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Australia-Indonesia Institute grant recipients, 2018-19

Project title Recipient Project description AAC Grant (GST inc. where applicable) Grant funding location
Women's public sector leadership: Learning from what works Flinders University Flinders University and Padjadjaran University will draw on the experience of senior female public sector leaders to develop an evidence informed, contextually relevant, workshop focused on women's empowerment as leaders of change in the public sector in Indonesia. $ 30,000.00 Adelaide, SA and Bandung, Indonesia
Adelaide Film Festival 2018: Indonesian Showcase Adelaide Film Festival Two Indonesian filmmakers will present a showcase of recent Indonesian cinema at the Adelaide Film Festival and participate in industry activities to deepen understanding of Indonesian culture, history and contemporary issues through film. $ 6,000.00 Adelaide, SA
Jogjakarta Diabetic Retinopathy Initiatives in Pregnancy Department of Ophthalmology, Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) This initiative establishes a comprehensive eye care guideline for pregnant women with diabetes at primary care level in the Special Region of Jogjakarta, with the ultimate aim of avoiding diabetes-related visual impairment and blindness. $ 30,000.00 Jogjakarta, Indonesia
Building reciprocal pathways of cultural exchange, development and performance STRUT Dance This project will provide choreography development and performance opportunities for Australian and Indonesian dance artists and organisations. This includes: performances of Australian artist Natalie Allen in Pekanbaru; six Indonesian artists choreographic development programs and facilitating a six-week choreographic residency for an Australian artist. $ 22,050.00 Perth, WA; Sumatra and Jakarta, Indonesia
Contemporary Worlds: Indonesia National Gallery of Australia This exhibition features the most comprehensive exhibition of contemporary Indonesian art ever held in Australia. Featuring 30 artists, the exhibition will be accompanied by a series of special events including artist talks and a film program. $ 33,000.00 Canberra, ACT
Improving evidence utilisation in Puskesmas (health centres) in South Kalimantan The University of Adelaide This project enhances research capacity of health centre staff to help overcome barriers to providing best practice care for neonates by diagnosing knowledge gaps and barriers in the delivery of neonatal care in public health centres in South Kalimantan. This project aims to support, fund and evaluate the delivery of training to 50-60 community public health centres in South Kalimantan, Indonesia to address the problem of neonatal mortality. $ 24,600.00 South Kalimantan, Indonesia
Recovery-oriented mental health collaborations between Puskesmas and specialist care, Magelang St. Vincent's Hospital An innovative collaboration in community mental health to pilot a mental wellness program, co-facilitated and contextualised to increase primary sector engagement and improve treatment options. The project will be delivered through a series of workshops and training programs utilising bilingual training materials and health promotion resources. $ 25,000.00 Magelang, Indonesia; Melbourne, Vic
Deepening Regional Cooperation on Sustainable Development and Climate Change Griffith University (Griffith Asia Institute) This partnership brings together Australian and Indonesian analysts, policymakers and diplomats in dialogue to address the challenges and opportunities for engagement on sustainability and climate change. The dialogue will promote research collaborations, inform policy outputs and promote wider public discussion. $ 25,440.00 Brisbane, Qld
Water-energy nexus developments in Indonesia for sustainable water supply Murdoch University Collaboration for exchanging knowledge on sustainable water supply, groundwater management and irrigation via workshops and local activities. As a leading research institution, Murdoch University’s experts in sustainable water supply will train lecturers in water supply and agriculture practices. $ 30,858.00 Perth, WA; Yogyakarta, West Java and Nusa Tengarra, Indonesia
National Australia Indonesia Language Awards (NAILA) Australia-Indonesia Youth Association (AIYA) A speech competition that rewards and fosters the development of Indonesian language learning. NAILA has built a strong reputation as the facilitator of a prestigious competition that strengthens people-to-people links by rewarding highly-skilled individuals and showcasing language talent. $ 15,000.00 Australia; Indonesia
The Indonesia Kimberley Project Tura New Music Ltd. Fostering new collaborations between Kimberley Aboriginal musicians and Indonesian art music practitioners and academics, this project builds a strong foundation for a long term cultural exchange program between Indonesian and northern Australian artists. $ 31,560.00 Broome and Warmun, WA; Jakarta, Indonesia
Australia — Indonesia Football Collaboration Football Federation Australia Football Federation Australia in partnership with the Football Association of Indonesia will facilitate people to people exchanges and sports diplomacy outcomes through the delivery of international football competitions, including coaching clinics, information sessions, tournaments and event management. Football Federation Australia, in partnership with the Football Association of Indonesia, will deliver a number of sports activities during the 2018 AFC U-19 Championship to facilitate people-to-people exchanges and sports diplomacy outcomes. These include: coaching clinics, information sessions, tournaments and event management. $ 35,000.00 Jakarta, Indonesia
Presenting Story of a Wander by Abdi Karya at Castlemaine State Festival 2019 Castlemaine State Festival The performance artist, theatre-maker and cultural manager from Makassar, Indonesia, has created a truly tactile performance for the Castlemaine State Festival. Using the sarung (or sarong) to portray shapes, styles, feelings and memories, Story of a Wanderer is inspired by a 14th-century manuscript written in the Bugis language of Sulawesi. The manuscript, La Galigo, is the story of creation, and Karya uses it to explore the questions: Who makes us who we are? Who named us? Who labelled us? Abdi will also provide two workshops for school aged youth $ 2,000.00 Victoria, Australia
Nearest neighbour: indonesia Breath of Fresh Air (BOFA) Ltd Nearest Neighbour is a new category introduced to the BOFA 2019 Film Festival as a result of the Festival Directors being exposed to Indonesian culture and films at the 2018 Ubud Writers and Readers Festival. It was evident that there is a thirst for an understanding of Indonesia (Australians formed 80% of the international audience attending) whilst there is still a huge ignorance about the potential and importance of our nearest neighbour in Tasmania and Australia. $ 3,500.00 Tasmania, Australia
National Australia Indonesia Language Awards (NAILA) Australia-Indonesia Youth Association The NAILA Awards are an Indonesian language speaking competition. From 2018 - 2020, NAILA will consolidate the success of its national Indonesian language competition, conducted online annually via video submission, and explore opportunities for other initiatives. Competition winners will attend a prestigious awards ceremony, attended by around 150 people, and take part in a networking and cultural immersion program over the course of three days. NAILA will produce extensive multimedia assets as a result of this weekend and through the video entries, which will generate extensive online and offline media interest in Australia and Indonesia. NAILA will continue to work with key stakeholders to grow the number of applications, and increase the reach of the positive messaging relating to the billateral relationship. $15,000 (exc. GST) Australia
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