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Australia-Indonesia Institute grant recipients, 2017-18

Project title Recipient Project description AAC Grant (GST inc. where applicable) Grant funding location
Best practices for digitally supported Teacher Professional Development in Indonesia Charles Darwin University Charles Darwin University will use its expertise in Digital Technology-based Teacher professional development in collaboration with the Universitas Negeri Jakarta to collect documents, critically reflect on these, identify and extend best practices in Indonesia. Additionally, building an ongoing collaborative community of practice, developing guidelines, and publishing outcomes $ 39,000.00 Indonesia
Australia-Indonesia Virtual Lab: A Technology and Innovation Collaboration Platform The University of Sydney The University of Sydney will work with the Indonesian Ministry of Finance to develop a research platform connecting Australian-Indonesian researchers to collaborative research facilities, data repositories and computational tools. The platform will enable new opportunities for research innovation and knowledge exchange to inform government and business, and advance Australia-Indonesia research capabilities $ 24,948.00 Australia, Indonesia
Re-Connecting Our Connection 2018 (Suara Indonesia Dance) Ms Alfira O'Sullivan Through performing and fine arts workshops in Yirrkala, Suara Indonesia Dance will explore the connection between East Arnhem Land and Indonesia, building increased understanding between our two nations $ 8,000.00 East Arnhem Land, Australia
UniBRIDGE Project UniBRIDGE Project The UniBRIDGE Project uses multiple Web 2.0 technologies to bring together Australians and Indonesians for regular online, real-time, language and cultural exchanges. UniBRIDGE Project facilitates inter-cultural understanding and job readiness. UniBRIDGE Project also creates free language & cultural educational material $ 21,600.00 Australia, Indonesia
21st Biennale of Sydney (2018) Biennale of Sydney Ltd The Biennale of Sydney is the longest-running contemporary art festival in the Asia-Pacific region. Funding for the 21st festival supports the celebration of 45 years of presenting innovative and thought-provoking art from around the world. An exhibition (open in March-June) will be accompanied by a series of public engagement and education programs, together with publications and online content highlighting the work of Indonesian artist Julian ‘Togar’ Abraham. $ 14,718.00 Sydney, Australia
OzAsia Festival Indonesia Engagement Program OzAsia Festival OzAsia Festival is Australia's major international arts festival engaging with Asia. The 2017 Festival features a comprehensive Indonesian program and aims to showcases cutting-edge contemporary arts, facilitate Australia-Indonesia collaboration, connect with the education sector and target a wide ranging audience. The diverse program includes artists from West Java, East Java, Papua and Sulawesi $ 30,000.00 Adelaide, Australia
Salt – a major new dance commission from Indonesia’s Eko Supriyanto Victorian Arts Centre Trust This grant supports Arts Centre Melbourne to co-commission a major new work from Indonesia’s pioneering contemporary dance choreographer, Eko Supriyanto. ‘Salt’ is the culmination of five years’ work and research into Indonesia’s decentralization, silent tourism, youth and growing performing arts industry. Upon completion, the production will premiere at Salihara Indonesia, before touring to Melbourne and Antwerp. $ 20,000.00 Salihara, Indonesia; Melbourne, Australia
Discussing Sectarianism and Civil Society in Indonesia Lowy Institute for International Policy Through this project, the Lowy Institute will host a week long program of panel discussions and roundtables about Indonesian politics. The Institute will host two Indonesian experts on civil society, religion, and democracy, who will facilitate a series of panels and roundtables and discussions in Sydney, Canberra, and Melbourne. $ 12,346.00 Sydney, Melbourne, and Canberra, Australia
Advancing Australia-Indonesia Understanding: Supporting Young Leaders in Innovation & Social Change The University of Melbourne This project comprises a month-long series of social and environmental exchange activities. It involves Asia 21 Summit leaders from the Indonesian band ‘Navicula’ and the Bali-based poverty alleviation organisation Kopernik. Through panel discussions, people-to-people artistic exchanges, performances, participation in workshops and in Multicultural Arts Victoria activities, the project increases awareness of contemporary Indonesian society and the ways young artists are progressive in their engagement of social and environmental issues. $ 20,000.00 Victoria, Australia
Australia-Indonesia Youth Association Australia-Indonesia Youth Association (AIYA) This project supports advancing education and culture on issues affecting Australian and Indonesian youth through facilitation of more than 100 large and small events throughout 2017. The flagship initiative – the annual Indonesian language speech competition – rewards and fosters the development of Indonesian language studies in Australia at all levels $ 30,000.00 Australia, Indonesia
Transfer of diagnostic technologies for significant diseases of poultry The University of Melbourne This University of Melbourne project reflects a strong application of Australia's innovation and science to an industry that is critical to Indonesian well-being. Diagnostic technologies will be optimised to detect significant Indonesian poultry diseases in collaboration between experts in the field. The project enables good opportunities for capacity building at laboratories in Australia and Indonesia. $38,000.00 (over two years)  
Resource NOT Rubbish - community driven waste management strategies Millennium Kids Inc This project supports Millennium Kids, a non-government environmental youth organisation, to develop youth led community education programs that optimize waste management in rural Sumbawa. This innovative project develops community driven strategies to divert plastic waste from landfill and oceans into recycling options or locally manufactured useful products $ 20,000.00 Western Australia, Australia and Sumbawa, Indonesia
Percakapan 2018: A writing exchange between Indonesia and Australia The University of Melbourne “Percakapan 2018” is a two-way Australian-Indonesian writing exchange facilitated by Melbourne University’s Asialink. Asialink has established a professional engagement between Australia and Indonesia and sends Australian artists to Indonesia for three-month professional development residencies. This project brings an Indonesian writer to Australia to conduct a four-week residency then participate in the Sydney Writers Festival. The project then promotes a reciprocal exchange for an Australian writer, who will spend time at Komunitas Salihara, before participating in the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival. $ 32,000.00 Sydney, Australia; Jakarta, Indonesia
Tour of Faith Fashion Fusion: Muslim women's style in Australia Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences The exhibition showcases modest fashion by Australian Muslim designers and the diversity of Australian Muslim women's experiences, acheivements and identify. $ 30,000.00 Jakarta, Indonesia
Participation in the AFL International Cup, 2017 Indonesia Garudas AFL team Funding enabled a squad of 28 Indonesian players and coaches to mix with AFL players and officials from Australia and around the world, as well as attend coaching and umpiring training courses during their time in Melbourne $ 20,000.00 Indonesia, Australia (Melbourne)
Developing partnerships with significant Indonesian dance centres and elite artists STRUT Dance The project will enable STRUT Dance director Paul Norton to travel to Indonesia to develop partnerships with significant centres of dance excellence, artists and organisations, with the intention to create pathways of access and exchange across the STRUT Dance Program. $ 5,784.00 Indonesia
Science and Technology Education Leveraging Relevance (STELR) Workshop, Bandung Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering ATSE conducted a STELR Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) workshop hosted by the SEAMEO QITEP in Science in Bandung, Indonesia on 20 - 24 November, 2017. IT was attended by over 40 participants, from the education and government sectors. $ 10,000.00 Bandung, Indonesia
Australia Indonesia Awards Program Australia Indonesia Association of NSW Incorporated The Australia Indonesia Awards recognise and honor those individuals who have made a significant contribution to the greater understanding and friendship between Australians and Indonesians. open to Australians and Indonesians. $ 10,000.00 New South Wales, Australia
Indonesian Film Festival Indonesian Film Festival To screen 6 feature films at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) and bring filmmakers to Australia for Q&As and panel discussions with Australian counterparts and the general public, and to run the annual Short Film Competition. $ 10,000.00 Melbourne, Australia
Australia Indonesia Entrepreneurship Program: Improving Bilateral Relations through Young Leaders Macquarie University

This project will bring together Australian and Indonesian like-minded aspiring entrepreneurs and innovators, to provide the network and resources that can support the commercialisation of their ideas.

The program involves mentoring several Australian entrepreneurs for three months in Australia and sending them to Indonesia for five days on a tour to visit key innovation hubs, universities, start-ups and technology parks. Each participant will be assigned a mentor from the team of grantees who are experts in entrepreneurial internationalisation, international competitiveness and Indonesian culture. The goal of the project is to improve bilateral relations between young Australian entrepreneurs and Indonesian business leaders.

$16,000.00 Australia and Indonesia
Tulis 2018: Australia-Indonesia Writing Exchange University of Melbourne Tulis 2018 is an exciting two-way Australian-Indonesian writing exchange. The project will bring an Indonesian writer to Australia to conduct a four-week residency at Varuna Writers House, a placement at West Words and then participation in the Sydney Writers Festival. There will be a reciprocal exchange for an Australian writer, who will spend time at Komunitas Salihara, before either attending or participating in the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival. $32,000.00 Australia and Indonesia
Michael J School Concerts in OZ 2017 Balai Bahasa Indonesia Perth (Inc)

Michael Jakarimilena (also known in Indonesia as Michael Idol) gained public attention across Indonesia as a finalist on 'Indonesian Idol’. Michael has appeared in several films since his ‘Idol’ appearances and regularly performs around Indonesia and on television. He is a humble, but entertaining performer with a strong sense of national identity with Indonesia and is a positive mentor for the younger generation in both Indonesia and Australia.

Year 6-12 students across several Australian States will be immersed in Michael J’s concerts, providing a common experience and learning context in Indonesian language and music, with opportunities to share opinions and feelings in bahasa Indonesia. The experience will showcase the similarities the young people of both countries share, rather than focusing on differences.

Songs have been selected with input from teachers in Australia and have a direct connection to the Australian Curriculum: Languages (Indonesian). Learning programs developed online are available for teachers to make use of, leading up to, and after the concert. A live stream to some partner schools in Indonesia is also being planned for some of the concerts.

$30,800.00 Australia
Conference of Australian and Indonesia Youth Conference of Australian and Indonesia Youth

CAUSINDY, originally the Conference of Australian and Indonesian Youth, is a bilateral youth organisation which provides a platform for young leaders to create a stronger bilateral relationship. CAUSINDY is led by a volunteer team spread across both Australia and Indonesia.

Its flagship event is the annual Conference of Australian and Indonesian Youth, a four-day program which brings together 30 young leaders from Australia and Indonesia. Past delegates have included emerging leaders from a range of fields, from sitting members of parliament to leaders in business, academia and social enterprise.

CAUSINDY also coordinates an extensive network of alumni, produces a fortnightly bilingual podcast on events in the bilateral relationship, and provides resources for school and university teachers to highlight opportunities in both countries.

CAUSINDY was founded in 2012 by Bede Moore, Karina Akib and Chris Urbanski

$30,000 (no GST) Australia and Indonesia
Shadow puppets and neglected diseases: evaluating a health promotion performance Griffith University Rama and the Worm' is a new shadow puppet (wayang kulit) play composed as part of a health promotion campaign in Central Java, to reduce the impact of parasitic diseases such as soil-transmitted helminths. The project uses Javanese shadow puppetry as a vehicle for disseminating health advice and promoting behaviour change to prevent diseases caused, primarily, by inadequate sanitation and poor hygiene. The health education messages contained in the play, although using traditional characters and themes such as the meta-theme of conflict between Rama and Ravana, has required the creation of a completely new narrative script, using characters and plot lines familiar to the wayang kulit repertoire, but placing them in new situations that relate specifically to health promotion objectives. The musical accompaniment is a musical-cultural fusion involving both the traditional musical accompaniment of Javanese gamelan and Western instruments, especially rock band instrumentation. This project is designed to test and evaluate the impact of this new play with its combination of traditional performance form and non-standard musical accompaniment. $22,000.00 Australia and Indonesia
Media, Inclusion & Disability: Resources from Attitudinal Change  University of Sydney This project will examine the role that education can play in promoting schools as inclusive environments by developing communication practices grounded in the values and ethos of inclusive education. Disabled people and their representative organisations will partner with experts in education, media and communications from Indonesia and Australia to empower schools to develop innovative advocacy for communicating about disability and inclusion in the community and lead attitudinal change. $22,000.00 Indonesia
Connections through Shallow Seas Australian Maritime Sciences Association (NT Branch)

The theme of the Australian Marine Sciences Association (AMSA) 2017 conference in Darwin from 2–7 July is ‘Connections through Shallow Seas’. This maxim covers aspects of marine science, but also connections with Traditional Owners and marine scientists of near-neighbour countries within the region—especially Indonesia. The conference will involve at least 350 delegates and is the headline conference nationally for marine science practitioners and users of this research in industry and government.

Given Darwin’s proximity to Southeast Asia, it also represents an excellent opportunity to engage our near neighbours. The main goal is to be able to bring marine scientists (e.g. early-career university researchers and post-graduate students), as well as those involved in marine enterprises from the region, to AMSA 2017. The Northern Territory has the capacity to provide a centre for training in marine science, as well as being partners in sustainable development of the Arafura and Timor Seas. The conference program has sessions directly relevant to this subject, including: 'Arafura and Timor Seas Ecosystems'; 'Ecological diversity and connectivity in the tropical eastern Indian Ocean'; and 'Small-scale commercial marine harvest: challenges and opportunities'.

$10,000 (no GST) Australia
BRIDGE Teacher Scholarship and BRIDGE 10th Anniversary Univeristy of Melbourne

The Australia–Indonesia BRIDGE School Partnerships Program connects Indonesian and Australian teachers, students and school communities. BRIDGE is a whole school professional learning program that builds teacher and student global capabilities through school partnerships that develop intercultural understanding, improve language abilities, enhance technology skills, and establish a community of learners. To date, the program has grown to include over 600 teachers establishing 148 school partnerships between Indonesia and Australia.

In 2017, as part of this immersive professional learning program, Australian teachers will have the opportunity to apply for one of fifty-five scholarships to travel to Indonesia and consolidate their partnership.

In Indonesia, the Australian teachers will take part in a three-day tailored professional learning program in to strengthen their skills and knowledge in key areas to improve education outcomes. These sessions will address the focus areas of global competencies, digital capability and intercultural understanding.

Australian teachers will participate in a school and homestay visit with their partner schools across Indonesia. Teachers will have the opportunity to be fully immersed in Indonesian culture and observe local education practice first-hand at their partner school. This experience will also support Indonesian teachers to build intercultural understanding and share teaching practice with their counterparts.

$121,000.00 Australia
Jala Adolphus Indonesian Residency Jala Adolphus Based in Jakarta, Jala is an internationally renowned independent producer working with leading Indonesian choreographers and directors and is engaged with events that connect artists, academics, audiences and programs both within Southeast Asia and the Pacific and between Europe. The 2017 residency enables the development of a series of current performing arts projects and their supporting structures. The residency will also develop long term sustainability and structures that support the touring life of the projects and also contribute to the development of performing arts producing in Indonesia. $10,000 (no GST) Indonesia
AFL International Cup 2017 Jakarta Bintangs AFL Indonesia

The Indonesia Garudas are a team of young Indonesian AFL players from clubs, schools and orphanages across Indonesia. The Garudas have entered the 2017 AFL International Cup, to be played over two weeks in Melbourne, pitting themselves against the best national teams from around the world.

The squad of 28 Indonesian players and coaches will mix with AFL players and officials from Australia and around the world, as well as attending coaching and umpiring training courses during their time in Melbourne.

Some of the players now teach and promote AFL through weekly clinics at over 20 local schools and orphanages throughout Jakarta and Balikpapan, and their participation at the AFL International Cup aims to strengthen their understanding of the game, and further expose them to the culture and benefits of team sports.

$20,000 (no GST) Australia
Collaboration for mapping and estimating peatlands carbon stocks in Indonesia University of Sydney Indonesian annual peat fires destroy the environment and pose a public health threat. This project will transfer expertise for better modelling Indonesian peatland extent and depth and promote sustainable peatland management and collaboration between Australian and Indonesian experts.  $19,990.00 Indonesia
UniBRIDGE Project Christopher James Hall UniBRIDGE Project establishes strong people to people connections between Australia and Indonesia. It gives Australian and Indonesian university students the opportunity to regularly communicate and interact in real-time via Web 2.0 technologies. The most important piece of online technology is the sophisticated educational web-conferencing software where participants can actually speak to each other in real-time. By interacting several times a week, Australians and Indonesians can learn more about each other's languages and ways of thinking while also expanding their personal and professional networks overseas. $15,000 (no GST) Indonesia
Gedung Sate Bandung Public Art Installation Adelaide Festival Centre South Australian Artist Steven Cybulka and West Java artist Arin Dwihartanto will collaborate on a public artwork that will be on permanent display in Gedung Sate, Bandung. This artwork will commemorate the positive relations between South Australia and West Java. $11,900.00 Indonesia
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