leveraging Australian and Indonesian expertise in mainstreaming technology in rural and regional contexts, this project will support startups and smallholders in rural Indonesia in creating and adopting innovative technologies and business models. $30,000
Enhancing place-based approaches to rural health in Maluku Province, Indonesia New South Wales Rural Doctors Network In partnership with Universitas Pattimura, the NSW Rural Doctors Network will address challenges associated with rural medical health workforce shortages in Maluku, Indonesia. Focussing on enhancing health access for rural communities through tailored strategies to retain and increase medical workforce, the project aims to contribute to improved healthcare access and outcomes and to attract further support to the region. $42,000

2023 grant guidelines

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