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Australia-Indonesia Institute

Australia-Indonesia Institute Style Guide


stacked logo



Australia - Indonesia institute logo stacked


Name style logo



Black Text Regular

“A” must always be in line with the “I” in Indonesia.


Gold Text Bold


Source Sans Variable

Do not change the typeface Do not remove the hyphen

Our logo - dos and dont's

The logo must only appear once in a document. It must have prominence over other elements. The Australian Government crest must always be a minimum of 20mm in width and the Australia-Indonesia Institute logo must not be larger than the crest. The typeface is Times New Roman and must not be changed.

Size minimum

To ensure readability, the inline logo size must be a minimum of 17mm in height and 85mm in width to ensure readability. The stacked logo size must be a minimum of 37mm in width and 47mm in height.


measurements for stack logo

Colour contrast

If the logo is used on a coloured background, the contrast must meet accessibility requirements. Do not use the white version on light backgrounds. Do not use the black version of the logo on dark backgrounds.

Rotation and distortion

Do not rotate or distort the logo in any way.


Do not add effects such as a drop shadow to the logo.

Colour changing

Do not change the logo colours in any way.


Source Sans variable

Source Sans variable light 

Source Sans variable regular

Source Sans variable bold


image of Source Sans variable  font types

For Microsoft applications, please use Calibri.



Pantone 4645 C
CMYK: 43 52 81 0
RGB: 160 127 81 HEX: #A07F51


Pantone 179 C
CMYK: 0 91 87 0
RGB: 239 62 51 HEX: #EF3E33



Australia-Indonesia skyline

Jakarta skyline

Jakarta skyline


Jakarta skyline opacity

Sydney skyline

Sydney skyline small version


Sydney skyline


Sydney skyline opaque



Banner option

Business cards

Examples of business cards


Invitation example


Example of letterhead


Example flyer
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