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Australia Assists

Australia Assists

Australia Assists is an Australian Government funded program, managed by RedR Australia that deploys technical specialists to work with governments, multilateral agencies and communities to prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters and conflict.

The 7-year, $80.7 million program enables the mobilisation and deployment of specialists into geographic and thematic areas of priority in line with Australia's humanitarian responsibilities and our national interests.

Australia Assists has been an important mechanism for Australia's scaling up of humanitarian assistance to the Indo-Pacific region in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. By July 2020, 67 per cent of all Australia Assists deployments had COVID-19 preparedness, response or recovery reflected in their job roles.

Australia Assists builds on the strengths of two Australian deployment mechanisms: the Australian Civilian Corps, and the Australian Government's partnership with RedR Australia. It involves a stand-by roster of over 750 Australian technical specialists, reflecting the skills and experience required in the multifaceted contexts of preparedness, response, and recovery.


The program deploys specialists into national government agencies, UN agencies, Non-Government Organisations, and the private and academic sectors. The program prioritises deployment requests based on humanitarian need and Australia's priorities.

Deployments will vary in length depending on objectives. Shorter deployments (of about 3 months) are often for humanitarian emergency responses; longer deployments (12 to 18 months) are used to strengthen capacity in partner organisations.

Further information

RedR Australia manages the Australia Assists program.

Roster members must go through an application, vetting and training process with RedR Australia. For further information on joining the roster and targeted areas of expertise, visit RedR Roster.

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