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Australia-Indonesia Institute grant recipients, 2019-20

Project title Recipient Project description AAC Grant (GST inc. where applicable) Grant funding location
Improve nutrition and reduce stunting using science and the arts Griffith University, VIC In the global ‘top 5’ for stunting, this project, focusing on children, will identify culturally appropriate interventions (using the Balinese 'bondres' acting format) to improve dietary intake; reduce parasitic and gastric infection; and improve sanitation and hygiene in North/East Bali. $30,000.00 North/East Bali
Engaging adat leaders to support HIV prevention and care University of Queensland, QLD This project will work with Australian and Indonesian experts and local HIV networks to develop and implement a 5 day training and education program for men and women customary leaders in West Papua. $33,000.00 West Papua province, Indonesia
Responding to Indonesia’s growing double burden of malnutrition Deakin University, VIC This project establishes an Indonesian-Australian collaboration to understand and inform responses to Indonesia’s nutrition transition and growing double burden of malnutrition. Without action this will have serious implications for health and sustainable development in Indonesia. $19,652.00 Melbourne, Australia; Jakarta, Indonesia
Enhancing Advocacy Skills for Indonesia's Young Disability Advocates La Trobe University, VIC Developing an advocacy strategy for disability inclusion amongst young disability advocates. The outcome will be to mainstream rights-based approaches for disability advocates that incorporate principles of inclusion into their professional specialist area of expertise, knowledge, and practice. $25,000.00 Indonesia
A Planet — an Asia TOPA commission from Indonesia’s Garin Nugroho. Victorian Arts Centre Trust, VIC Following international success of Satan Jawa (2017), pioneering Indonesian filmmaker Garin Nugroho returns to Asia TOPA with ‘A Planet’, creating a new cinematic work with live performance, developed in collaboration with Australian and Indonesian artists. $27,500.00  Australia 
Australia-Indonesia Youth Association Chapter initiatives and the inaugural AIYA Congress Australia-Indonesia Youth Association (AIYA) Strengthening and growing AIYA’s professional, educational and socio-cultural events and online presence ($15,000). Hosting the inaugural AIYA Congress in February 2020, an inclusive four-day gathering for AIYA members to strengthen people-to-people connections and organisational awareness ($25,000). $15,000.00  Australia 
Jumaadi: My Love is in an Island Far Away Mosman Art Gallery, NSW The commission and development of major new art work by internationally acclaimed Indonesian-Australian artist Jumaadi, exploring the shared history of these two countries. The work will be developed for exhibition at Mosman Art Gallery, 2019 and Galerie Nasional Indonesia, 2020. $22,000.00  NSW, Australia; Jakarta, Indonesia   
Australia Indonesia Film & TV Fast Track Skills Program Screenwest Run professional development workshops that showcase Indonesian and Australian talent. The grant will provide seed funding to fill an identified gap in the Indonesian market. It will contribute to Screenwest's existing programs and deliver powerful results for the industry. $24,200.00 Perth, Australia
Lintas Laut : Eastern Indonesia-Western Australia Writing Exchange Centre for Stories Limited, WA A four-week residency over three years, one writer from Indonesia and Western Australia will reside at the Centre for Stories and Rumata ArtSpace respectively culminating in publication, appearances and participation in those cities' literary festivals. $22,000.00  Australia; Indonesia 
AgIR — Advancing Innovations and Resillience in Agricultural Youth Deakin University, VIC The AgIR, which stands for agricultural innovation and resilience, initiative will gather expertise from Indonesian and Australian emerging leaders on innovations and resilience in agriculture, and explore future opportunities through a youth forum, seminar, exchange program, and stakeholder engagement $33,000.00  Victoria, Australia; Bogor, Indonesia 
Co-production micro-volunteering support for disabled citizens Monash University, VIC The economic and social wellbeing of disabled citizens in Makassar will be enhanced through the design, development and piloting of a scalable model of micro-volunteering in which mainstream communication platforms are leveraged to give access to personalised advice and support. $19,800.00  Makassar, Indonesia 
Islamic Schooling in Australia and Indonesia: A Collaborative Documentary Film Monash University, VIC This project advances cross-cultural understanding and engagement through the development a documentary film, corresponding screening events, and website that explores the similarities, differences, challenges, and educational successes of two Islamic schools, one in Melbourne, Australia and another in Semarang, Indonesia $24,200.00 Melbourne, Australia; Semarang, Indonesia
STELR STEM  Training for Teachers and Education Personnel Bandung 2019 Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering The Academy of Technology and Engineering has been invited to conduct a five-day STEM education program for teachers and education personnel of the Asia – Pacific Region in Bandung Indonesia. The program is hosted and organised by SEAMEO QITEP in Science. $11,000.00 Melbourne, Australia
National Australia Indonesia Language Awards (NAILA) Australia Indonesia Youth Association NAILA is a speech competition that rewards and fosters the development of Indonesian language learning. NAILA has built a strong reputation as the facilitator of a prestigious competition that strengthens people-to-people links by rewarding highly-skilled individuals and showcasing language talent. $15,000.00  
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